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Black Friday Lighting Deals 2023


It's approaching Black Friday, which means incredible deals this month. Throughout the month of November, MHC World is offering incredible discounts on a variety of top-shelf products. If you and your family need high-quality, beautiful lighting from leading brands, you need look no further than MHC World.

Find incredible discounts on all of your favourite products with these Black Friday Lighting Deals 2023 that will bring your house or office space to life.  


Bright Star Lighting Metal Ceiling Fan with 3 MDF Reversible Blades FCF085

The Bright Star Lighting Metal Ceiling Fan with 3 MDF Reversible blades comes with a remote control for 6-speed control, forward and reverse settings and a handy time setting. There is also a balancing kit included in this Black Friday Lighting Special. You can choose between either white or brown.

  • Was: R1499
  • Black Friday Price: R1129
  • Festive Sale Price: R1299


Hello Today Ceiling Light CE011

During load shedding or any other time when there is no electricity, solar ceiling lights are a lifesaver. This Black Friday Light Sale is a Hello Today ceiling light 100w and has a life duration of up to 30000 hours. The ceiling light is solar battery charging with zero electricity cost to you, a huge saving overall.

It comes with easy installation and the high Lumens LED is a green, energy-saving product that is powered by high-quality batteries. You will also get a super strong infrared remote control, whose range can reach up to 15 meters.

  • Was: R1499
  • Now: R749


Hello Today Ceiling Light Bluetooth HTCL009

The Hello Today Bluetooth Ceiling Light has the option to change colour, varying from white, cool white, and daylight.

  • Was: R399
  • Now: R299


Hello Today Mosquito Killer Ceiling Light HTCL003

The Hello Today mosquito killer ceiling light's LED and the UV lights can be used independently or simultaneously to capture the insects more successfully. Its electric mesh and enticing light may trap and kill a wide variety of flying insects, not just mosquitoes.

  • Was: R399
  • Now: R199


Hello Today LED Flood Light Driverless 50W

The Hello Today LED Flood Light Driverless 50W has no UV or IR radiation and consists of a high-brightness SMD LED that offers high energy efficiency with lower power consumption.

This Black Friday Light Sale has a long life span and can be used in the following areas:

  • Tennis court, badminton court, football court or stadium. 
  • Courtyard, squares or parking lots.  
  • Garden scenic spots or culture leisure bases. 
  • Outdoor decorative lighting or project lighting.    


  • Was: R299
  • Now: R129


Hello Today Dining Lamp 5601

The Hello Today dining lamp is a beautiful, geometrically shaped dining lamp provides the option to change colour from warm white to cool white and daylight. It is an excellent addition to any dining room that allows for a variety of different mood settings depending on the occasion. This Black Friday Light Special is also very popular in the sitting room area and in bedrooms where people require the ability to change their light settings accordingly.


  • Was: R2499
  • Now: R1999


Bright Star Lighting Spotlight S043/4 Antique Brass

The Bright Star lighting spotlight is a vintage-style brass lighting spotlight gives a chic lighting effect to any space in which it is hung.

  • Was: R599
  • Now: R349


Chandelier Crystal CH256

The Crystal chandelier CH256 is a stunning chandelier from Bright Star is constructed of stainless steel with individual hanging crystals for a dramatic, gorgeous effect.

  • Was: R9999
  • Now: R6999

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