Whether you live in a small home or a large mansion, heating is important especially during the chilly and cold months. There are several options when it comes to electric and gas heating but choosing the right one depends not only on your pocket but also the size of your home. While electric heaters are usually cheap and easy to use, they are sometimes not energy efficient. Gas heaters are more convenient but come with a string of safety considerations, produce water vapour that leads to condensation and mould, and gas is also expensive in the country. An Air Conditioner (AC) unit may be pricey to purchase and operate but it offers the most comfort not only during summer but also winter seasons for an all-year-round solution. But it does not have to be difficult to find which heating appliance is right for you. Here are the advantages of electric and gas heaters.

Electric heaters are portable and a good option for heating small spaces in a short amount of time to provide comfort and relief from the cold temperatures. And because they are small, they can be placed just about anywhere in the home, whether it is on the kitchen floor while you’re cooking dinner or in the bathroom or bedroom when bathing your toddler. They are cheaper to purchase and are safe and simple to use in the home because you only need to plug it in and turn on the power. You can also adjust the temperature output of most electric heaters.

Gas heaters make financial sense as you save on electricity because they have no electrical cord, but they are also ideal for larger homes as they are quick and efficient when it comes to warming up. This means that you do not need to have them on for long to feel the warmth radiating from the gas heater. And in this country where load shedding is a possibility especially in Winter with added strain on the national power grid, having a gas heater will lessen the burden on your family potentially spending a night being cold without electricity.

Air conditioners can operate in areas with varying levels of humidity and can also heat your home effectively irrespective of how freezing it is outdoors as well as dehumidify the air. Not only can you control the temperature easily with a press of a button, you will receive hygienic air because it filters the air circulated throughout the house. This means there will be no fights about the air temperature being too warm or too cold, a perfect temperature for everyone can be found. Modern AC’s can be programmed to be on for a specific amount of time before switching off, meaning that it can be used during the night while you’re asleep and the noise levels will not be disturbing.  

When selecting the right heater for your home, there are plenty of things to consider before coming to a decision. Weigh your options well and understand the advantages of each heater and how it will look in your home and if it meets your home’s safety standards especially when there are children and pets to consider.

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