Tempted to pick up some amazing Black Friday deals this year?

Black Friday traditionally sees high concentrations of shoppers in retail stores across the country, which can create a challenging shopping environment, especially during this Covid-19 pandemic. That's why this year,MHC reset our marketing strategy for the Black Friday season by ensuring a safe environment for all our customers and employees.

There is no doubt that Black Friday will look completely different for retailers this year. There has been a massive shift from all things physical to the digital space given the pandemic and this year's Black Friday will be no different. It seems likely that fewer people will take their chances of going to physical stores on Black Friday to snap up big holiday deals even though face masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing are the norms.

MHC is fully prepared for Black Friday online shopping.  We encourage shoppers to take advantage of our deals.Stock quantities and pricing are continuously updated. We encourage shoppers to take advantage of the deals.It is expected that online sales will skyrocket. This year will be the biggest Black Friday yet! We at MHC decided to run Black Friday for the whole month of November to facilitate Covid-19 measures.  We will be releasing products daily for the entire month.


Shopping online

Skip standing in a long line, stay safe and enjoy shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home.

It’s unsurprising to learn that mobile usage has increased considerably during the pandemic. According to a Yotpo consumer survey, time spent on mobile phones increased by 30%, and approximately 72% of online consumers are using mobile devices to shop. This will continue into the Black Friday season, making it more relevant than ever for brands to consider mobile-first experiences when building campaigns. The MHC website is responsive to enable the best possible shopping experience on any platform.

Steps to follow while shopping online:


  1. Paying is Easy

All online credit card payments are processed by the VCS Internet Payment Gateway. Card Holders may go to www.vcs.co.za to view security policy. 


  1. Avoid using multiple tabs

Manage your tabs and improve your browsing. When you have opened multiple tabs your search becomes slow and will take your time to shop for more on our amazing deals.


  1. Check your address

Please double check your postal code to ensure correct courier pricing.


  1. Add more,spend less

Shop online for more than R2,999.99 and receive free delivery within 30km radius from our store.


  1. Choose your delivery

Our system now allows users to select a collection from the store or delivery to your doorstep.You may also choose your own courier company. (T&Cs applies)


Visit our store


We understand that shoppers will try to avoid physical visits to retail stores and shopping malls because of Covid-19 fears. MHC has however put together measures to make all our customers feel safe and protected.

Here are the essential measures we are taking to make sure you are protected from COVID-19:

  • Spray bottles with disinfectant have been deployed at all till points and are used by cashiers and packers to sanitise the entire till surface and their own hands.
  • Employees are trained to follow good personal hygiene and product handling. practices which have been in place since before the Coronavirus outbreak.
  • All employees were provided with personal protective equipment in the form of a fabric face mask.
  • We advise that you wear face masks before entering the store.
  • Use social distancing (stay at least 1 metre away from others).
  • Use hand sanitizer after leaving stores.
  • Instore markers to show where they would like customers should stand.
  • We have employees placed by the entrance to read your temperature with an infrared thermometer and take your personal details as you enter the store complying with Covid-19 protocols.

Deals will be released on our Black Friday web-page daily.  Click here to check out our amazing deals!






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