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    Carrol Boyes Drink's Trolley With Glass Top Man 4DT-MN

    R 31,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Chip & Dip - Daydream XBCD-DRE

    R 11,499.00

    Carrol Boyes Champagne Cooler XCHC-REC

    R 9,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Glass Bowl & Stand All Dressed Up XBLGST-ADU

    R 9,599.00

    Carrol Boyes 4 Mug Holder At Full Stretch XMGH-ATFS

    R 8,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Serving Board In Touch XWSB-INT

    R 8,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Glass Bowl And Stand Reclining XBLGST-REC

    R 8,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Paper Tray Set - Man PTS-MN

    R 7,599.00

    Carrol Boyes Three Board Holder Above Board XBRDH-AB

    R 7,399.00

    Carrol Boyes Platter Oval - Food For Thought XPLO-FFT

    R 6,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Knife Block Holder Look Sharp XKBH-LKS

    R 6,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Vase Extra Large Wound Up XVXL-WU

    R 6,899.00

    Carrol Boyes Tiered Server Up And Coming XTSV-UPC

    R 6,799.00

    Carrol Boyes Centre Piece Backbend XCP-BB

    R 6,299.00

    Carrol Boyes 4 Bowl Server Maitre D XBSV-MD

    R 5,749.00

    Carrol Boyes Chip & Dip - Laid Back XBCD-LB

    R 5,599.00

    Carrol Boyes Sculpture Well Balanced XSCL-WLB

    R 5,349.00

    Carrol Boyes Cake Stand – A Piece Of Cake

    R 5,199.00

    Carrol Boyes Cutlery 24 Piece Set Allure 18CUT-SET-ALU-24

    R 4,949.00

    Carrol Boyes Glass Decanter Set On The Brink XGD-OBR

    R 4,799.00

    Carrol Boyes Cutlery 24 Piece Set Sketchbook 18CUT-SET-SKB-24

    R 4,699.00

    Carrol Boyes Glass Platter And Stand On Show XPLS-ONS

    R 4,599.00

    Carrol Boyes Hold Fast! Oil And Vinegar Set XOV-HFST

    R 4,299.00

    Carrol Boyes Water Jug - Man QWJ-MN

    R 4,299.00

    Carrol Boyes Bread Bin Diver 3BB-DV

    R 4,199.00

    Carrol Boyes Hanging Wave Cutlery 21 Piece Set And Stand 18CUT-SET-HW-ST

    R 4,199.00

    Carrol Boyes Bread Bin - Loafer 3BB-LOA

    R 4,199.00

    Carrol Boyes Vase Embrace XVS-EM

    R 3,899.00

    Carrol Boyes Wine Rack Let's Talk! 3WRK-LTK

    R 3,849.00

    Carrol Boyes Knife Block Holder Sketchbook 3KBH-SKB

    R 3,799.00

    Carrol Boyes Party Platter Woman In Tub XPL-WNT

    R 3,779.00

    Carrol Boyes Concierge Backbend XBCO-BB

    R 3,749.00

    Carrol Boyes Candle Holder Large Man XHL-MN

    R 3,599.00

    Carrol Boyes Throw Reminisce1,80m x 1,40m UTHR-RMN

    R 3,549.00

    Carrol Boyes Throw Full Of Grace 1,80m x 1,40m UTHR-FOG

    R 3,549.00

    Carrol Boyes Coffee Plunger Full Of Beans QCOF-FOB

    R 3,499.00

    Carrol Boyes Tri Bowl Balanced XBTH-BAL

    R 3,449.00

    Carrol Boyes Key Holder Woman KH-WN

    R 3,299.00

    Carrol Boyes Mandarin Dish Men At Work XDMD-MAW

    R 3,299.00

    Carrol Boyes Salt And Pepper Set - Daily Grind XSNP-DG

    R 3,209.00

    Carrol Boyes Gotcha Salad Bowl XSAB-GO

    R 3,099.00

    Carrol Boyes Woman Man Wall Clock Large COS-WM

    R 2,999.00

    Carrol Boyes Frame Holder Large Sumo XPFL-SU

    R 2,859.00

    Carrol Boyes Salad Servers - Soul Mates 9SS-SOU

    R 2,779.00
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