LG 18000BTU Inverter Air Conditioner M19AKH

LGSKU: AP11233

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General Specification 


    • Fan Type: Cross Flow Fan
      Motor Output: 30W
    • Sound Pressure Level:
      Cooling, Max: 55/H: 45/M: 43/L: 38/SL: 32 dB(A)
      Heating, Max: 56/H: 45/M: 43/L: 38 dB(A)
      Air Flow Rate:
       Cooling, Max: 19.3/H: 13.5/M: 12/L: 9 m³/min
      Heating, Max: 20/H: 14/M: 13/L: 9.5 m³/min


    • Fan Type: Propeller Fan
      Motor Type: BLDC
    • Sound Pressure Level: Cooling, Rated 54 dB(A)
      Heating, Rated 56 dB(A)
      Air Flow Rate: Max 38,0 m³/min
    • Piping: Ø 6.35, Ø 12.7
      Drain Hose Size: O.D 21.5 mm, I.D 16.0 mm


    • Cooling: 1,640W
      Heating: 1,500W
    • Cooling Running Current: 7,40A
      Heating Running Current: 6,82A
    • Power Supply: 1Ø, 220 ~ 240V, 50Hz
      Available Voltage Range: 187 ~ 276V
    • Power Factor: 95%
      Circuit Breaker: 20A


    • Indoor Dimensions: 998 × 345 × 210 mm
      Indoor Weight: 11.3kg
    • Outdoor Dimensions: 770 × 545 × 288 mm
      Outdoor Weight: 34,2kg

    Between Indoor & Outdoor 

    • Piping length: Min: 3.6m/Standard: 7.5m/Max: 20m
      Max Elevation Difference: 10m
    • Piping Connection Heat Insulation: Both liquid and gas pipes

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