Bosch Steam Iron 1800 W TDA2315

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Inox sole plate

  • Precise spraying device to moisturize the fabric while ironing to fight against inconvinient creases

Inox sole-plate: the classic.

The mother of all iron sole-plates is the stainless steel sole-plate made from highly polished stainless steel — hard-wearing, rust-proof, lightweight and also very easy to clean.

Strong steam shot against creases

Some fabrics are so thick and have such stubborn creases that you feel you are not getting anywhere when you iron them. This is not the case with Bosch appliances with the above-average steam shot level. A single touch of a button is all that’s needed — even problematic fabrics stand no chance against this level of steam shot.

High wattage for real power

With a high wattage, your appliance heats up particularly quickly and gives you a performance that ensures excellent ironing results. Within a very short period of time, you have the full capacity and performance of the appliance at your disposal to combat even stubborn creases.

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