Cristal Darques Macassar High Ball Tumbler Set Of 6

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Type: Kitchen
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Cristal d’Arques Paris first graced the world stage in 1968, and for almost fifty years now has given an exquisite sense of French elegance and ‘le chic’ to the everyday. Each of their diverse collections perfectly balance subtlety and sophistication with the strength and performance of high quality Cristal d’Arques crystalline.

With their straight-cut lines, the stemmed glasses from the Macassar collection transport us to a universe of Art Deco haute couture. The glasses exude sophistication with a flowing pleat, running from their elegant stem to their very top, and unity with symmetric lines. The shapes of the glasses in the unique sparkle of crystal glass celebrate freedom of style and the precious detailing of angled corners blended with curves. In the style of a contemporary dress designer revisiting the timeless conventions of fashion, these limpid geometric sculptures break away from tradition to embolden your table.

The composition of the crystal glass gives it a clear, pure sound, every bit as satisfying as that of crystal.

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