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While some brides may enjoy spending a day at a department store scanning items for their wedding gift registry, hauling an unwilling groom along might seem less appealing. But  With an online gift registry, you can browse for gifts from the comfort of home, curl up together on the couch with a bottle of wine and take as much time as you need.

The MHC World online gift registry is designed for your convenience, allowing you to compile, manage and distribute your wedding gift registry with ease. Now you can focus on the rest of your wedding arrangements.

But there's more. Let's unpack some of the advantages of an online wedding gift registry.


An online gift registry is simple to use for any guest with internet access. It doesn't matter if they don't live near the department store where you've registered or if they don't have time in their schedule for a shopping trip; they can do it all from their device. 

This is ideal for visitors who live in a different city or country, who can easily make a purchase and have it delivered directly to you.


Instead of having to go shopping, then choose a present, and later have it wrapped, your guests can have everything done at the touch of a button. 

A gift registry eliminates the guesswork from wedding gift hunting, and an online registry streamlines the process. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Modern wedding gift registries include more than just the basic household items married couples need to settle in. An online gift registry allows you to select from a comprehensive range of items, from hobbying to gardening to household furniture or fashion items. This gives you the power to tailor a gift registry that reflects your individual personalities and the things that make your relationship special.

It also means you can include items from varying price ranges, from low-cost to high-end items. Your guests have the freedom to choose gifts that suit their budgets. On top of that, it’s likely they will also stumble upon a great special while browsing.


Online department stores often include a comprehensive returns policy so that if you end up with duplicate items, you'll be able to return and exchange for anything else on your list or a different special that may have caught your eye.

What's more, you benefit from the convenience of having your gifts delivered directly to your doorstep. This saves you the hassle of transporting any larger items your generous friends and family may have spoiled you with.

Planning A Wedding?

At MHC World, we make the process of creating, managing and distributing your gift registry amongst your guests - as easy as possible. You'll be able to choose from a comprehensive range of household and lifestyle products and take advantage of amazing specials. We provide nationwide delivery on all purchases over R1000 and can guarantee a seamless, secure and instant payment procedure.

Are you planning a wedding? Compose your gift registry from the convenience of your couch with MHC world - Today!

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