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    Dutch Velvet Sofa Fabric Pink

    R 79.95

    Upholstery Velvet York Col. 33

    R 129.95

    Foil Velvet Curtain / Upholsterie Material Cream All 280cm

    R 249.95

    Allure Key West Upholstery Material K1939-19 ALL19 145 cm

    R 99.95

    Printed Velvet Upholstery Material Design#5 140cm

    R 110.00

    Velvet Upholstery Material Navy Col.11 NF030 150cm

    R 120.00

    Aretha Embossed Upholstery Material #17 Harebell HEV17

    R 99.95

    Buffalo Leather Duckegg Des.1 Col.2 150cm

    R 79.95

    Buffalo Leather Gold Des.1 Col.17 150cm

    R 79.95

    Buffalo Leather Maroon Des.1 Col.16 150cm

    R 79.95

    Buffalo Leather Beige Des.1 Col.5 150cm

    R 79.95

    Roca Upholstery Clay Material IFT002B 150cm

    R 199.00

    Plain Velvet Upholstery Maroon All

    R 99.95

    Foil Velvet Curtain/Upholstery Material Blue 280cm

    R 249.95

    Foil Velvet Curtain/Upholstery Material Duck Egg 280cm

    R 249.95

    Foil Velvet Curtain/Upholstery Material LIme All 280cm

    R 249.95

    Allure Zanzibar Upholstery Materiel K1939-9 All-9 145 cm

    R 99.95

    Allure Clay Upholstery Material k1939-5 ALL5 145 cm

    R 119.95

    Allure Amazon Upholstery Material K1939-20 ALL20 145 cm

    R 99.95

    Allure Daffodill Upholstery Material K1939-14 ALL14 145 cm

    R 119.95

    Printed Velvet Upholstery Design#1 140cm

    R 110.00

    Printed Velvet Upholstery Material Design#8 140cm

    R 110.00

    Printed Velvet Upholstery material Design#7 140cm

    R 110.00

    Printed Velvet Upholstery Material Design#14 140CM

    R 110.00

    Printed Velvet Upholstery Material Design#12 140cm

    R 110.00

    Velvet Upholstery Material Black Col.14 NF030 150cm

    R 120.00

    Velvet Upholstery Material Yellow COL.11 NF030 150cm

    R 120.00

    Velvet Upholstery Material JJ0275-21

    R 149.95

    Velvet Upholstery Material JJ10275-4 150CM

    R 149.95

    Velvet Upholstery Material JJ10275-36 150cm

    R 169.95

    Aretha Embossed Upholstery Material #55 Ghost HEV55

    R 99.95

    Aretha Embossed Upholstery Material #25 Tourmaline HEV25

    R 99.95

    Aretha Embossed upholstery Material #46 Candy Apple HEW44 150 cm

    R 99.95

    Aretha Embossed #46 Venetian Red HEV47 150 cm

    R 99.95

    Fluxx Curt Navy GZF001T

    R 180.00

    Suede & Velvet Upholstery for Sale

    We stock a variety of velvets and suedes. Browse our suede and velvet upholstery for sale.

    Is Velvet Good for Upholstery?

    The use of velvet for upholstery is ideal. The original velvets were woven from natural fibres including linen, mohair, cotton, and silk but because of the development of synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and viscose, the majority of contemporary velvets are often a combination of both types.


    Different Types of Velvet Used for Upholstery

    There are several distinct types of velvet, and the type of velvet you own will determine how you should care for it. If you want to keep your velvet looking its best, make sure you clean it regularly. To begin, it is important to keep in mind that velvet may be crafted from wool, cotton, linen, silk, artificial textiles, or mixes of these materials.

    In most cases, cotton or polyester velvets may be cleaned at home with some caution and the use of an appropriate upholstery cleaner. It is always recommended to test the cleaner on a hidden section of the fabric and keep it there for twenty-four hours to make sure that it does not discolour or harm your velvet.

    If everything seems to be functioning normally, apply the cleanser to the cloth with a sponge, taking care not to squish or crush the nap of the material. After that, you may either brush or vacuum the fabric. Keep in mind that cotton velvet can kink when being washed, so use caution and do your best to avoid wetting the fabric more than is absolutely necessary.


    Caring for Velvet Upholstery

    Cleaning your velvet furniture on a regular basis is the single most essential thing you can do to keep it in good condition. A little bit of brushing and frequent careful cleaning with a vacuum cleaner that has an upholstery attachment will go a long way towards avoiding additional problems.

    It is also a good idea to rotate, spin, and shake the cushions of a velvet sofa. This will prevent the cushions from developing permanent creases, which can be difficult to remove later on.


    Pressure Marks on Velvet

    Because the appearance of velvet is dependent on the individual fibres of the pile standing on end, if someone sits on the fabric for an extended period of time, marks may appear in the areas where it has been sat on.

    The majority will ultimately recover on their own, but if you want to get rid of them more quickly, you may apply steam and gently brush in the direction of the pile to lift and repair it.

    The natural collapse of the pile over time causes velvet to gradually lose some of its shine, which can eventually cause velvet to lose all of its sheen. When it comes to restoring the velvet's beauty, sometimes all that is required is a simple brushing against the pile.

    Alternately, if your couch has covers that can be removed, you might try giving the back of the fabric a light steaming using a steam iron.


    Dealing with Spills and Stains

    When you spill a drink on a velvet sofa, it might feel like a nightmare since the liquid absorbs into the fabric so rapidly that it seems difficult to clean up. The majority of the liquid, however, may be removed from the surface by blotting it with a towel in a soft and gentle manner, without rubbing it or using too much pressure.

    Any moisture that is still present can be removed using a hairdryer, but it must be held at a safe distance from the cloth to prevent the heat from ruining it. Then all you need to do is brush the fabric to regain the pile and stop it from matting.

    Severe spills or those that generate long-term stains may require professional cleaning by an expert who is aware of how to clean velvet effectively and preserve it in the best possible condition. This may be the case in the event that any significant spills or those that cause long-term stains.

    It may appear to be a challenging endeavour to keep a velvet couch in excellent condition but giving it just a little bit of attention on a consistent basis can go a long way. The final result is always worthwhile, as velvet sofas look wonderful and will continue to age gracefully and elegantly over the course of many years to come.


    How to Choose Velvet Upholstery

    The following considerations might assist you in selecting the most suitable velvet material for upholstery:

    Durability – find out if it was tested for durability. The velvet material that is most suited for upholstery is one that has a durability rating of around 15,000 rubs or more.

    Weave - The quality of velvet fabric for upholstery may be improved by first choosing the precise sort of weave that should be used based on how it will be used. In general, fabrics with a tight weave are more durable than those with a loose weave. In addition to this, the longevity of woven fabrics is superior to that of printed materials.

    Fibre Type - Velvet can be woven from either natural fibres, synthetic fibres, or a mix of both natural and synthetic fibres. The characteristics of each of these velvets are different based on the sort of velvet it is. When searching for the most suitable velvet fabric for upholstery, a mixture of both of these fibres is typically a good bet to make. 

    Pet-Friendliness - It is possible that your pet is your closest buddy, but it is probably not the ideal companion to have around velvet textiles. Low-pile fibres such as microfiber or synthetic velvet are the solution to your dilemma if your furry friend is the "pet peeve" for your furniture's upholstery. These materials eliminate odours, are simple to clean, and are virtually unaffected by claw marks. In addition to this, the microfiber is noted for its resistance to fabric rips and pulls.

    Anti-Allergic - Dust and pollen tend to adhere more strongly to natural mixes, fabrics with longer threads, and fluffy materials. If you or a member of your family has an allergy to dust or any other allergens, the ideal velvet fabric for upholstery may be a short-pile, smooth, or synthetic fabric.

    Fabric Grade - Velvet is available in numerous grades. The cost of velvet woven from natural fibres is significantly more than that of velvet woven from synthetic fibres.

    Thread Count - The thread count of cloth is measured in terms of the number of threads that are packed into one square inch of space. A greater number of threads per square inch grants a piece of velvet fabric increased tensile and tear strength. The velvet fabric that is most suited for upholstery is often the fabric that has a high thread count.

    Resistant to Colour Fading - In general, velvet that is black, bold, and natural, fades more quickly than fabrics of any other type. When selecting the most suitable velvet fabric for upholstery, you need to take into consideration its location and how well it can withstand direct sunlight.

    Weight - The weight of your velvet fabric is the best indicator of how well it will wear and its longevity. A higher-weight pile has an excellent durability rating, which makes it the ideal velvet fabric for upholstery.

    MHC World stock almost all the various colours at a very reasonable price.  

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