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    Silicon Barbecue Brush 3 Piece

    R 69.00 R 35.00

    Cadac Digital Meat Thermometer 2015006

    R 169.95

    LK'S Grid Namib Collapsible (MS) 107/32

    R 399.00

    LK'S Gas Lighter

    R 29.95

    Alva BBQ Lid Replacement Thermometer BA168

    R 149.95

    Lk’s Fire Fan Plastic

    R 19.95

    LK'S Chrome Grid – Sandwich 111/1

    R 210.00

    LK'S Gas Lighter

    R 49.95

    Lk’s Firelighters 124/13

    R 89.95

    Braai /Cooler Bag Combo 05/PB02

    R 299.00

    LK'S Tongs Long Aluminium

    R 99.95

    LK'S Mild Steel Grid Big Big Box 107/4

    R 279.00

    LK'S Mild Steel Grid – Galjoen

    R 159.95

    LK'S Dust Pan

    R 129.95

    LK'S Tongs Salad Stainless Steel and Plastic Handle

    R 124.95

    LK'S Braai Tongs medium Aluminium

    R 89.95

    Lk’s Firelighters Dispenser 124/18

    R 89.95

    LK'S Coal Scoop 600MM 105/2

    R 109.95

    LK'S Grid Brush Plastic Handle

    R 79.95

    Lk’s Citronella Candle 230/003

    R 89.95

    Lk’s Coffee Pot Enamel 1.5L 225/059

    R 219.95

    Lk’s Beer Stein 800ml 190/26

    R 349.95

    Lk’s Champagne Flute Set of 2 150ml 190/25

    R 349.95

    Lk’s Double Walled Wine Cup 400ml 190/23

    R 199.95

    Lk’s Stainless Steel Beer Mug 400ml 190/19

    R 219.95

    Lk’s Stainless Steel Four Cups In Stand 190/18

    R 459.95

    Lk’s Stainless Steel Beer Tumbler 400ml 126/28

    R 49.95

    Lk’s Brulee Burner 124/16

    R 269.95

    Lk’s Torch Jet Lighter 124/15

    R 119.95

    LK'S Gas Lighter Turbo 124/11

    R 329.00

    LK'S Rectangular Roaster Medium (Enamel) 118/33

    R 519.95

    LK'S BBQ Bone Scissors 105/77

    R 189.95

    LK'S Basting Jug With Lid & Brush 105/73

    R 269.95

    My Butchers Block Wood Disinfectant Spray, 500ml MBB-WDS

    R 199.95

    My Butchers Block Bees Wax Conditioner MM-BW-OIL

    R 219.95

    MY Butchers Block Wood Care MIneral 330ML MBB-OIL

    R 169.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Cherry MBB-SS-CHR 100g

    R 49.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Walnut MBB-SS-WAL 100g

    R 49.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Wild Olive MBB-SS-WO 100g

    R 49.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Hickory MBB-SS-HIC 100g

    R 49.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Maple MBB-SS-MPL 100g

    R 49.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Oak MBB-SS-OAK 100g

    R 49.95

    My Butchers Block Smoke Shavings, Cedar MBB-SS-CDR 100g

    R 49.95

    Totai Eco Swivel Regulator 25/S727

    R 149.95

    Have Fun and Braai With Family And Friends

    Do you want your family and friends to respect you as a braai master? If that is so, then you have to have the right grill, tender meat, the perfect fire and of course, quality accessories. The accessories can be all of the tools you need to have a successful braai including cleaning afterwards, such as a braai grid, firelighters, tongs and even a coal scoop. You can get all of these accessories and so much more at MHC World in Pretoria at affordable prices. For the braai to begin, starting the fire is essential, and you can find plenty of accessories such as firelighters to sprinkle over the charcoal.

    Along with the firelighters, a gaslighter is critical for starting a fire and getting a roaring flame in no time. Once the fire has settled down, and the meat is ready to be grilled, you can place it into an adjustable grid. The grid can be turned over at will according to the strength of the flame and the readiness of the meat.  It is available in various sizes, including a sandwich grid, patty grid, a small box grid, big-box grid, heavy-duty grid, small flat 45 and boerewors grid. Whatever grid you need, it will be available online or in-store at MHC World.  

    We also have long, medium and short Aluminium tongs to turn the meat over until it is to your satisfaction. The material it is made from will ensure that your fingers will not burn when tending to the meat on the braai. You can casually turn over your meat with a sturdy tool that will not let you or your meat down. Our store also has standard size salad tongs to mix your greens and cheese.

    Once your meat is ready, you can collect the coal with a coal scoop to ensure that no children and pets can access the coals. The coals are dumped into a bin while you can clean your braai grid using our grid brush. It is comfortable to use the grid brush because it has a plastic handle, making gripping it easier when using force. For more information on our products and accessories, visit our website today or see us in-store.

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