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    Ice Cream Machine Silver MQL22/BJ188C

    R 29,999.00

    Ice Cream Machine

    R 21,499.00

    Mellerware Crema Deluxe Ice Cream Maker

    R 899.00

    Candy Floss Machine 72cm IEC02

    R 3,999.00

    Cake Mixer 10Lt B10

    R 8,499.00

    Sunbeam Ice Maker Black 15KG SIM-002

    R 3,599.00

    Goldair Silver Ice Maker Model Number Bullet Shaped Cubes GIM-200S

    R 3,599.00

    Taurus Ice Maker Stainless Steel Silver 10-12Kg/H 110W Beguda Freda 997150A

    R 3,999.00 R 2,299.00

    SnoMaster -15Kg Counter-Top Ice-Maker Stainless Steel ZBC-15

    R 4,499.00

    Krups 1.6L Digital Ice Cream Maker GVS241

    R 1,999.00

    Cake Mixer 20Lt B20

    R 11,499.00

    Cake Mixer 15Lt B15

    R 10,499.00

    Cake Mixer 5Lt B5

    R 6,999.00

    Dough Mixer 60lt SH60

    R 41,999.00

    Dough Mixer 50lt SH50

    R 34,999.00

    Dough Mixer 30lt SH30

    R 18,999.00 R 18,000.00

    Dough Mixer 20lt SH20

    R 17,999.00 R 16,499.00

    Electric 1 Deck 3 Tray Oven HGB103D

    R 12,999.00

    Cake Mixer 25Lt B25

    R 13,999.00

    Cake Mixer 30Lt B30

    R 14,999.00

    Electric One Deck Two Tray Oven HGB-20D

    R 9,999.00

    Green Ice Machine 25Kg

    R 7,999.00

    Sunbeam - 14 Litre Mineral Water Pot White SMWP-14A

    R 499.00

    Milex Nordic Ice Maker MIM003

    R 4,299.00

    Taurus Casa Gelat Ice Cream Maker

    R 5,399.00

    Whether you are 5 or 50 years old, everyone has a sweet tooth, There something about ice cream that brings happiness and joy. MHC has a wide range of Ice cream machines, from countertop to free stranding, quality guaranteed at unbelievably low prices.

    A Selection of The Best Ice Cream Machines for Sale

    We offer a wide range of ice cream machines for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.


    What Is an Ice Cream Machine

    An ice cream maker is a machine used to make ice cream in smaller quantities for personal consumption. Ice cream machines can also be used to make larger quantities of ice cream when needed.

    Ice cream makers have the option of preparing the mixture by hand by turning the handle or by using an electric motor.

    An ice cream maker has to concurrently freeze the liquid while churning it to aerate the mixture and maintain tiny ice crystals. The process of churning ice cream in an ice cream machine might take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, depending on your recipe and the model of ice cream maker you have. This is based on the assumption that the bowl has previously been frozen, a process that can take anywhere from four to twelve hours by itself.

    If your machine cannot chill the mixture in the freezing bowl before it is churned by itself, you need to remember to put your ingredients in the freezer at least a day before you want to make ice cream.

    An ice cream machine is a pleasant addition to any kitchen. With the help of these compact kitchen appliances, you'll be able to concoct a wide range of frozen desserts, including ice cream, gelato, frozen yoghurt, and sorbet. You will be able to make flavours that taste better than store-bought ice cream while simultaneously being better for you if using less sugar and preservatives. We also offer a range of other appliances, including microwaves and air fryers for sale.

    If you have a lot of guests over frequently, have certain dietary requirements, or are a huge fan of ice cream, purchasing an ice cream machine can be a good investment for you. In addition to that, it's an enjoyable activity for getting kids interested in the kitchen.


    How Does an Ice Cream Machine Work

    Ice cream makers have the option of preparing the mixture by hand by turning the handle or by using an electric motor. The resultant preparation is further cooled by either pre-cooling the machine itself or utilising a machine that freezes the mixture.

    The process of making fluffy ice cream without additional air or ice crystals involves a freezing bowl that is paired with continual, steady churning. This process is the same regardless of the kind of ice cream maker that you choose to purchase.

    To aerate the mixture and maintain the tiny size of the ice crystals (less than 50 micrometres), an ice cream maker has to concurrently freeze the mixture while churning it.

    After the churning process is over, the final product from some machines, such as select countertop ones with more affordable price tags, must be placed in the freezer for an extended period.


    Different Types of Ice Cream Machines

    It is essential to consider the model of ice cream maker that you choose. Do you consume ice cream daily, or do you intend to make use of it during the warmer months and then store it away when the weather turns colder?

    Freezer Bowl Ice Cream Makers

    Ice cream makers with a freezer bowl are likely the most popular choice since they are simple to operate and affordable. Because the bowl that is stored in the freezer can be removed, you may store it in the freezer to ensure that your combination is adequately chilled. If you want to produce wonderful ice cream using your ice cream machine, it would be good to get a second freezer bowl so that you can have one bowl freezing while the other bowl is being used.

    Ice cream makers that use compressors

    Because compressor ice cream makers are equipped with their own freezers, users do not need to remove and freeze the bowl before beginning the ice cream-making process.

    Compressor ice cream makers can make ice cream faster than freezer bowl ice cream makers, but it still takes some time, usually 20 to 40 minutes. They can produce several batches of ice cream in a row without the need to refreeze the bowl or chill the mixture, which is convenient.

    Because there is no need to wait in between batches, these ice cream makers are perfect for users who make ice cream frequently, sometimes even many varieties in a single day. It enables you to produce ice cream at a much quicker rate. Some machines even feature settings to maintain the ideal level of coolness, which enables users to produce batch after batch without interruption. These machines often need more of an initial investment; yet, the convenience they provide is valuable.

    Hybrid ice cream makers

    This type of ice cream maker is a hybrid of the above two types. These ice cream makers have a built-in freezer but also a removable bowl, which provides flexibility and convenience.


    Pros and Cons of Ice Cream Makers



    Making your own ice cream is fun for the whole family.

    They can be expensive.


    You can control the ingredients used, which is great for people with allergies, or special dietary requirements.

    You may find it inconvenient to spend half an hour making your ice cream instead of going to the store and buying it readymade.

    You can make healthier ice cream because you can reduce the amounts of fat and sugar.

    They're bulky and take up space.


    Your ice cream is guaranteed fresh.

    Some ice cream makers are noisy

    The machine does most of the work for you with less mess.

    Some ice cream makers can be messy to use.


    How to Choose an Ice Cream Machine

    When looking for the best ice cream maker, you should think about all of the following:

    • How often you will use it;
    • How much ice cream you will make at once? The capacity of ice cream makers can vary widely. It's important to choose a size that suits your needs and preferences:
      • The capacity of an ice cream maker is 1.5 or 2 quarts are the most common sizes for ice cream makers;
      • If you live alone or don't plan to make a lot of ice cream, this size should be enough.
    • Is it simple to use - How easy it is to make homemade ice cream is one of the biggest differences between different types and models of ice cream makers;
    • The cost of the machine - The price difference between simple and high-end compressor-style ice cream makers is pretty big;
    • Consistency and texture - Some buyers will think this is the most important thing on the list (although the hardest to test before buying):
      • The ingredients you use will have a lot to do with how the ice cream tastes, but;
      • The ice cream maker will have a lot to do with the final texture.
    • Speed – Think about the following:
      • How fast the machine will mix your ice cream;
      • How long are you usually willing to wait until it is frozen?
      • You'll need a compressor ice cream maker if you want to be able to eat your ice cream the same day you make it;
      • A common selling point for compressor ice cream machines is how fast they make the dessert. If this is important to you, check the product's marketing and user reviews to see how long they say it will take to make a batch.
    • Easy to clean - Every cooking tool you use in the kitchen needs to be cleaned after every use. If you know that cleaning is one of your least favourite things to do, you should think about how the model you want to buy will be cleaned;
    • Some models come with extra features that can affect the price and ease of use, such as:
      • A pre-cool function;
      • A timer;
      • A digital display.


    Best Brands of Ice Cream Machines for Sale at MHC World

    The following brands of ice cream machines are available at MHC World and are worthwhile buys:

    • Magimix Gelato Expert 2 Litre Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker;
    • Mellerware Crema Deluxe Ice Cream Maker.
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