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    Blind PVC Black

    R 99.00

    Blinds PVC White

    R 99.00

    Blinds PVC Taupe

    R 99.00

    Blind PVC Mahogany

    R 120.00

    Aluminium Blind Charcoal

    R 165.00

    Blinds Plastic Toggles Collection

    R 5.00

    Aluminium Blind Silver

    R 165.00

    Aluminium Blinds Chocolate

    R 165.00

    Blind PVC Teak

    R 120.00

    Blind PVC Grey

    R 99.00

    Custom-Made Blinds for Sale 

    We offer the finest quality custom-made blinds for sale at competitve prices in South Africa. We also have a selection of ready-made blinds for sale.


    Is Custom-made Better than Ready-made?

    The size and shape of your home's windows are important factors when deciding on ready-made or custom blinds. Most windows come in standard sizes, and so do blinds. You can choose some details, like colour, fabric, or style, but you can't change the size.

    So, if your windows are an unusual size or shape, you may need to have custom-made blinds just for them. Or, you can go with custom if you have very particular tastes.

    Standard and custom-made window blinds are different in length, lining, and width. Standard blinds are made in large quantities and can vary by up to an inch. On the other hand, custom-made blinds are made just the way you want them.

    Custom blinds usually cost a lot more because a salesperson needs to come to your house and measure your windows to make a size that fits perfectly. The custom blinds, of course, have to be made to order.

    How much you pay can depend on things like the size and number of windows and the type of shade. If you choose to work with a professional contractor or shop, there is a cost for installation. Then you have to decide if ready-made models will work or if you want to spend money on blinds that are made to fit your needs.

    Anything that is made to order will cost more, but there are usually fewer mistakes and replacements, which is something to think about when building or improving your home.


    Is Custom Made Blinds Functional

    Custom-made blinds are a useful way to dress windows easier.

    Different types of fabric and pleated blinds work well to block out too much sun and provide a pleasant shade.

    Textile blinds come in a wide variety of colours, textures, and types of fabric, so you can match their look to the style of any room. When choosing blinds for your home, think about how you want the room to look and take into account things like:

    • Window shapes and sizes;
    • How to get them open;
    • Functions that window blinds should be able to do, and where the sun hits the windows.


    Benefits of Custom-Made Blinds

    If you have an oddly-shaped window and can’t find the perfect look, custom blinds are the answer in several ways.


    1. You can customise the style and details.

    When you buy standard blinds from a shop, you can't change the way they look or how big they are. Custom blinds, on the other hand, are made by designers who have access to different textures, styles, and finishes of materials. Any size, colour, texture, or type of blind, corded or not, can be put together in almost any way.

    You can also make your window blinds look the way you've always wanted. You can get specific hardware, choose between corded and cordless options, or add a little fancy decoration to make your drapes look more versatile.


    1. You Find the Right Fit

    Readymade blinds rarely fit perfectly. They are either a little too big or a little too small, and there may be gaps on the sides. Custom blinds fit snugly even on windows with odd shapes.


    1. They let you control light and privacy better.

    Custom blinds let you control how much light comes in and how private you are. They fit perfectly on your window, so unless you want them to, no unwanted light, cold, or wind will get in.


    1. They are of high quality.

    The makers only use high-quality wood grain and fabrics, among other things, which is one reason why custom blinds are more expensive.


    1. They last a long time

    Ready-made blinds wear out faster than custom-made blinds, so you'll need to buy new ones sooner. Custom blinds are less likely to get broken, so they don't need to be replaced as often.


    1. It's easy to order them.

    Many companies that make custom blinds let you order them online, so it's easy to choose the fabric and style you want. Somebody will come to your home to measure your windows and may even bring fabric samples.


    1. It is installed for you.

    Your supplier of custom blinds will deliver and install the finished product, and some will even do this for free. Read the terms on their website or talk to the provider to find out how they handle shipping.

    The key is to choose the right company to make your drapes. Find out about their work, including how good it is, on the Internet. Remember that companies that make custom blinds rarely have return or exchange policies.


    Different Types of Custom-Made Blinds

    The kinds of window blinds you can put in your house include:

    Wood blinds might be perfect for you if you want to warm up the inside of your home and give it richness. Wood blinds are also very strong and will last a long time if you take care of them well.

    Putting up wood blinds if you have a lot of windows, could be very expensive, that's why you might consider blinds that look and feel very much like traditional wood but aren't.

    Aluminium blinds will make a home look more modern and come with a lot of different finishes to choose from.

    For most of the windows in your house, you will be able to use horizontal blinds. But if you have wide windows or sliding glass doors in your home, you might want to use vertical blinds over them. As long as they're installed right, these blinds will look more like drapes and be easy to use.

    You should call a window-covering company like MHC World to help you figure out what kinds of blinds you can get and how to put them up.


    How to Choose Custom-Made Blinds

    There are a few things you need to know before purchasing custom-made blinds.

    • Decide what the blinds will be used for. Do you want something just for decoration? Or do you want them to block out light and give you privacy?
    • The right size of the blinds is important. Have your windows measured properly to get the best fit.
    • Pick a colour that goes well with the rest of your home's decor.
    • Blinds can be made from several different materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, and fabric. Each type of material has its pros and cons.
    • Blinds come in many different styles, so it is it's important to pick a style that goes with the rest of your furniture and decor.
    • Set a budget so you don't spend more than you can afford.
    • Find a store with a good reputation that sells good products and treats customers well. Reading online reviews is a good way to find a shop you can trust.
    • The warranty is something else to think about. Read the fine print so you know what's covered and for how long.
    • Find out what installation would cost and if it will be done by a pro.
    • Maintenance - Some types of blinds are easier to clean and maintain than others.


    Best Brands of Custom-Made Blinds

    If you want perfect custom-made blinds, you need not search further than MHC World.

    They have a wide selection of window blinds to choose from and can provide the perfect custom-made options in a variety of different materials, at unbeatable prices.


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