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    Double Base Set 20 Year

    R 3,499.00 R 3,299.00

    Rest Assured Superpedic 152 cm

    R 6,499.00 R 5,999.00

    Strand Mattress Bambino

    R 4,799.00 R 3,799.00

    Rest Assured York

    R 7,499.00 R 6,599.00

    Rest Assured Ruby 40th 152CM

    R 8,499.00 R 7,099.00

    15 Year Base Set

    R 2,299.00

    Bed Base & Mattress Set

    R 2,499.00 R 2,399.00

    Cloud Nine 183 cm Bed Set Classic

    R 6,999.00

    Restonic Respond Base Set

    R 6,299.99

    Cloud Nine Epic Comfort Base Set

    R 6,499.00

    Cloud Nine Chiroflex VX Base Set

    R 10,299.00

    Bunk Bed Military Spec Single

    R 3,999.00 R 3,699.00

    Candy Foam Mattress

    R 319.00

    Foam Mattress High Density Blue

    R 749.00

    Foam Mattress Kansas

    R 1,099.00

    Foam Mattress High Density Blue

    R 699.00

    Foam Mattress 18d Black

    R 499.00

    Top-Quality Beds for Sale

    Are you looking for beds for sale in South Africa? Wide range of Beds: Platinum Comfort Euro, Classic Comfort, Deluxe Comfort Double & more. Visit our online store!



    What are the Features of Good Bases & Mattresses

    Because it ensures the appropriate amount of support and ventilation for the mattress, a quality bed base is of the utmost importance. The ideal bed base may extend the life of your mattress (by ensuring that it has adequate airflow) and guarantee that it provides you with excellent support by exerting the appropriate amount of counter-pressure in exactly the right places.

    You have the option of picking between two distinct mattress support systems, namely a standard bed or a box spring. You can choose from a wide variety of different types of bed bases, each of which possesses a unique set of characteristics.

    In addition to providing several additional advantages, the appropriate bed foundation will raise your mattress, so extending its useful life.

    Before you start looking at the hundreds or even thousands of different bed bases, you need to know everything you can about the mattress you plan to use with the base. There are some basic rules that you need to follow when looking to purchase a bed. Almost all beds can go on any base, but the way they feel will be very different, especially if you choose the wrong style of base for the way you want to feel.


    Why It Is Important to Sleep on a Good Base & Mattress

    The most important reason to spend money on a good base and mattress is to give yourself the help you need to sleep better. We offer a wide range of beds for sale to ensure a good night's rest. A good bed base holds your mattress in place so that its hardness and quality can be used to their fullest. A bed base should also be stable enough to keep the mattress from moving around.

    How your body feels when you wake up can change a lot depending on how good your mattress is. It gives your back, neck, spine, and hips the right amount of support. A good mattress is a good purchase because it will last a long time if it is taken care of well.


    Types of Bases & Mattresses for Sale from MHC World

    First of all, a good bed base will be built well. A base must be strong enough to hold the mattress's weight without bending, sinking, cracking, or breaking. Not all beds are the same weight. If your bed frame was made when lighter mattresses were more common, it may not be strong enough for today's high-quality rubber mattresses.

    Second, a good bed base should not have too many metal parts, like spring coils. Several studies have shown that metal can work as an antenna, and you do not want to sleep in a field of increased electromagnetic radiation. A wooden bed base is perfect for the job because it will not act as an antenna.

    Air flow is another important thing a good bed base should have. Proper air movement not only helps you stay clean but also lets you sleep cooler and more comfortably. For the best air flow, you should choose a bed base with slats.

    It will also help if your bed base can give your mattress more bounce and if you can change how much bounce it has. An open base that can be changed is best for this.

    Your bed base and mattress should be thought of as a sleep system, not as separate parts. They should work together to make you feel comfortable while you sleep.

    Finding the right way to sleep for you can make a huge difference in how well you feel.

    There are many types of bed bases for sale, each one with specific features.   Below, you will find a list of the five most common bed bases:

    • Auping mesh base
    • Box-spring base
    • Slatted base
    • Flex bed base
    • Vlavro bed base


    How to Care for Your Bed Bases & Mattresses

    There are a few simple ways to make your mattress last longer:

    Protector for a mattress - Follow prevention instead of cure from the start. By buying a good mattress cover, you can make sure that your mattress will last a lot longer. Adding one more thing to your bedding laundry will make your new mattress last longer. Even if your mattress is not brand new and spotless, you can still use a mattress cover to keep stains from getting worse.

    Support - In addition to protection against stains, proper support is also essential. By giving your mattress a strong, stable base, you can stop it from sinking too soon. This way you can enjoy the benefits of a comfortable mattress for a long time.

    Turn and flip - When you sleep in the same spot on your mattress night after night, your body can leave marks on the mattress. These bumps hurt your back because your mattress can no longer support your spine in a straight line.  But it is not hard to figure out how to fix this. Most beds can be turned every so often. This moves the weight to different parts of your mattress and keeps it from getting flattened.


    How to Choose Which Base & Mattress to Buy

    When choosing which bed base and mattress to buy, keep the following in mind:

    Finding a product that is both supportive and long-lasting is among the most important factors. Look for a bed base that will provide your body with the most supported night of sleep it has ever experienced.

    Look for a bed base that does not make any noise or squeaks. Silence and the absence of squeaks are the second most essential factor to consider when selecting a bed base. After all, nobody enjoys a bed that makes noise while they turn around or get into or out of bed.

    Look for a bed and base that is simple to assemble. The ease of assembly can be ranked as the third-most significant feature of a new bed base.

    There is nothing wrong with choosing a stylish bed base and mattress. Although style may not be the most important criteria for the best bed ever, a straightforward stylishly constructed design that also offers reliable support is a bonus.

    The most important questions to ask before buying a new mattress are:

    • What mattress size do I require?
    • How firm or soft should my mattress be?
    • What is it about my present mattress that I dislike?
    • What do I enjoy best about my present mattress?
    • Do I have to make room for a sleeping partner?
    • How much money can I spend on a mattress?


    Best Brands of Bases & Mattresses Available on MHC

    MHC World stocks the best beds for sale. Some of our most popular brands of bed bases and mattresses, include Cloud 9, Sealy, and Restonic.

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