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    Hello Today Chandelier Dining Lamp 5983

    R 3,699.00 R 3,199.95

    Brightstar Lighting Chandelier 508/6 GD/SM

    R 1,599.95 R 1,399.00

    Brightstar Lighting Chand CH392/5

    R 1,499.95

    Bright Star Lighting Chandeliers Crystal CH257

    R 3,499.95 R 3,199.95

    Chandelier Black And White ELR4059BCH

    R 4,699.95

    Superlume Crystal Chandelier Reflect White 5 Light

    R 4,599.95

    Chandelier Elr 4061 Teardrop Black And Silver wood

    R 4,799.95

    Superlume Chandelier ELR-4062 Round Black And Silver Wood

    R 4,999.95

    Hello Today Dining Lamp 5601

    R 2,499.95 R 1,999.95

    Chandelier Crystal CH233/10

    R 8,999.95

    Chandelier Crystal Basket BH3001-800

    R 24,999.00 R 19,999.00

    Chandelier 1017/800 DXX

    R 44,999.95 R 39,999.95

    Hello Today Wooden Pendant HT20702-1

    R 1,499.95

    Chandelier 2214/15 (7) 800X800

    R 5,199.95

    Glass Dome Crystal Pendant Light 8027

    R 3,999.00

    Chandelier KLCH-6515/13

    R 24,999.00 R 19,999.95

    Chandelier FD8008 Silver

    R 5,499.95

    Chandelier CH522/5 5X E27

    R 1,999.95

    Chandelier OM32027

    R 999.95

    Bright Star Lighting Crystal Chandeliers CH234/11

    R 18,999.00 R 10,399.95

    Chandelier 2214/15

    R 5,999.00 R 4,999.00

    Chandelier Satin CH6072/5

    R 1,999.00

    CHAND CH388/9

    R 2,999.95

    Chandelier 3131-32 860XH280MM

    R 4,599.95

    CHAND 3012-12 450XH300MM

    R 1,999.95

    Chandelier Ch388/5

    R 1,899.95

    Saco 5 Light Chandelier With Remote 168/5

    R 699.95

    Crystal Chandelier 8666 Large

    R 24,999.00

    Chandelier CH5035/8+4 BR/GD

    R 11,999.95

    CH1478/8+4 OLD GOLD

    R 6,399.95

    CH5035/6 BR/GD

    R 4,999.95

    CH410/9 OLD GOLD

    R 2,999.95

    CH096/9 BK/GD

    R 3,999.95

    CH475/6 BROWN

    R 2,999.95

    CH475/3 BROWN

    R 1,399.95

    Crystal Chandelier CH1017-1066

    R 54,999.00 R 49,999.95


    R 8,999.00

    Fine Quality Chandeliers for Sale Online

    Shop our range of chandeliers for sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our chandeliers for sale, we also offer flood lights, wall lights and spot lights

    History of Chandeliers

    Chandeliers have been used for lighting since the 11th century, when churches and monasteries began using them to illuminate the interiors of their structures. Chandeliers used in churches and cathedrals during the rule of the Roman Empire are the oldest that have survived.

    During the 14th and 15th centuries, chandeliers began to emerge in the palaces and large castles of kings and nobles.

    Chandeliers became popular in the 17th century and could be found in the residences of the wealthy and middle classes. They were used to illuminate entranceways and magnificent staircases.

    Candlelit chandeliers had mostly been supplanted with crystal chandeliers by the 18th century, which employed candlelight through glass prisms to reflect the light more brilliantly and modulate its intensity. Chandeliers began to be produced in the shape of intricate glass sculptures with numerous layers of lamps during this time period.

    The development of the chandelier throughout the 19th century witnessed another change, with electricity and gas lighting allowing for a considerably brighter and more efficient source of illumination. This enabled the creation of even more intricate patterns, and as chandeliers became more popular, manufacturers began to mass-produce them.

    Chandeliers for sale are still commonly utilised in homes, institutions, and public settings today. They come in a number of styles, from traditional pieces to modern and minimalist designs to suit any interior design scheme.


    Different Styles of Chandeliers

    Chandeliers are available in a number of styles, ranging from traditional to modern and everything in between.

    Traditional chandeliers are frequently seen in formal settings and contain ornate metal or crystal decorations.

    Modern chandeliers may be more basic in design, emphasising the materials used rather than excessive ornamentation.

    Statement chandeliers composed of glass, metals, or even paper can be used to make a striking design statement in contemporary environments.


    How to Use Chandeliers to Enhance Your Home Décor

    Using different chandeliers can be a terrific way to add visual interest to your house.

    Contrasting chandeliers might be different in size, form, or material to create a one-of-a-kind conversation piece. A traditional-style chandelier, for example, can be mixed with a more modern or bigger one to create a dynamic aesthetic.

    Contrasting numerous chandeliers can also be an interesting way to connect several places, such as a living room and dining room.


    Determining the Right Size Chandelier for Your Room

    When selecting a chandelier for sale, make sure it is appropriate to the size of the room. A good rule of thumb is to make it one-half to two-thirds the width of the table or space it is above.

    Several criteria must be considered to ensure that your chandelier is the right size for your room. To begin, consider the size of your room; the size of the chandelier should be proportional to the size of the room.

    Aside from the room size, the height of the ceiling and any furniture beneath the chandelier must be considered - the chandelier should be at least 7 feet above the floor.

    The size of the chandelier itself will depend on the style you want to achieve; for example, a larger chandelier may be appropriate for a more glamorous effect.


    Tips for Hanging a Chandelier

    Depending on the kind and size of the chandelier, installation might be simple or complicated. It is usually advisable to hire a professional to install larger or more intricate chandeliers.

    Installing a chandelier can be a difficult operation because the fixture must be securely mounted to the ceiling. Electrical wiring must also be fitted appropriately for the chandelier to function safely.

    As a result, if you are unfamiliar with electrical wiring, it is better to engage a professional electrician. If you feel confident in doing the task yourself, always follow the manufacturer's instructions and take the necessary safety precautions.


    How to Care for and Clean a Chandelier

    Proper care and cleaning will help your chandelier last longer.

    To clean, gently dust the fixture with a delicate microfiber or cotton cloth. Avoid using aggressive cleaning solutions or abrasive cleaning pads, as these can damage the finish of the chandelier.

    You may need to disassemble the fixture for a more thorough cleaning. For optimum results, follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

    If your chandelier is situated in a wet area, such as a bathroom, you should think about installing a humidifier to prevent rust and corrosion.


    How to Choose Chandeliers

    Chandeliers are always a great choice for adding a bit of luxury to any room, but it is important to choose the right chandelier for your place so that your room looks and feels just right.

    When getting chandeliers, there are a few things to think about:

    When choosing a chandelier, one of the first things you should think about is its size. The size of the chandelier you choose should depend on how big the room is and how many people will be in it. If the light is too big or too small, it won't have the effect you want it to have.

    Consider the height of the room and how far the roof is from the floor.

    There are many different types of chandeliers for sale, from traditional and old to modern and new. Choose a style that goes with the other things in the room and keep in mind the other pieces of furniture. It's important that the chandelier fits with the rest of the room's design.

    The type of lighting is also important. Depending on what you want to do, you may need lighting that shines up or down. Also, the chandelier's power should be checked and considered to make sure it fits into the budget and doesn't cause the electricity bill to be too high.

    Materials are also important. The chandelier should be made of the same material as the rest of the room's decor. Crystal, glass, metal, and wood are some of the most common things used to make chandeliers. Before choosing the material for the chandelier, think about how much light the room needs.


    MHC as Best Retailer to Buy Chandeliers

    Before buying a chandelier for sale, you should identify the best retailer from which you can expect any additional services, such as bulk discounts, returns or installation.

    Review customer service options, such as phone support, online chat or in-person assistance and then select a retailer like MHC World, who offers fair prices, quality products and excellent customer service.

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