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    Unitherm 12000BTU None Inverter Air Conditioner R410A MWU012SFB

    R 7,499.00 R 5,150.00

    Beko 60cm Built-In Steam Assist Oven Black BBIS13300XMSE

    R 9,499.00

    Samsung 617L Gentle Silver Side By Side Fridge RS65DG54R3S9FA

    R 29,999.00 R 25,999.00

    Salton 20cm 25w Silver Retro Desk Fan SCF25

    R 599.00 R 399.00

    Russell Hobbs 25cm 80w Chrome Vintage Desk Fan RHVDF02

    R 1,399.00 R 1,199.00

    Midea 20L White Manual Inverter Microwave MM20BLACK

    R 1,299.00 R 899.00

    Midea 20L White Manual Inverter Microwave MM20WHITE

    R 1,299.00 R 899.00

    Homestar 4 Bar Black Electric Heater HS106F-1

    R 449.00 R 399.00

    KIC 203L White Chest Freezer KCG215WH

    R 4,499.00 R 3,899.00

    LG 18 kg Black Twin Tub Washing Machine TT1861RWPT

    R 6,999.00 R 5,999.00

    Samsung 9kg Black Bespoke Tumble Dryer DV90BB9440GBFA

    R 16,999.00 R 15,999.00

    Univa 60CM Black 4 Burner Gas Electric stove UGE016Bi

    R 5,999.00

    Bosch Series 6 Silver 75cm 521L Freestanding Fridge Freezer KGN76CI30U

    R 19,499.00

    Russell Hobbs Fireplace Effect Gas Heater RHGFPH8

    R 5,999.00 R 4,099.00

    Pineware Grey Quartz Heater PHH03

    R 599.00 R 399.00

    Pineware White Fan Heater PFH11

    R 299.00 R 249.00

    Samsung 630 L Black Bespoke French Door Fridge RF29BB8600MT

    R 69,999.00 R 44,999.00

    Obac 76cm Black 6 Burner Gas Stove OB760G/S

    R 7,299.00

    Elba Red Patio Heater 16/EL1021R

    R 3,499.00 R 2,999.00

    Elba Grey Premium Rollabout Gas Heater 16/EL1015

    R 2,499.00 R 2,199.00

    Elba Rollabout Red Gas Heater 16/EL1010R

    R 2,499.00 R 1,999.00

    Alva Electric Infrared Heater With Telescopic Stand EPH620

    R 1,599.00 R 1,349.00

    ALVA 800 W White Electric Quartz Heater EIH501

    R 299.00 R 219.95

    ALVA 9 Fins 2000W Oil Filled Heater Timer Function Glossy Black AOH202-9

    R 1,199.00 R 999.00

    ALVA 13 Fins 2500W Oil Filled Heater Timer Function Glossy Black AOH202-13

    R 1,799.00 R 1,399.00

    ALVA 11 Fins 2500W Oil Filled Heater Timer Function Glossy Black AOH202-11

    R 1,599.00 R 1,199.00

    Homestar Quartz 4 Bar Heater HS105A

    R 999.00 R 799.00

    Swan Nordic White 20 Litre Electronic Microwave Oven

    R 2,099.00

    Totai Mini Rollabout Black Gas Heater 16/DK1006

    R 1,399.00

    Samsung 23L Black Mirror Door Microwave ME83X

    R 1,799.00

    LG 519 L Silver Side by Side Fridge GCFB507PQAM

    R 19,999.00 R 15,999.00

    Beko Freestanding Washer Dryer 8/5 kg, 1400 rpm HITV8736B0 HT

    R 12,499.00 R 11,599.00

    Beko 10 kg Washing machine Grey Front Loader BAW201

    R 11,499.00

    Beko 60 cm Multifunction Gas On Glass Stove FVM81430DA

    R 10,999.00

    Beko 60 cm All-Fridge Pearl Steel B5RMLNE444HX

    R 13,999.00

    Beko 60 cm All Freezer Pearl Steel B5RMFNE314X

    R 13,999.00

    Beko 15 Place Integrated Dishwasher White DIN48Q21

    R 10,999.00

    Beko 60 cm Grion T-Shaped Hood HCB63741GR

    R 4,699.00 R 3,499.00

    AENO Black Premium Eco Smart Heater AGH0002S

    R 4,999.00 R 4,799.00

    Bennett Read 25 L Air Fryer Oven KAF104

    R 2,499.95

    Bennett Read Swift Handvac 2.0 HVC133

    R 799.95

    Hisense 10Kg Washer/Dryer - WD3Q1043BT

    R 10,999.00 R 9,999.00

    Beko 9 kg Grey Front Loader Washing Machine - BAW202

    R 9,999.00 R 7,999.00

    Beko 14pl Pearl Inox Freestanding Dishwasher BDW201

    R 9,499.00

    Home Appliances for Sale

    The kitchen is the heart of any home, and you want your kitchen to be a practical, comfortable and fully-functioning space that you can enjoy by bringing the whole family together and cooking nourishing meals.

    What really makes a good working kitchen is the kitchen accessories and household appliances that are in your kitchen. Quality household appliances are built to make your time in the kitchen easier, more convenient and more accessible. Think about… you cook at least three meals a day, so cooking is a big part of any homemaker’s life, and the right home kitchen appliances will truly make cooking a breeze.

    At MHC World, we pride ourselves in our diverse range of quality, home kitchen appliances. Our products are built to last for generations, and are created by brands that we trust and love. We have a focus on affordability and our products are accessible to all. We also stock some higher-priced items for those looking to create a luxury kitchen experience in their home. No matter the price of the items, we never compromise on quality.

    In the online catalogue gallery below you will discover the extensive range of household appliances that we stock.

    No matter what your kitchen accessory needs are, we should be able to meet them. We stock every type of household appliance, from stove tops to warmers and everything in between.

    Want more information on our home kitchen accessories and household appliances? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly team today!

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