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    Hello Today Wall Lamp 2405 RGB LED

    R 199.95 R 149.95

    Bright Star Lighting Spotlight Satin Chrome S010/2

    R 519.95 R 389.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp W1-02

    R 199.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp 8405/2 SB

    R 290.00 R 199.95

    Starlit Stainless Steel Wall light/Lantern/Garden Light

    R 485.00 R 299.95

    Hello Today Strip light Neon Blue 2835B

    R 74.00 R 29.95

    HELLO TODAY Wall Lamp 8004 20 W

    R 149.95 R 139.95

    Hello Today Lantern 0201/2SV Wall Lamp

    R 299.99 R 199.95

    HELLO TODAY S11-210 SA\Euro Socket Wall Switch

    R 89.95 R 79.95

    Hello Today Lantern Grey A8901-YB

    R 399.95 R 199.00

    Hello Today Lantern YB-A8707 Grey

    R 399.95 R 199.95

    LED Bulkhead BHY3001W/LED White Grid

    R 299.95 R 249.95

    Brightstar Wall Lights WB306 Blue

    R 349.95 R 299.95

    Brightstar Wall Light WB 305 Blue

    R 349.95 R 299.95

    Spot Light S033/4 CHR/BK

    R 699.95 R 599.95

    Spotlight S152/3 SC

    R 459.95 R 359.95

    Hello Today Lantern YB-A0201/110 SV 8402/1

    R 399.95 R 119.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp

    R 399.95 R 299.95

    Bright Star Lantern L528 Black

    R 799.95 R 679.95

    Bright Star Lantern L533 Black

    R 799.95 R 699.95

    Lantern L616 Stainless Steel

    R 635.00

    Hello Today Wall Light 6988/1

    R 199.95 R 159.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp BK 6062

    R 299.95 R 249.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp YB-A9690/SB

    R 249.95 R 149.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp WW 2409

    R 199.95 R 149.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp RGB 2408

    R 199.95 R 149.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp 2405 WW LED

    R 199.95 R 149.95

    Hello Today Wall Lamp 2408 WW

    R 199.95 R 149.95

    Huayi Outdoor Wall Light Black CY-TY05

    R 849.00 R 759.95

    Hello Today Bulkhead YB--A4804 SSB

    R 129.95 R 129.00

    Aluminum Fitting Black BL320 CFL

    R 549.95

    Spazio Wall Light 4524 12.30 Black Mite Large

    R 799.95

    Brightstar Solar Wall Light LS024 Matt Black

    R 999.95

    Brightstar Stainless 1way Up/Down L198

    R 499.95

    Brightstar Lantern Black L525 Metal with Clear Speckled Glass IP54

    R 719.00

    Bright Star Lantern Black L522 Metal with Clear Speckled Glass IP54

    R 749.95

    Brightstar Footlight Stainless steel FT014

    R 349.95

    Brigthstar Footlight Stainless Steel FT010

    R 315.00

    Radiant Wall Light LWL011 White Led

    R 1,199.95

    Wall Bracket A88691SN

    R 99.00

    Lantern L0319 Black

    R 199.95

    Wall Light WB313 White

    R 1,499.95 R 971.00

    Wall Light wb wb522/1

    R 499.95

    Brightstar Footlight Stainless Steel FT009

    R 349.95

    Wall Lights for Sale Online

    Shop our range of wall lights for sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our wall lights for sale, we also offer flood lights, bulbs and solar lights.

    Wall lights are fixtures designed to provide illumination while mounted on walls, offering both functional and aesthetic benefits to indoor and outdoor spaces.

    These versatile lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles, sizes, and designs, allowing users to enhance the ambience, highlight architectural features, and improve visibility in any setting.


    What Is Seen as Wall Lights

    Wall lights, also known as sconces or wall-mounted fixtures, are lighting devices that attach to walls to provide illumination. They can serve various purposes, including ambient lighting, task lighting, accent lighting, or decorative lighting, depending on the design and placement.

    Wall lights typically consist of a light source, such as a bulb or LED module, housed within a decorative or functional fixture that directs and diffuses the light output in a desired direction.


    How Does Wall Lights Work

    Wall lights operate similarly to other lighting fixtures, utilising a light source powered by electricity to produce illumination. The light source may be incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, halogen lamps, or LED modules, depending on the fixture's design and energy efficiency requirements.

    The fixture may include components such as reflectors, diffusers, or shades to control the direction, intensity, and distribution of light emitted from the wall-mounted fixture.


    The Development of Wall Lights Through the Years

    Wall lights have evolved in response to advancements in lighting technology, design trends, and user preferences.

    Early wall lights were often simple candle sconces or oil lamps mounted on walls for illumination. With the advent of electricity, wall lights transitioned to electric fixtures, initially using incandescent bulbs and later adopting more energy-efficient options such as fluorescent and LED lighting.

    Today, wall lights come in a wide range of styles, materials, and functionalities, offering enhanced aesthetics, versatility, and energy efficiency.


    Benefits and Disadvantages of Wall Lights


    Wall lights help conserve floor space by mounting directly on walls, making them ideal for smaller rooms or areas with limited space for floor or table lamps.

    Wall lights contribute to the overall ambiance and mood of a space, providing soft, diffused illumination that enhances comfort, relaxation, and visual appeal.

    Many wall lights offer directional or adjustable features, allowing users to direct light where it's needed for tasks such as reading, cooking, or working.

    Wall lights serve as decorative elements, adding style, personality, and visual interest to walls and interiors while complementing existing decor and furnishings.

    Wall lights come in various styles, finishes, and designs to suit different architectural styles, interior themes, and lighting requirements.


    Some wall lights may require professional installation, especially for hardwired fixtures that involve electrical wiring and mounting hardware.

    Unlike portable lamps or fixtures, wall lights are fixed in place once installed, limiting flexibility in lighting arrangement or repositioning.

    Wall lights may require occasional maintenance such as bulb replacement, cleaning, or repair to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


    Why Wall Lights Is an Essential Part of Home Lighting

    Wall lights play a vital role in enhancing the functionality, comfort, and aesthetics of indoor and outdoor spaces.

    They provide essential illumination for various activities, enhance safety and security, and contribute to the ambience and mood of a room.

    Whether used for task lighting in kitchens and bathrooms, accent lighting in living rooms and hallways, or decorative lighting in bedrooms and outdoor areas, wall lights are essential fixtures that enrich daily life and improve the quality of homes.


    Who Would Gain From Buying Wall Lights and Why

    Homeowners, renters, interior designers, architects, and business owners can all gain from investing in wall lights to enhance the ambiance, functionality, and visual appeal of their spaces.

    Those seeking versatile, space-saving lighting solutions that offer flexibility, customisation, and energy efficiency would find wall lights to be valuable additions to their lighting arsenal.


    Different Types and Styles of Wall Lights

    ·        Sconces: Traditional wall-mounted fixtures with decorative elements such as shades, arms, or embellishments, available in various styles such as candle sconces, swing-arm sconces, or up light/downlight sconces.

    ·        Picture Lights: Slim, elongated fixtures designed to illuminate artwork, photographs, or wall decor with focused, directional light.

    ·        Wall Washers: Wide-beam fixtures that evenly illuminate large wall surfaces or architectural features with soft, diffused light, creating a wash-of-light effect.

    ·        Spotlights: Directional fixtures with adjustable heads or beams, ideal for highlighting specific areas, objects, or architectural details with precision and control.

    ·        Outdoor Wall Lights: Weatherproof fixtures designed for outdoor use, such as porch lights, security lights, or decorative lanterns, offering illumination and ambience for outdoor living spaces.

    Features of Most Types of Wall Lights:

    LED wall lights offer energy-efficient lighting solutions with long lifespans, reduced power consumption, and lower maintenance costs compared to traditional incandescent or halogen fixtures.

    Some wall lights feature dimmable options, allowing users to adjust the brightness levels to suit different activities, moods, or occasions.

    Outdoor wall lights may include motion sensors or photocells that automatically turn on/off in response to movement or changes in ambient light, enhancing security and energy savings.

    Advanced wall lights may offer smart control features such as remote control, smartphone integration, or voice activation, providing convenience, flexibility, and customisation options for users.


    What is the Lifespan of Wall Lights and How Can You Extend It

    The lifespan of wall lights varies depending on factors such as the type of light source, usage patterns, and maintenance practices. LED wall lights typically have longer lifespans compared to incandescent or halogen bulbs, lasting up to 25,000 to 50,000 hours or more.

    Select LED bulbs with long lifespans, energy efficiency, and superior light quality compared to traditional bulbs. Ensure proper installation by following manufacturer instructions, using compatible mounting hardware, and hiring professional electricians if necessary.

    Perform routine maintenance such as cleaning, dusting, and bulb replacement as needed to keep fixtures in optimal condition and prevent premature failure.


    How to Choose Wall Lights

    Determine the intended use and lighting requirements, such as task lighting, accent lighting, or ambient lighting, to select the appropriate type, brightness, and beam angle of wall lights.

    Choose LED wall lights with high energy efficiency ratings and long lifespans.

    Select wall lights that complement the architectural style, interior decor, and personal preferences, considering factors such as finish, shape, size, and decorative elements.

    Determine the desired features and functionality of wall lights, such as dimming capabilities, motion sensors, smart controls, or adjustable heads, to meet specific lighting needs and preferences.


    Best Brands of Wall Lights Available on MHC World

    At MHC World you can purchase all reputable brands of Wall Lights, including Hello Today, Bright Star, and Starlit, at a reasonable price.

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