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Tired Of Handwashing Your Clothes?

Gone are the days when families had the time and patience to hand wash their laundry. With mom and dad, both are working and the children at school, it is exhausting to even think about doing the laundry that way. However, now that washing machines are made using superior technology and craftsman quality, they have also become affordable. At Metro Home City in Madiba Street, Pretoria, we offer affordable washing machines for sale from the best brands around the world. We have twin tub, and top loader Defy washing machines, Whirlpool washing machines, including other brands such as Samsung washing machines and LG washing machines.

At Metro Home City, we have regular top loaders that are affordable and offer basic features and high-efficiency top loaders that are water and energy efficient. Most washing machines use about 151 litres of water every load, but these days, top loaders use about 94 litres per load, a drastic improvement because of innovation and the need to protect the environment. They also use about 10 per cent less energy than the older models, which can save you hundreds on your electricity bill.

Not only does a washing machine eliminate the effort needed to wash clothes, but they also have different cycles depending on the types of garments you are washing. For larger loads or heavily soiled items, a heavy cycle can be used or a delicate cycle for delicate articles. All you need to do is put your clothes in, click on a cycle and relax as your clothes are washed to look brand new.

Visit our store today and be astounded by our extensive category of washing machines for sale. Imagine yourself coming home after a hard day at work and need to wash an item to wear the following day. You can simply put it in the washing machine while you take a breather. Alternatively, visit our website and shop online in the convenience of your home.

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