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    PRIME ENERGY 100W Solar Flood Light+Remote+Solar Panel

    R 449.95 R 349.95

    Gizzu Portable PowerStation 296WH GPS300 300w

    R 6,499.00 R 5,899.00

    PRIME ENERGY PG57-300W Solar Flood light+Remote+Solar Panel

    R 750.00 R 699.95

    Navasolar Trolley Inverter 3KW/2.56KWH Lithium Battery TI-3024

    R 26,999.00 R 24,999.00

    Defy 192L White Double Door Solar Fridge DAC566

    R 8,499.00

    PRIME ENERGY Solar Street Light

    R 1,050.00 R 1,034.95

    PRIME ENERGY Solar Light Street Lamp

    R 1,199.00 R 1,184.95

    Defy 303l Satin Metallic Solar Off-Grid Fridge Freezer DAC631S2

    R 9,999.00

    PRIME ENERGY PG56-200WI Flood light+Remote+Solar Panel

    R 899.00 R 599.95

    Ryobi RG-3500 Generator 3500W 4-Stroke Key-Start

    R 8,299.00

    Navasolar Trolley Inverter 1.5KW/1.28KWH Lithium Battery TI-1512

    R 17,999.00 R 14,999.00

    CTechi GT1500w Portable Solar Power Station

    R 17,999.00 R 14,999.00

    Solar First Solar Security Flood Light 40W SF003A

    R 899.95

    Navasolar PV1800 VPM 3KW 24V Offgrid Solar Inverter 60A MPPT

    R 6,999.95

    Volta Batteries 51.2V Wall Mounted LiFePO4 10KWH Stage 3

    R 55,000.00

    Volta Batteries 51.2V Wall Mounted LiFePO4 5KWH Stage 1

    R 30,999.00

    Growatt Offgrid Solar Inverter 48V 5KW SPF 5000 ES

    R 15,499.00 R 14,499.00

    Solar First Solar Security Flood Light 60W SF004A

    R 999.95

    LONGi 555W Mono Half Cell PV Module

    R 4,250.00 R 2,300.00

    Solar First 330W Solar Monocrystalline Panel

    R 3,499.00 R 3,099.00

    5 KVA Single Phase Off Grid Inverter (MKS-5KW-48VDC)

    R 14,499.00

    Solar First Solar Security Flood Light 200W SF007A

    R 1,999.95 R 1,449.95

    Portable Trolley Box Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1300VA 800W

    R 12,999.00 R 10,000.00

    Solarfirst Hybrid Inverter 5KVA SFHPBBB5KVA

    R 12,599.00

    Solarwise Inverter 3KVA 2.4KW 24V 40A MPPT GF5034MP

    R 6,999.95 R 6,099.00

    Inverter Battery 51.2V 100AH Wall Mount Lifepro

    R 44,999.00 R 39,999.00

    Solarwize Gel/Agm Battery 100AH BG10012 12V 1.2Hwh

    R 3,999.00 R 3,499.00

    Solarwize Gel Battery BG20012 200ah 12v

    R 6,799.00 R 5,999.00

    Gizzu Portable PowerStation 518WH GPS500 500W

    R 9,499.00

    Defy 196L White Solar Chest Freezer DMF498

    R 7,999.00 R 6,999.00

    Solar Lantern SF601

    R 399.99

    Solarwize Solar Charge Controllers 20A 12v/24v PWM

    R 195.00

    Solarwize Solar Charge Controllers 30A 12v/24v PWM

    R 280.00

    Gentech Petrol Water-pump 2 inch LRP GEN1140

    R 4,899.00 R 4,099.00

    Gentech 5.5 KVA Electric Start Petrol 4 Stroke Generator

    R 15,999.00 R 11,999.00

    Gentech Generator T-man 6,5KVA Recoil Petrol 4S Gen 1050T

    R 17,999.00 R 10,999.00

    Ryobi Generator RG6900K 5500W 4 Stroke Key Start

    R 14,999.00 R 13,299.00

    Ryobi Generator RG1200 1200W 4 Stroke Pull

    R 6,499.00 R 4,999.00

    Ryobi Generator Max 950W CONS. 650KVA 2-Stroke Air-Cooled RG-950

    R 2,899.00

    Pv Cable 4mm sq RED (100m)

    R 1,799.00

    Auto Change Over Switch-4P SA-ATS-63A4P

    R 799.00

    Auto Change Over Switch-2P SA-ATS-63A2P

    R 799.00

    MC4 Y-Combiner Cable 2Way 1Way 1000v

    R 159.00

    MC4 Y-Combiner Cable 4Way 1Way 1000v

    R 425.00

    Solar Products for Sale 

    Looking to get off the grid or save on your monthly electricity bill? MHC has a wide range of solar solutions to help you do just that, we have everything from Solar panels inverters, to solar batteries and solar accessories.

    By investing in solar energy solutions, one can reap the short-term benefits of enhanced power supply stability and government incentives, as well as long-term savings and system independence.

    We have a wide range of solar products for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.


    Is Solar a Solution for the Energy Crisis?

    It is no secret that South Africa has a huge number of people who want access to reliable and sustainable electric power. Sustainable energy solutions are becoming more popular for more than just the fact that more people are using electricity and prices are going up because of it. All South Africans talk about how they need better access to more reliable sources of electricity because of load shedding and rising prices.

    Access to crude oil and the harmful effects that traditional ways of making electricity can have on the environment are a concern for the whole world. Solar energy is a flexible, long-lasting, and reliable source of renewable energy that South African residents can use.

    If you are thinking about switching to solar power, you are probably already aware of all the great things it can do.

    One of the most talked-about benefits of putting solar panels on your roof is that you can save a lot of money. Solar energy systems can lower or even get rid of electricity bills.

    Businesses and ordinary residents are now considering investing in a solar energy solution. As a renewable energy solution, it offers this important resource at a fraction of the cost of grid electricity - in addition to the obvious environmental and social benefits that come with reducing our carbon footprint.

    Governments all over the world are giving their citizens incentives to switch to renewable sources of power. On top of that, solar panels for generating energy and industrial batteries for storing energy are getting cheaper and easier to get.


    What Is Solar Energy & How Does Solar Power Work

    Solar energy is electricity or heat that comes from the sun. Photovoltaic (PV) cells, which are made of semiconducting materials like silicon, absorb photons, which are tiny particles that come from the sun. When the photons are absorbed by the panel, they cause the atoms of the semiconductor material to release electrons. When these electrons move through the cell, they create an electric current that we can send to our circuits.

    Solar panels can be put anywhere that gets a lot of sunlight, like on rooftops or in open fields. The more light that hits the panels, the more electricity they can make.

    The constant flow of energy from the sun in the form of photons can be collected, changed, and used to power our world.


    Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Power


    The advantages of solar power include:

    • It is a renewable source of energy - Fossil fuels are still a limited resource that, when burned to make energy, release harmful chemicals into the air. Solar power could help us reduce how much we use fossil fuels and how much damage we do to the environment.
    • It cuts down on electric bills - With the price of electricity going up, people who switch to solar could save a lot on their monthly bills.
    • Energy independence - A home that runs on solar power alone can live completely off the grid, especially if it has a solar battery system to keep power going when the sun is not out.
    • Solar panels increase a home’s value. If a house has solar panels, the people who live there will save money over time and it makes the house more appealing and increases its value.
    • Long-term savings - The costs of setting up a solar system are high, but most of the time, the investment pays for itself within six to ten years, and the consumer can start getting the benefits of the system long before it needs to be replaced or needs maintenance.
    • Low costs for maintenance - Once it is set up, a solar system does not need much maintenance as long as it is not damaged by the environment. If the panels are kept clean and free of dirt and dust, they should work for many years.
    • Helping the wider community - Net metering is a system that lets people who have solar panels sell any extra electricity they make back to the utility company. This also makes a community less reliant on fossil fuels.
    • Other uses - Solar energy is very flexible. Not only can it power our homes and appliances, but it can also power remote places where getting power from a grid is impossible.
    • It cuts down on your carbon footprint - helping the environment might be the most important reason to invest in sustainable energy solutions. Our reliance on fossil fuels for electricity is one of the many things that have led to the climate change we are now fighting.


    Some disadvantages of solar energy include:

    • High costs - Even though the cost of solar technology has gone down over the past years, a full solar installation still requires a lot of money.
    • Sunlight dependent - Without sunlight, a system that gets its power from the sun cannot make electricity. Solar batteries that store extra energy can help with this, though.
    • It can be hard to set up - Even though most of the parts of installing solar panels are pretty easy, it can be hard if you are not used to working with electricity. Especially, connecting the wiring from the panel to the house should be left to the pros.
    • Limits on Space - Solar panels and the wiring that goes with them take up room.
    • It costs a lot to store solar energy. Solar batteries are an important part of your solar panel system because they store the extra energy that your solar panels make.


    How to Choose a Solar Installation

    When looking for Solar Solutions, you should consider the following:

    • Cost - When comparing solar panels, this is probably the first thing people look at. The cheapest panel might not be the most efficient and probably is not the best choice in the long run, so it is more important to get a good quality system than to get the cheapest one.
    • Quality - consider how the panel is manufactured, and the quality of the materials used to build the solar panel. There are different types of manufacturers producing panels that differ in quality, price, and efficiency. Check the companies’ reviews or history and see what experiences clients had with each of them.
    • Energy efficiency - how much of the light the panel receives is converted into electrical energy and hence, how much power will your system generate. Assess your requirements and find the panel that best suits your needs.
    • Temperature coefficient - refers to the impact that heat has on a solar panel’s operational efficiency after installation.
    • Durability - can be an indicator of the manufacturer’s confidence in its products. If the manufacturer does not offer a long warranty period, you could suspect that their product is not very good.
    • The wattage of the solar panel is probably the most important thing you need to get right since underestimating the number will lead to a lack of energy and overestimating the wattage will lead to spending more money than you actually need.


    Best Brands of Solar Solutions for Sale from MHC World

    Some of the best-known Solar Solutions brands available from MHC World are:

    • Gizzu
    • Solarfirst
    • Solarwise and more…
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