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    Light Grey

    Calgan 3 Piece Lyla 1 Action PU Embossed Brown

    R 20,999.00 R 17,499.00

    Calgan Lyla 3-Piece 1 Action Embossed PU Leather Black

    R 21,999.00 R 17,499.00

    3 piece Cresta Tweed Lounge Suites

    R 5,699.00

    3 Piece Lounge suite Moderna

    R 34,999.00

    Zimbali Two Division Cigar/Whisky Pre-order 3 Weeks

    R 29,999.00

    2,5 Division Couch Sumo Milan Grey

    R 14,999.00 R 12,999.00

    Encore 3 Piece 5 Action Lounge Suite Dakar Stone

    R 34,999.00

    Calgan 3 Piece Action + Console Full Leather Brown Lounge Suite

    R 51,999.00

    Calgan 3 Piece 5 Action + Console Full Black Leather Lounge Suite

    R 59,999.00 R 57,999.00

    Calgan 3 Piece Lyla 1 Action Americano Lounge Suite

    R 21,999.00 R 18,999.00

    Rest In Comfort In Your Lounge Suite for Sale

    Nothing completes a living room better than a lounge suite that fits perfectly in the corner or at the centre of the room. It must complement the wall unit, the curtains, the flooring and even the picture frames hanging from the wall. It does not matter whether it is a corner couch to provide a sense of openness in the lounge, sleeper couches that are perfect for the living room and visitors sleeping over, and recliner suites and couches that offer the ultimate comfort. You will find these lounge suites and an extensive collection of sofas at MHC World in Pretoria.

    We offer lounge suites of various patterns and colours, from the deepest Reds to the brightest Limes, made from luxurious leather, tweed or suede fabric. You will find the most affordable brands to the most luxurious, including the Pegasus Corner Couch, Lyla 1 Action Leather Couches from recliner suite specialists Calgan, Zeno Curved Corner Couch, Hilton lounge suites and so much more. For information on our couches, sleeper couches, recliner suites and lounge suites, visit the MHC World store.

    You can run your fingers on the leather or tweed to get a feel of the fabric and sit on the couch to experience how comfortable they are. In the store, you can imagine relaxing at home, snug in front of the television with a cup of your favorite beverage and snacks. Even better is visiting our website and browsing through our products and finding fantastic sales on particular couches and recliners. Find a suitable lounge suite, all in the comfort of your home or while at the office during your lunch break. Don’t miss out!

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