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    Linen House White Flannelette Winter Fitted Sheet Set

    R 399.95

    Linen House Grey Flannelette Winter Flat Sheet

    R 399.00

    Linen House Light Grey Flannelette Winter Fitted Sheet Set

    R 399.95

    Linen House Taupe Flannelette Winter Fitted Sheet Set

    R 399.95 R 249.95

    Linen House Grey Graham Flannelette Winter Duvet Cover Set

    R 459.95

    Linen House Blue Tanner Winter Duvet Cover Set

    R 289.00

    Simon Baker Cotton Flannel Winter Sheet Set Duck Egg 4 Piece

    R 959.00

    Simon Baker Cotton Flannel Winter Sheet Set Platinum 4 Piece

    R 1,099.00

    Simon Baker Cotton Flannel Winter Sheet Set Natural 4 Piece

    R 1,099.00

    Simon Baker Cotton Flannel Winter Sheet Set Grey 4 Piece

    R 1,099.00

    Simon Baker Cotton Flannel Winter Sheet Set White 4 Piece

    R 1,099.00

    Linen House Sally Taupe Flannelette Winter Sheet Set

    R 559.95

    Winter Duvet Covers & Bedsheets for Sale

    Nothing beats getting into a comfortable bed that hugs your tired body and feeling the clean bed linen rubbing against your skin after soaking yourself in a relaxing bath. This is especially true after a long and exhausting day at the office. All you want to do is curl up in the comfort of your home and forget about the day’s problems.

    At MHC, we can help you on the way to achieving that and even more. You can browse through our winter duvet covers and bedsheets for sale that will aid you in a comfortable rest away from the world and also get an Egyptian cotton oxford pillows to lay your head on. There is also a seven-piece luxury bed linen in an assortment of colours and patterns that will help transform your room into your bit of heaven.

    And what is your bit of heaven without a bedroom furniture set complete with a headboard and drawers to neatly place your clothing? You will be so proud of your room that you will want to show it off to family and friends. At MHC, we have the best microfibre bedding sets and can be found all under one roof. We also offer electric blankets for sale


    Why Use Winter Duvet Covers & Bedsheets

    When the weather gets cooler, switch out your light summer layers for sheets, blankets, and other bedding items that will help you get the deep, restful sleep you want.

    Choose cosy bedding if you want to make your room a warm and comfortable place to be on cold nights.

    When it comes to winter bedding, the best way to stay warm is to layer several pieces instead of using a single, bulky blanket. When you have layers of bedding, you can add an extra throw when it's really cold or kick off the top blanket if it gets warmer than you expected. So, in just a few minutes, you can make the bed fit your needs and get a good night's sleep.

    Start with what goes under the sheets. For cold nights, a featherbed or wool mattress pad is a comfortable base that also keeps you warm.

    Add sheets made for cool weather: you'll want a tighter weave on your fitted and flat sheets. A fitted sheet is required, and a flat sheet can add a bit of warmth and acts as a barrier between you and your duvet cover, so you don't have to wash your duvet cover as often.

    The next thing is a blanket. On top of the sheets, put a light blanket for extra warmth. The warmest blankets for winter are made of cotton that lets air through, down that is fluffy, wool that keeps heat in, or soft, fuzzy fleece.

    A comforter or duvet is a favourite layer: Down or down alternative, printed or solid, paired with a duvet cover or on its own, a cosy comforter is the first thing that comes to mind for winter. Choose an ultra-warm duvet insert for the cosiest single-layer option, or a lightweight or medium insert if you like to stack on multiple layers.

    Finish it all off with a beautiful quilt. The best quilt for winter is one made of cotton that is light and lets air through. It should be layered with your other bedding.

    Add accessories for warmth and style. A throw blanket or folded blanket at the foot of the bed keeps your toes warm and gives you an extra layer for nights when it's really cold.


    Different Types of Winter Duvet Covers & Bedsheets

    Even though it's tempting to curl up under the warmest blanket, you should also choose winter bedding that is light and lets air in. To make the perfect winter bed, think about the materials, the type of fabric, and the fill:

    The most comfortable bedding is made of 100% cotton or a mix of cotton and other fibres.

    Some of the warmest blankets and sheets for winter are made of brushed-soft flannel, buttery-smooth sateen, or T-shirt-cozy jersey-knit sheets.

    A higher thread count means the fabric is woven more tightly, which keeps you warmer and is great for winter. A lower thread count means the fabric is woven more loosely, which is good for people who sleep hot.

    Warm and breathable, down fill is the best fill for a winter comforter because it is fluffy and light. Alternative to Down Fill is just as fluffy and warm as down, and it's great for people who don't like down.

    A fleece sheet set will keep you warm all winter long. These sheets are soft and plush, and they don't make you feel too hot because they are made of a fleece that lets air in but doesn't cause allergies. They will work with your blankets and comforters to keep you as warm and comfortable as possible.

    Warm bed sheets and duvets can be classified as follows:

    Fabric: Choosing sheets made of flannel or fleece is the easiest way to stay warm in the winter. Both of these fabrics are very good at keeping you nice and cosy. Still, heavier-weight cotton bedding can also be a good choice.

    Thread count: If you buy cotton sheets, make sure they have a high thread count, which shows how thick the sheets are. Make sure that the thread count is at least 400 to be comfortable.

    Cotton duvets: Cotton is a pure, natural material that is less likely to itch or irritate you while you sleep because it is not made from chemicals. Cotton duvets are soft, and they don't lose their quality over time. Cotton is naturally hypoallergenic and keeps the body's temperature stable in all seasons.

    Wool duvets: A wool duvet is heavy and can adjust well to two different body temperatures, making it perfect for couples who share a bed. Wool is also naturally resistant to fire. If wool were to catch fire, the flame would go out on its own once it was taken away from the source of heat. Because of this, it is a good material for a child's duvet because it keeps them safe from fire risks.

    Silk duvets: Silk is a natural fabric and a more expensive option. A silk duvet pulls heat away from your body to cool you down and keeps heat in when you're cold. So it will keep you warm at night without making you feel stuffy.

    Linen duvets: Linen is a high-quality fabric that absorbs moisture and transfers heat. It is also very durable, so it is a great choice for a duvet that you want to last for years. Linen is also good for the environment because it is one of the fabrics that breaks down the fastest. It absorbs moisture without keeping bacteria, and each time you wash it, it gets stronger and more flexible.


    Care for Winter Duvet Covers & Bedsheets

    Make sure you always read the care instructions on your bedding. You should check to see if your linens can be washed in a washing machine, if they need to be taken to the dry cleaner, or if the care instructions say that they should only be cleaned in spots. You should also write down whether your linens should be washed in cold water or hot water.

    How often should a duvet cover be washed? If nothing gets spilt on the duvet, you won't have to wash it more than once or twice a year. The cover, on the other hand, will have to be washed every week. If you use a top sheet every night, you might be able to get away with washing your cover every two to four weeks.

    Check the label to see if you can put your duvet and linen in the washing machine. If yes, keep going. If not, it's best to follow the instructions for hand washing or dry cleaning.


    How to Choose Winter Duvet Covers & Bedsheets

    Look at the following criteria when shopping for the warmest bed sheets.

    Fabric: Choosing sheets made of flannel or fleece is the easiest way to stay warm in the winter. Both of these fabrics are very good at keeping you nice and cosy.

    Thread count: If you choose cotton sheets, you'll want to make sure they have a high thread count, which shows how thick the sheets are. Make sure that the thread count is 400 or more.

    When buying a duvet, the most important things to think about are the filling, the fill power and weight, how the duvet is made, and how it affects the environment, anti-allergy bedding, certifications to look for, packaging, and how to take care of your duvets.

    Also, make sure to choose the right size of duvet.

    Upgrade your bedding game this winter season with cosy and breathable duvet covers and bedsheets that keep you warm and comfortable all night long. Remember to choose the right fabrics, thread count, and fill for your winter bedding, and don't forget to layer for maximum warmth and flexibility. With proper care and maintenance, your winter bedding can last for years and make every night's sleep a peaceful and restful one. So why settle for less when you can sleep like a king or queen with the perfect winter bedding?  Shop now at MHC World and get good quality bedding at affordable prices!

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