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    Free Glide Aluminum King Track – Double

    R 100.00

    Free Glide Aluminium King Track – Single

    R 90.00

    Deluxe Wheel Runner D017

    R 15.00

    Aluminum Rods 25 mm Range

    R 39.95
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050G Mahogany Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051G Mahogany Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M DF052G Mahogany Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050E Mahogany
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051E Mahogany
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M DF052E Mahogany
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050F Mahogany Gold
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051F Mahogany Gold
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M DF052F Mahogany Gold
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050A German Gold
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051A German Gold
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M Df052A German Gold
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050B German Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051B German Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M DF052B German Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050D Walnut/Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051 Walnut/Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M DF052D Walnut/Silver
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2M DF050C Magnolia/Bronze
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 2.5M DF051C Magnolia/Bronze
    85MM Matrix Pelmet 3M DF052C Magnolia/Bronze

    Papini Matrix Pelmet 85MM

    R 185.00

    Ceiling Bracket 25mm

    R 85.00

    Lumino 25MM Metal Finial

    R 210.00

    Aluminum Rods 16 mm

    R 24.95


    R 110.00

    Heavy Duty 25mm Rods

    R 170.00

    32 mm Antique Brass Rod Brushed Bronze

    R 270.00
    tieback caledon stone/teal cale12312
    Tiebacks Caledon Stone&Pink Cale12291
    Tiebacks Caledon Stone&Duckegg Cale12301
    Tiebacks Caledon Stone&Chartreuse Cale12321

    River Fabrics Tiebacks Caledon

    R 270.00
    Tiebacks Meuse Chai Meuse10241
    Tiebacks Meuse Stone Meus11071
    Tiebacks Meuse Natural Meus10741

    River Fabrics Tieback Meuse

    R 190.00
    tiebacks chari chartreuse char20281
    tieback chari natural chari50741
    tieback chari chai chari50242
    tieback chari petrol blue chari21331
    tieback chari duck egg chari50391
    tieback chati stone chari151074

    River Fabric Tiebacks Chari

    R 110.00
    tieback tana chartreuse tana20283

    River Fabrics Tiebacks Tana

    R 340.00
    tieback Kwango Grey Kwang10551
    Tiebacks Kwango ivory kwango10582
    Tiebacks Kwango Natural Kwang10742

    River Fabric Tiebacks Kwango

    R 120.00
    tiebacks gibbon grey gibbo010551
    tieback gibbon natural gibbo10741
    tieback gibbon ivory gibbo10581

    River Fabrics Tiebacks Gibbon

    R 180.00
    tiebacks Lena Charcoal Chai Lena11381
    tiebacks lena natural mocha lena11361
    tiebacks lena silver raisin lena11371
    tieback lena silver raisen lena11371

    River Fabrics Tiebacks Lena

    R 170.00
    tieback rokel grey silver slate roke11491
    tieback rokel natural/stone/taupe roke21601

    River Fabrics Tiebacks Rokel

    R 270.00
    tieback indus chai ind20243
    tieback indus natural ind10741
    tieback indus stone ind21071

    River Fabrics Tiebacks indus

    R 270.00
    tieback ural chai ural20241
    tieback ural natural ural20741
    tiebacks taupe ural21121

    River Fabrics TieBacks Ural

    R 175.00

    Chronos Cube Wave Track Double Silver Stone

    R 1,050.00

    Chronos Cube Wave Track Double Graphite shimmer Dra233gs

    R 1,050.00

    Chronos Cube Wave Track Double Carbon Black

    R 1,050.00

    Chronos Cube Wave Track Double Bronze Shimmer

    R 1,050.00

    Chronos Cube Wave Track Double Astral Silver

    R 1,050.00

    Acetal hooks F002

    R 18.95

    R7 Brassed Hooks F009

    R 65.00

    C Glides D008

    R 15.00

    Finial 25mm Twirl Metal Black

    R 140.00


    R 19.95

    King Splicer

    R 12.00

    Short Neck Hooks

    R 30.00

    Rosa Center Piece

    R 265.00

    Dante Center Piece

    R 200.00

    Alba Finials

    R 330.00
    38MM BRASS DBL BRKTS (1) PB097

    Double Brackets PVC 38mm

    R 20.00

    Tape Eyelet Rings Large White 53mm

    R 12.00

    Eyelet Duo Rings Rings 44mm

    R 45.00

    Contempo 44.5mm Eyelet Rings

    R 75.00

    Inner Joiner 65MM

    R 90.00

    Hamburger 65MM End Cap

    R 80.00

    Cover Plate 65MM

    R 99.00 R 70.00

    Brown 34MM Wooden Brackets

    R 55.00

    Curtaining Accessories for Sale

    We stock a wide range of curtaining accessories in our online store. If you're looking for curtain rails for sale at the lowest prices, you've come to the right place.


    For What are Curtain Rails Used

    A curtain rod, curtain rail, curtain pole, or traverse rod is a device used to hang curtains, usually above windows or along the edges of showers or bathtubs, but it can be used anywhere curtains are used.

    When it comes down to it, curtain rails and tracks both do the same thing, but you can only hang pleated curtains on a curtain track, while you can hang both pleated and eyelet curtains on a curtain rail.

    When choosing curtain styles, you should pay attention to how each curtain's header is attached. If you don't, this could limit your options and force you to choose tracks over rails, which could change your design goals.


    Benefits of Using Curtain Rails

    Curtain rails come in a wide range of styles, from plain plastic rails to stylish wooden rails and gold rails with intricate designs.

    Curtain tracks make it a little bit harder to hang curtains because you have to connect each hook to the gliders on the track. Curtain poles or rails make it easy to hang curtains because you just have to thread the pole through the curtain's eyelets.

    The main problems with curtain poles are that they take up more space than curtain tracks, which can make them hard to use in small rooms. Also, unlike curtain tracks, you can't use a drawstring to move curtain poles, so you have to move them by hand. Finally, curtain poles are usually more expensive than curtain tracks.

    Curtain tracks are good if you want to hang your curtains in a tight space or use a drawstring. A curtain pole, on the other hand, is much better if you're more interested in how your curtains look.

    Curtain poles are a great way to hang your curtains more stylishly. With the right fabric and finials, a curtain pole can be a great design element that adds style to any window.

    Most types of curtain headings work well with the way a curtain pole works. Because of the way eyelet curtains are made, the only way to hang them is with a curtain pole. The poles also look great with pinch pleat, pencil pleat, goblet, and gathered headings, which helps balance out your choice of curtains.

    Also, some curtain poles can be bent, making them the perfect choice for bay windows of all shapes, even L-shaped ones.

    Now that you know the pros and cons of curtain tracks and curtain poles, you can make an informed choice about which one you want in your home and have your curtains made based on how they are going to hang.


    Different Types of Curtain Rails for Sale from MHC World

    Curtain rail types vary according to the material it is made of or its purpose; therefore, you could classify it in the following ways:

    By material:

    • Metal curtain poles;
    • Wooden curtain poles;
    • Wrought Iron curtain poles;
    • Acrylic curtain poles.

    By functionality:

    • Bay Window curtain poles;
    • Curtain poles suitable for extra wide windows & big-old doors;
    • Eyelet curtains poles;
    • Ceiling fix curtain poles;
    • Double curtain poles;
    • Curtain poles we can cut them to size for you;
    • Corded curtain poles;
    • Extendable curtain poles;
    • Bespoke-painted curtain poles.


    How to Choose Curtain Rails

    Most of the time, we spend all of our time and energy picking out the fabric when we buy curtains. Material is important for the overall look and feel of a room, but the curtain rail is what holds everything up and shows off the curtain and fabric you've chosen.

    It's important to get the rails right so that the material looks its best. The right curtain poles can be a great frame for beautiful curtains, and there are so many great finishes to choose from.

    Measurements, hardware, and brackets are all important if you want your window to look its best.

    So, before you go shopping, consider the following:

    Measure the size and exact position of the curtains. The hardest part of putting up curtains is making sure the curtain rod is in the right place, which can scare even the most experienced DIY-er. In the end, the way you measure depends on the style of the window and the height of the ceiling. However, if you get the standard way of measuring right, you can adapt it to any frame.

    First, if you want the most accurate results when measuring curtains, get a steel tape measure.

    Before you do anything, you should think about the height and drop you want. As a general rule, measure and place your rod 5 to 15 centimetres above the window. However, you might want to think about putting the pole as high as possible, as this will give the room the most sense of length and make your ceiling look higher.

    It is wise to leave 10 to 20 centimetres on either side of the window for the curtains to "stack" away from the glass when the window is open. This will let the room get the most out of natural light and window views.

    The standard distance you want your rod to be from the wall is 8 centimetres.

    Calculate how to hide curtain rod brackets. Rod brackets are an important part of the rail that helps your curtain poles stay up.

    If you want a sleek, minimalist look, you can hide curtain rod brackets in many ways, such as by using tracks that are built into the wall or ceiling or by using both rails and tracks to create a more subtle look.

    Decide how you want the curtains to operate, and to open and close, for example, do you need a bay solution, a motorised option, a ceiling mount, etc?

    Decide on the preferred type of curtain heading. For example, eyelet curtains can only be used with a curtain pole.

    Plan or style for the interior scheme: do you want a modern look or something more classic?

    Don’t forget to keep the room's proportions (the size and shape of the window to the size of the room) in check.

    Consider the type of fabric: Heavy embroidered fabrics and velvets work well with corded curtain poles, while light voiles look great on a narrow curtain track.


    Best Brands of Curtain Rails

    MHC World stocks a range of curtain accessories such as curtain rods and ball finials in different colours to make sure you get the perfect curtain flow to enhance the look of your home.

    Nothing makes a room look more stylish and beautiful than an elegant tieback and sophisticated curtain rails as the basis of an artistic window draping. 

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