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    Bohemia Cristal Tulipa 550 ml Bordeaux Wine Glasses Set Of 6

    R 599.00 R 539.95

    Fine Flavour Whisky Carafe No 3 1L VB1136280462

    R 3,199.00

    Bohemia crystal Clara 50 ml Liqueur Glasses Set of 6

    R 349.95

    Jenna Clifford Solid Colour Hi Ball Green Set Of 4

    R 319.00

    Carrol Boyes White Wine Glass Baobab Set Of 4

    R 849.00

    RCR Opera Crystal Whisky S2599 Sset Of 7

    R 799.95

    Kilner Butter Churner 500ML KL0025348

    R 899.00

    Jan Hi Ball Glass 520ml Set Of 4 JH000034

    R 279.00

    Jenna Clifford Solid Colour Hi Ball Pink Set Of 4

    R 319.00

    Russell Hobbs Smoky Red Wine Glass 520ml Set 0f 4 RH-DRINK6875

    R 469.99

    Carrol Boyes In Vogue 0P Dinner Plate Set Of 4

    R 1,269.00

    Consol 400ml Glasgow Hiball Tumbler Set of 4

    R 169.95

    Bohemia Bar Retro Craft Beer 400 ml Set Of 2

    R 139.95

    Consol Bordeaux Stemless Wine Glass 350ml Set Of 4

    R 159.95

    Bohemia Crystal Candy Bowl Wave 17 cm

    R 499.00

    Kilner Syrup Dispenser KL0025026

    R 349.95

    Regent Clear Milk Shake Glass 300ML

    R 17.95

    Paris Night Carafe

    R 225.00

    Jenna Clifford Tumbler 450ml Set Of 4

    R 279.00

    Marini Ferlazzo Wild Planet Bamboo Tumbler 275ML Set of 4 Assorted

    R 219.00

    Carrol Boyes Baobab 400ML Tumbler Glass Set Of 4 0G-TUM-BAO-4

    R 659.00

    Regent Glass Heavy Base Beer Mug, 400ml

    R 39.95

    Regent Pilsner Glass Set of 6

    R 119.95

    Luminarc Imperator Hi Ball Set of 6

    R 169.95

    Cristal Darques Stemmed Glass Set Of 6

    R 699.95

    RCR Brilliante Crystal Whisky Set Of 7

    R 999.00

    Luigi Ferrero 360ml Stemless Glass Tumbler Set of 6

    R 279.00

    Maxwell & Williams Diamante Stacked Decanter Set 3pc MQ0076

    R 500.00

    Maxwell & Williams Diamante Whiskey Set 5pc MQ0005

    R 899.00

    Maxwell & Williams default Whisky Set 5pc MQ0008

    R 899.00

    Maxwell & Williams default Highball Set of 6 380ml MQ0007

    R 599.00

    Maxwell & Williams default Double Old Fashion Set of 6 320ml MQ0006

    R 399.00

    Maxwell & Williams Diamante Footed Punch Bowl 8.5L FK0094

    R 1,099.00

    Maxwell & Williams Cocktail & Co Glass Cocktail Mixing Jug MQ0014

    R 239.00

    Maxwell & Williams Camilla Cocktail Shaker 480ml MQ0083

    R 299.00

    Maxwell & Williams Camilla Coupe Glass Set of 2 MQ0082

    R 399.00

    Maxwell & Williams Camilla Prosecco Glass 240ML Set of 2 MQ0081

    R 399.00

    Maxwell & Williams Camilla Martini Glass 280ML Set of 2 MQ0080

    R 399.00

    Maxwell & Williams Camilla Stemless Glass 560ML Set of 2 MQ0079

    R 299.00

    Maxwell & Williams default Whisky Set of 5 MQ0013

    R 899.00

    Maxwell & Williams default Highball Set of 6 380ml MQ0012

    R 599.00

    Maxwell & Williams default Double Old Fashion Set of 6 320ml MQ0011

    R 399.00

    Consol 400ml Seville Hiball Tumbler Set of 4

    R 199.95

    Consol 330ml Glasgow Whiskey Tumbler Set Of 4

    R 169.95

    Wide Selection of Glassware for Sale

    Shop our wide range of Glassware for sale and get free delivery for orders over R650 if you are within 60kms from our store.


    What Is Classified as Glassware

    Drinkware and tableware used to set a table for a meal are on the list of glassware, as are general glass items like vases and glasses used in the catering business.

    It's important to use the right glasses for display and to give your guests a better experience. You can choose from a wide range of home bar glasses to make sure that your guests are served right. You might also like our range of cutlery, as well as mug sets and other kitchenware for sale


    Different Types of Glassware

    Glassware can be classified according to its composition or use.


    Glassware Classified According to Composition

    Soda-lime glass is the most common type of glass (it makes up 90% of all glass) and the least expensive but it has low resistance to high temperatures and sudden temperature changes. It usually contains 60-75% silica, 12-18% soda, and 5-12% lime.

    Lead glass is mostly made of lead oxide, which makes up at least 20% of all glass. It is fairly soft, and its index of refraction gives it a shine that is enhanced by cutting. It is more expensive than soda-lime glass.

    Glassware Classified According to Use

    The reason why it is important to use the proper glass when serving certain drinks lies in enhanced aromas and correct temperature. These two factors are important in improving your drinking experience; therefore, the following classification:

    Shot glasses

    Shot glasses are a great addition to your glassware collection, whether you're entertaining guests at home or playing a game of vodka shots. Shot glasses are used for drinks that are meant to be drunk all at once.

    Single Rock Glasses

    High-quality spirits are served "on the rocks" or "neat" in single rock glasses. Unlike a shot, these glasses hold liquids that take the most time to drink and need to be done so slowly.

    Martini glasses

    The Martini glass or coupe glass has a big, round bowl with a wide edge that can be topped with coatings. The wide bowl enables the user to inhale the drink’s aromatics while tasting the salt or sugar-coated rim.

    Margarita glasses

    A margarita glass is a stem glass with a smaller bottom portion that gradually grows bigger. It's similar to martini glass or coupe glass, but it has a distinct ridge, creating a curved shape that makes it easy to cup your hand around the base.

    Champagne flutes

    Flutes are some of the most well-known and popular types of stemware in history. The delicate feel of these glasses makes them perfect for drinks with a strong scent. You may use these for carbonated drinks.

    Pilsner glass

    A pilsner glass is often used to serve light beers like pale lager and Pilsen. Different things, like serving cocktails and mocktails, can be done with these kinds of glasses.

    Snifter glasses

    The stem of the snifter glass is small so that it can be held in one hand. Drinkers may experience a more unmistakable scent as they sip from a bowl with a high volume and a narrower mouth, which retains the smells. Dark distilled drinks like brandy and whisky are served in this type of glass.

    Highball glasses

    The tall, straight highball glass is used to serve cocktails and other mixed drinks, like those with a lot of non-alcoholic mixers. This type of glassware is perfect for cocktails served on the rocks because its shape keeps the drink cool and keeps the carbonation.

    Lowball glasses

    Lowball glasses are short and have a solid base. They can hold 6 to 8 ounces of spirits and are used to mix drinks. Because these glasses aren't too tall, they can also be used to serve a neat pour of alcohol.

    Hurricane glasses

    A Hurricane glass is a kind of glass fashioned like a vase or a hurricane lamp but is often higher and broader than a highball glass in size and form. The flared lip lets the fruity aromatics take centre stage.

    Pitcher glass

    Pitcher glasses can hold anything from beer to plain water. It's a good idea to have these bar essentials in your home bar glass collection if you like to have parties and beer nights.

    Red wine glasses

    Red wine glasses have a wider, rounder bowl, which makes it easier to swirl the wine and get air into it. The long stem for these types of glassware will keep your hand away from the drink, which will help keep it cool.

    White wine glasses

    Choose white wine glasses with narrow mouths if you don't want your wine to go bad too quickly. This is done to keep the lighter and more delicate flavours of white wine.


    How to Care for Glassware

    Taking care of your glasses the right way will make them last longer and make sure that your drinks look their best.

    If you don't wash and dry your glasses properly, they can retain smells and chemicals that will make your drinks taste bad. Also, grease and water spots on glasses will make them look dull.

    This is especially important when judging whisky and wine based on their colour and how clear they are.

    Prevent mechanical shock – that is when a glass gets hit by something else, usually another glass or piece of tableware. All glasses can take a certain amount of mechanical shock, but repeated hits will weaken any piece of glassware.

    Prevent temperature jumps or thermal shock - when the temperature of a piece of glassware changes quickly. Glass is a dense material, so when it gets hot or cold, it expands and contracts quickly.

    All glassware has a certain level of resistance to thermal shock but being exposed to sudden temperature changes over and over again can break glassware.


    Tips for washing glassware by hand:

    • Wash new glasses before using them for the first time;
    • Each glass must be washed by hand separately;
    • Don't soak with other glasses to reduce the chance of mechanical shock;
    • Use an appropriate cleaner and warm water with a soft sponge or cloth.


    Tips for washing glassware in a dishwasher:

    • Wash glassware separately from dishes and cutlery;
    • Make sure to wash glasses at a lower temperature;
    • Use a glass rack; never a flatware rack or plate rack;
    • Make sure the rinse aid is always full.


    Tips for drying glassware:

    • If you can, let the glasses dry in the air. Cloths can spread grease and dirt, which can leave smells and toxins;
    • After washing, turn the glasses upside down to dry;
    • Once the glass is dry, use a soft, dry glass cloth to get rid of watermarks. This keeps the glassware clear.


    Tips for storing glassware:

    • Avoid having the edges of glasses touch, especially martini glasses and other glasses with wide edges;
    • Use glass jacks to store glasses not in use. These compartmented boxes keep your glasses from touching anything else;
    • Use shelf liner on hard surfaces. These soft mats protect glasses from hard surfaces and let air flow so glasses can dry in the air.


    How to Choose Glassware

    Style, durability and functionality are three key characteristics to consider when choosing the best glassware.

    Choose your glassware according to these five indicators: thickness, clarity, refraction, cut, sound and weight.

    The bottom line is to always buy your special glassware from a reputable brand which guarantees the highest quality.


    Best Brands of Glassware

    MHC World stocks several brands of quality glassware, including Jenna Clifford, Maxwell & Williams, Mason Cash, and Carrol Boyes.

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