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    Defy 90cm Black Gemini Gas Hob DHG128

    R 6,299.00

    Elba 30cm Ceran Hob Black 02/LT2-07

    R 2,499.00

    Whirlpool 75cm Gas on Stainless Steel Hob GMA 7522/IX

    R 5,999.00 R 4,999.00

    Whirlpool 86cm 5Burners Glass Gas Hob Stove GOA9523/NB

    R 6,999.00

    Defy Domino Gas Hob DHG134

    R 3,199.00

    Defy 600mm Black Slimline Solid Hob DHD332

    R 1,899.00

    Elba 900 mm 5 Cooker Ceramic Hob 02/LT5-02

    R 6,999.00 R 4,999.00

    Beko 65 cm Black Gas on Glass Hob MACM11B

    R 5,599.00 R 4,699.00

    Defy 770cm Ceramic Hob DHD412

    R 6,999.00

    Univa Black 5 Burner Gas on Glass Hob UGH750G

    R 3,599.00

    Defy 70cm Ceramic Gas Hob DHG701

    R 5,999.00

    Defy 82cm Black Solid Plate Hob DHD416

    R 3,999.00

    Defy 2 Plate Stainless Steel Solid Hob DHD401

    R 2,299.00

    Defy 600mm Induction Hob DHD396

    R 5,499.00 R 3,999.00

    Defy 80cm Gemini Ceran Hob DHD413

    R 6,699.00

    Elba 2 Plate Ceramic Hob EN31-050

    R 3,999.00 R 2,499.00

    Defy 60cm Touch Control Hob DHD406A

    R 3,899.00 R 3,499.00

    Whirlpool 60cm Electric Glass Hob AKT8210LX

    R 4,499.00

    Defy 600mm Stainless Steel Solid Plate DHD333

    R 2,299.00

    DEFY Gemini Dual Fuel Hob DHG901

    R 7,299.00 R 6,999.00

    Elba 90cm Gas Hob Stainless Steel 02/ELIO 95-565

    R 8,499.00 R 7,999.00

    Defy 60cm Slimline Touch Control Vitroceramic Dual Zone Hob Dhd394

    R 4,499.00

    Whirlpool 60 cm Black Ceramic Hob AKT109NE

    R 3,499.00

    Whirlpool 600mm Stainless Steel Gas Hob GMA6422/IX

    R 4,999.00 R 4,499.00

    Defy 68.5cm Vitroceramic Slimline Hob DHD411

    R 4,999.00

    Defy 600mm Black Slimline Solid Hob DHD398

    R 1,999.00

    Defy Black 2 Plate Solid DHD400

    R 1,999.00

    Elba 90cm Black Glass 5 burner Gas Hob 04/T90-565G 5

    R 6,699.00

    Totai 71cm Black 2 Burner Gas-on-Glass 26/GOG2BNR

    R 999.99 R 999.00

    Univa 500mm Solid Plate Stainless Steel Hob With Control Panel – UDH02S

    R 1,599.00

    Univa 2 Burner Gas Hob UGH02S

    R 1,699.00

    Bosch 60 cm Induction Hob PUG61KAA5E

    R 5,499.00

    Bosch 60 cm Black Induction Hob PUE611BF1B

    R 5,999.00

    Bosch 60 cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob PCP6A5B90Z

    R 5,999.00 R 5,199.00

    Bosch 90 cm Gas hob Stainless steel PCR9A5B90Z

    R 9,999.00

    Bosch 75 cm Gas Hob PCQ7A5B90Z

    R 7,999.00

    Bosch 60 cm Ceramic Electric Hob PKE611BA2E

    R 4,099.00

    Falco 90CM Stainless Steel Gas Hob FAL-SSGH-90

    R 4,899.00

    Falco 60CM Stainless Steel Gas Hob - FAL-SSGH-60

    R 3,659.00

    Bosch 90 cm Ceramic Hob PKM975DK1D

    R 16,999.00

    Whirlpool 60 cm Electric Hob AKT809NE

    R 3,499.00

    Elba 60 cm Glass Ceramic Hob Black 02/LT4-01

    R 3,999.00 R 3,499.00

    Falco 60cm 4 Burner Black Gas On Glass Hob - FAL-BGH-60

    R 4,199.00

    Univa 60cm Domino Ceran 4 Plate Hob Black U156TCD

    R 3,099.00

    Hobs for Sale Online

    Shop our range of hobs for sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our hobs for sale, we also offer gas hobs, ovens and microwaves.


    What Is Meant by a Hob

    A hob is a cooking appliance that sits on top of your countertop and provides a surface for cooking food. Hobs can be gas-powered, electric, or of the induction type.


    How Does a Hob Work

    A hob produces heat to cook your food.

    A gas hob works by burning gas to heat a metal element, which then transfers heat to the cooking surface. An electric hob works by passing electricity through a metal element, which then heats the cooking surface. An induction hob works by creating a magnetic field that heats the cookware directly, without heating the cooking surface.


    The Development of Hobs Through the Ages

    The first hobs were invented in the 1800s. These early hobs were made of cast iron and were very inefficient.

    In the 1900s, gas hobs became popular. Gas hobs are more efficient than cast iron hobs and they produce less pollution.

    In recent years, electric hobs and induction hobs have become popular. Electric hobs are easy to use, and they are relatively inexpensive.

    Induction hobs are the most efficient type of hob, but they are also the most expensive.


    Different Types/Styles of Hobs

    There are different types and styles of hobs available. Some of the most common types include:

    • Gas hobs: Gas hobs are the most popular type of hob. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use.
    • Electric hobs: Electric hobs are less common than gas hobs, but they are still a popular option. They are easy to clean, and they are relatively safe.
    • Induction hobs: Induction hobs are the most efficient type of hob. They heat up quickly and they are very safe.
    • Dual fuel hobs: Dual fuel hobs have both gas and electric burners. This gives you the flexibility to choose the best cooking method for each dish.


    Benefits of Having a Hob in Your Kitchen

    There are many benefits to having access to a hob. Here are a few of the most prominent:

    • Convenience: Hobs are a convenient way to cook food. They are easy to use, and they can be used to cook a variety of dishes at the same time.
    • Efficiency: Hobs are efficient appliances. They use less energy than other cooking methods, such as ovens.
    • Variety: There are many different types of hobs available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.
    • Durability: Hobs are durable appliances. They can last for many years with proper care.


    Disadvantages of Hobs

    There are a few potential disadvantages to having a hob, of which the following are most notable:

    • Cost: Hobs can be expensive, especially if you choose a high-end model.
    • Maintenance: Hobs require regular maintenance, such as cleaning the cooktop and burners.
    • Safety: Hobs can be a safety hazard if they are not used properly. It is important to follow the manufacturer's safety instructions when using them.


    Why It Is a Good Idea to Have a Separate Hob as Appliance in Your Kitchen

    A separate hob is a good, if not essential appliance in your kitchen because it provides a versatile and convenient way to cook food. Hobs can be used to cook a variety of dishes at the same time, and they are easier to use than many other cooking methods.

    The lifespan of an electric hob is typically 10-15 years and that of a gas hob is typically 15-20 years. However, the lifespan of a hob can vary depending on the quality of the appliance and the care it receives.


    How to Clean and Care for Your Hob to Prolong Its Lifespan

    It is essential to clean your hob regularly to avoid grease and food particles from accumulating on it. You should clean the burners and the hob after each time you use them.

    You can get the cooktop clean by using a solution of dishwashing liquid and water. You might also use a cleaner designed specifically for use on commercial stovetops. After you have finished cleaning the hob, you need to make sure that it is completely dried.

    You can use either a wire brush or a soft cloth to clean the burners on the stove. Before you clean the burners, you should make sure that any food particles that may be stuck to them have been removed.


    How to Choose a Hob

    When choosing a hob, there are a few factors you need to consider:

    • Read reviews of different hobs before making a decision. This will help you to get an idea of the pros and cons of each model.
    • Visit a store and test out different hobs before you buy one. This will help you to get a feel for the different features and how they work.
    • Get quotes from different retailers before making a purchase. This will help you to get the best possible price.
    • The type of hob: There are three main types of hobs: gas, electric, and induction. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.
      • Gas hobs are the most popular type of hob. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. However, they can be a fire hazard if not used properly.
      • Electric hobs are less common than gas hobs, but they are still a popular option. They are easy to clean, and they are relatively safe. However, they can be less efficient than gas hobs.
      • Induction hobs are the most efficient type of hob. They heat up quickly and they are very safe. However, they can be more expensive than gas or electric hobs.
    • The number of burners you need will depend on the amount of cooking you do. If you cook a lot, you will need a hob with more burners.
    • The size of the burners: The size of the burners will affect the size of the pots and pans you can use. If you cook with large pots and pans, you will need burners that are large enough.
    • There are many different features available on hobs, such as a self-cleaning function, a timer, and a child safety lock. Consider the features that are important to you.
    • The warranty: Hobs come with a warranty. The length of the warranty will vary depending on the manufacturer.


    Best Brands of Hobs available on MHC

    At MHC you will find all reputable brands of hobs for sale, including Defy, Whirlpool, Goldair, Smeg, Elba, and others.

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