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    Mini Matt Fabric 150 cm

    R 29.95

    PTD Poly Cotton SA Flag Camo 240CM

    R 79.95

    Printed Polycotton Marvel Fabric 240cm

    R 79.95

    Printed Polycotton Mickey World 240cm

    R 79.95

    Printed Polycotton Batman Fabric 240cm

    R 79.95

    PTD Polycotton Linen Curtain Fabric - 150cm

    R 80.00

    Sugar Textiles Protea Print

    R 120.00

    Silky Satin Lining Fabric 150 cm

    R 75.00

    Fabric Ninja Turtles Comic 235CM

    R 69.95

    Printed Mini Matt Black\White

    R 35.00

    Shut-Eye Blackout Material Beige HB001A

    R 280.00

    Printed PolyCotton Pink Camo 240CM

    R 79.95

    Printed Polycotton Planet Fabric 240cm

    R 99.00 R 79.95

    Ptd Poly Cotton Dinosaur2 240CM

    R 79.95

    Big Five Polycotton Tabling Fabric 2041 235cm

    R 99.95

    Sugar Textiles Strawberries Linen 140cm

    R 99.95 R 79.95

    Printed Mini Matt DES.2022.5 Col.6 Black/White 150cm

    R 35.00

    Papini Dali Curtain Material Smoke

    R 99.95

    Printed Cotton Sheeting Christmas 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting. Unicorn World 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting. B Jungle 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting. Animal Print 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting. Protea 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting Butterfly World 240cm

    R 149.00 R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting. Sailor 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting Lady Bug 240CM

    R 120.00

    Printed Cotton Sheeting Panda 240CM

    R 120.00

    Plain Sheeting Dark Grey Poly Cotton P56 T120 240cm

    R 60.00 R 50.00

    Silky Satin Lining Fabric 150 cm

    R 75.00

    Printed Poly Cotton Ice Cream 240CM

    R 79.95

    Isa Freedom Prints Mavi 240CM

    R 79.95

    Chickens Polycotton Tabling Fabric 2041 235cm

    R 139.95 R 99.95

    Animal Arts Polycotton Tabling Fabric 20141 235cm

    R 139.95 R 99.95

    Animal and Skin Polycotton Tabling Fabric 235cm

    R 99.95

    PTD Oxford Nylon 5969 Fabric

    R 79.95

    PTD Classic Canvas 5277 Curtain Fabric

    R 60.00

    EMB Linen Voile D#1 Cream

    R 89.95 R 79.95

    Embroided Voile DES:5 XHS White 280cm

    R 89.95 R 79.95

    Lace Marble

    R 89.95 R 79.95

    Embroided Voile XHS White 280cm

    R 89.95 R 79.95

    Narnia Cream/ECRU GFH003A

    R 249.95 R 199.95

    Voile Ostrich Cream GSD017B

    R 109.95 R 99.95

    Voile Tobago Cream GFH013A

    R 199.95

    Embroided Linen Voile DES:01

    R 89.95 R 79.95

    Wide Variety of Curtaining Products for Sale

    Style your home with beautiful and affordable living room curtains. At MHC World we have a range of readymade living room curtains for sale. Our range of curtains available come in standard sizes that fit most standard windows. So if you are looking to decorate your home with beautiful curtains then you’ve come to the right place. Our range includes voile curtains, lined curtains, woven block out lining and an assortment of fabrics. The fabric styles that are available come in patterns, plain and various colours. The types of fabrics available are also numerous from lace and velvet to upholstery fabric. So whatever the design of your home, there is a curtain that will complement the style of it.

    We also stock a range of curtain accessories such as curtain rods and ball finials in different colours as well as elegant curtain tiebacks. The way a curtain flows when it is open and closed can enhance the look of your home. Therefore an elegant tieback and sophisticated curtain rods can create an artistic window drapery that will look stylish and beautiful.  

    You will also be inspired by our range of patterned fabrics. For an eclectic room you can pick the newspaper print fabric, for a modern room you can opt for the voile fabric or for a kids bedroom you can go for the Disney print, Paw Patrol designs or other animated print fabrics. Your kids will want to stay in their bedroom because of the cool style you’ve created. Whether you want fabric or curtains for your room, living room curtains or curtains for your child’s bedroom, there is something for everyone when you come to MHC World.

    Feel free to browse our website for a range of curtains for sale as well as a variety of curtaining fabrics.


    The Use of Curtaining Through the Ages

    Curtains are used in interior design to control how much light comes in through windows and keep draughts from coming in through doors or windows.

    Curtains are usually made of thick fabric and are folded in decorative ways so that they hang straight down.

    Early Christian mosaics (from about the 2nd to the 6th century AD) already show curtains hanging from rods across arches.

    In illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages, curtains are tied or looped up at doorways. Beds had curtains on all sides and a tester, or canopy, over them. During the day, when the beds were used as couches and chairs, the curtains were looped together in a bag-like shape.

    During the Victorian era, eclecticism went all the way to the extreme in curtain design. Portieres and curtains blocked out a lot of light from the doors and windows, making the already small rooms even smaller.

    The use of synthetic materials like fibreglass (which acts as an insulator) and polyester (for its washability) was the biggest change in curtain fabric in the 20th century, while mechanical systems that open and close curtains made them easier to put up and use.


    Different Types of Curtains for Sale at MHC World

    The simple idea of window dressing has been turned into a dramatic statement by interior designers lately. Everything starts with the fabric. If you know what the best curtain fabric is, the rest of your decisions will be easy.

    The three most common types of curtains determined by their purpose are:

    • Curtains that block out light
    • Sheer curtains
    • Decorative curtains

    Curtains made of organic cotton, bamboo, and fabrics made from recycled materials are becoming more and more popular. These materials are not only better for the environment, but they also give a space a natural, organic feel.

    The type of material you choose will have a big effect on the overall look of your home and how happy you are with your window treatments.

    You can choose curtains made of anything from heavy brocade to airy lace. Considering both function and style, here are some of the best types of fabrics for drapery:

    100% Linen - Linen fibres are made from the flax plant. Linen is a natural fabric that is neither too heavy nor too thin. Linen is good for all seasons because its hollow core makes it easy for air and moisture to pass through.

    Linen is one of the strongest natural fibres, so you can be sure that it will last for a long time. Linen also has a beautiful shape because of these strong fibres, and it has just the right amount of weight to keep its shape from the top of the curtain rods to your floor.

    Linen is sometimes mixed with synthetic fibres to make it stronger and give it a different feel. In particular, linen and rayon are often used together to make curtain fabric. Rayon comes from natural cellulose from wood and other plant products. It is a great addition to a blend because it can look like other fabrics, like silk, wool, and cotton.

    Blended fabrics take the best parts of each fibre and put them all together. When linen is mixed with rayon, for example, the resulting fabric is a little bit silkier and easier to care for. Both cotton and linen tend to get wrinkled, so these natural fibres are often mixed with synthetics.

    100% Linen Sheers - Linen sheers are still made of 100% linen fibres but with sheers, the fibres are woven in a way that lets almost all of the sun's rays shine through.

    They do not give a lot of privacy but give your home a sense of openness and are uniquely versatile. The best thing about sheers is that they will not hide or take away from any interesting architectural details.


    How to Care for Curtaining

    Like carpets and furniture, curtains need to be cleaned and cared for in a certain way to keep them from getting dirty.

    Here are a few tips on taking care of your curtains:

    Make sure that the curtains are the right length. Having curtains that are the right length will keep them from getting dirty too quickly. If they are too long, they will drag on the floor and pick up dirt or get stepped on by people and animals in your home. Too-long curtains will also get pulled, which can damage the track or poles.

    Reduce exposure to sunlight. When curtains get too much sun, the colours can start to fade. If you have light-coloured fabric curtains in your home, they will reflect light and not fade, while dark-coloured curtains will soak up light and fade. During the day, pull your curtains back or up to keep them from fading too quickly. Blinds and shades can be used to keep the sun from shining on the curtains.

    Read the instructions for cleaning it. Be aware that you can only dry-clean certain curtains. If you do not care about this and just throw them in your washing machine, they may have shrunk when you take them out.

    Wash curtains on their own. If your curtains can go in the washing machine, you should always wash them by themselves not to be stained by something else. Also, curtains are pretty big, so there needs to be enough room in the drum for them to be washed thoroughly.

    If you are not sure if you can wash your curtains in the washing machine, rather wash them by hand in your bath or sink with warm water and mild detergent.

    Never tumble-dry curtains. To keep your curtains in good shape, you should always let them dry on their own. This can happen outside or inside, as long as there is enough air.

    In addition to being washed by hand or cleaned with dry cleaning, curtains often benefit from a deep steam clean. This gets rid of any bacteria or smells that are hard to get rid of with regular cleaning and can make your curtains last a lot longer.


    How to Choose Curtaining

    When looking for a Curtaining, you should consider the following:

    Will the fabric hold up to wear and tear? Durability is always important, especially in homes with kids. The fabric of your window treatments needs to be stronger the more use and exposure they get.

    100% linens or a mix of linen and rayon are durable. They do not wrinkle as easily and do not fade as quickly. Better yet, buy decorator fabrics, because you can be sure that they have already been treated to last as long as possible.

    Don’t buy too heavy curtains, although they block out light better than others. Even though you might want to try velvet curtain panels because of this, it is meant to be used for furniture. The same is true for chenille; it is just too heavy to use for curtains.

    Fabrics that are light to medium weight can block natural light well while still keeping their flowy look.

    Look for timeless designs that will not go out of style when a new trend comes along.

    Look for curtains that hang and drape well.

    All the best brands of curtaining, in several types of quality fabrics, are available from MHC World – either as readymade curtains in voile, lined curtains, woven block out lining or as an assortment of fabrics.

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