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    TP-Link TD-W8961N 4 Port Router

    R 599.00

    Alcatel HHV72 White HHV72

    R 2,999.00

    Tenda SG108 8 Port Gigabit Switch

    R 599.00 R 399.00

    Tenda CP7 Security Pan/Tilt 4MP Camera

    R 899.00 R 799.00

    Tenda SG105 Unmanaged Switch Gigabit Ethernet Black

    R 259.00 R 239.00

    Tenda W311MI Networking Card

    R 149.00 R 119.95

    Tenda AC21 AC2100 Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router

    R 1,479.00 R 1,299.00

    Tenda Wireless N300 Home Router

    R 799.00 R 359.00

    Tenda 4G Wireless Router

    R 1,129.00 R 1,059.00

    Tenda CP3 Security Pan/Tilt 1080p Camera

    R 899.00 R 649.00

    Tenda AC1300 Wireless Dual-Band USB Adapter

    R 449.00 R 359.95

    Tenda 4G LTE 150Mbps Mobile WiFi Router 4G180

    R 999.00 R 899.00

    Tenda AC650 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter

    R 299.00 R 229.95

    Alcatel X602D OneTouch Modem

    R 599.00

    TP-LINK TL-M7200 4G LTE Mobile Wireless Hotspot

    R 1,399.00

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    Feel free to browse our website for a range desktop computers for sale and for the accompanying computer accessories to complete your experience.

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