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    Bestway Aqua Ramp Double Slide 5.49 m

    R 399.00

    Bestway Double Slide 4.88 m

    R 399.00

    Bestway Lagoon Play Pool 544L 262 X 157 X 46 cm 54118

    R 799.00

    Bestway Pop Island

    R 699.00

    Bestway Pop Ostrich Inflatable Float Pool

    R 699.00

    Bestway Pool Inflatable Pop Rhino 2.01 m X 1.02 m 41116

    R 699.00

    Bestway Llama Ride-On

    R 699.00

    Bestway Aqua Ramp Single Slide 5.49 m

    R 299.00

    Bestway Single Slide 4.88 m

    R 299.00

    Bestway Candy Lounge

    R 349.95

    Bestway Candy Delight Lounge

    R 319.95

    Bestway Disney Fashion Toucan

    R 799.00

    Bestway Disney Tropical Minnie Mouse Fashion Flamingo

    R 799.00

    Bestway Spider-Man Beach Ball 51 cm

    R 49.95

    Bestway Spider-Man Swim Ring 56 cm

    R 49.95

    Bestway Designer Swim Ring 56 cm

    R 39.95

    Bestway Lava Lagoon Play Center -208 L

    R 1,199.00

    Bestway T/Toucan R/ON 2.07X1.5 m 41126

    R 549.00

    Bestway Super Size Swan Rider 41109

    R 519.00

    Bestway Speedway friends Water Slider 52096

    R 299.00

    Bestway Splash & Play 100 Bouncing Balls

    R 299.00

    Pool Inflatables and Waterslides for Sale

    Pool inflatables and waterslides are fun and exciting attractions that can turn any backyard into a water park. They are large, colourful, and durable structures that can be inflated with air and connected to a water source to create a slippery surface for sliding. The pool inflatables and waterslides for sale from MHC come in various shapes, sizes, and themes, and can provide hours of entertainment for children and adults alike.


    How Does Inflatable Waterslides Work?

    Inflatable waterslides work by using a blower to inflate the structure with air, creating a sturdy and stable base. The blower also keeps the air pressure constant, preventing the structure from collapsing or deflating.

    The inflatable waterslide is then attached to a water hose or a sprinkler system, which sprays water onto the slide surface, making it wet and slippery. The water also collects at the bottom of the slide, creating a splash pool for landing.

    Some inflatable waterslides also have additional features, such as climbing walls, tunnels, obstacles, or bounce houses, to add more fun and variety to the experience.


    Benefits of Inflatable Waterslides

    Inflatable waterslides have many benefits, such as:

    They are easy to set up and take down, requiring only a flat and spacious area, a power outlet, and a water source.

    They are portable and can be transported to different locations, such as parks, schools, or events.

    They are safe and comfortable, as they are made of soft and smooth materials that prevent injuries or abrasions.

    They are affordable and cost-effective, as they can be rented or purchased for a reasonable price and can be used repeatedly for different occasions.

    They are fun and enjoyable, as they offer a thrilling and refreshing activity that can cool off and entertain people of all ages.


    Disadvantages of Inflatable Waterslides

    Inflatable waterslides have some disadvantages though:

    They require a lot of space and water, which may not be available or suitable for some locations or environments.

    They consume a lot of electricity and water, which may increase the utility bills or cause environmental issues.

    They require regular maintenance and cleaning, as they can accumulate dirt, debris, or bacteria, which may affect their quality and hygiene.

    They pose some risks and hazards, such as slipping, falling, drowning, or electrocution, if not used properly or supervised.


    Who May Consider Buying Inflatable Waterslides

    Inflatable waterslides are ideal for people who have a large and flat backyard or lawn that can accommodate the size and shape of the inflatable waterslide. You should also have:

    Access to a reliable and sufficient power and water supply that can support the operation of the inflatable waterslide.

    A budget and a preference for buying rather than renting an inflatable waterslide, as it can be more economical and convenient in the long run to buy.

    A frequent and regular need or demand for an inflatable waterslide, such as hosting parties, events, or gatherings, or providing entertainment for children or guests.

    A passion and a taste for fun and adventure and enjoy water activities and sliding.


    Different Types or Styles of Inflatable Waterslides

    There are many different types and styles of inflatable waterslides, such as:

    Single-lane or multi-lane slides, which allow one or more people to slide down at the same time, either side by side or in a race.

    Straight or curved slides, which have different shapes and angles, creating different speeds and sensations.

    Short or long slides, which have different lengths and heights, affecting the duration and intensity of the slide.

    Simple or complex slides, which have different levels of difficulty and challenge, such as bumps, twists, turns, or obstacles.

    Themed or generic slides, which have different designs and decorations, such as animals, characters, colours, or patterns.


    How to Clean and Care for Inflatable Waterslides

    To keep inflatable waterslides clean and in good condition, it is important to follow keep it clean.  After each use, drain the water from the slide and the pool, and dry the surface with towels or a blower.

    Remove any dirt, debris, or stains from the slide with a mild soap and water solution, and a soft brush or cloth. Inspect the slide for any damage, such as tears, holes, or leaks, and repair them with a patch kit or a professional service.

    Deflate the slide and fold it neatly, avoiding any wrinkles or creases. Store the slide in a cool, dry, and shaded place, away from direct sunlight, heat, or moisture.


    What is the Lifespan of Inflatable Waterslides and How Can You Extend It

    The lifespan of inflatable waterslides depends on several factors, such as the quality, frequency, and intensity of use, the weather conditions, and the maintenance and care. Generally, inflatable waterslides can last for several years, if they are well-made and well-kept. However, some signs of aging and deterioration may appear over time, such as fading, cracking, or deflating.

    To extend the lifespan of inflatable waterslides, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations for the proper use and operation of the inflatable waterslide.

    Avoid over-inflating or under-inflating the inflatable waterslide, as this may cause stress or damage to the structure. Also avoid overloading or overcrowding the inflatable waterslide, as this may cause strain or injury to the users or the slide.

    Don’t use the inflatable waterslide in extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, rain, or snow, as this may cause harm or damage to the slide or the users. Be careful not to expose the inflatable waterslide to sharp objects, chemicals, or fire, as this may cause punctures, stains, or burns to the slide.


    How to Choose an Inflatable Waterslide

    To choose the best inflatable waterslide for your needs and preferences, you should consider the following factors:

    The size and shape of the inflatable waterslide, which should fit the available space and the desired capacity and layout.

    The type and style of the inflatable waterslide, which should match the intended purpose and the preferred theme and design.

    The quality and durability of the inflatable waterslide, which should be made of strong and resistant materials and have a good warranty and service.

    The price and value of the inflatable waterslide, which should be within your budget and offer a good return on investment and satisfaction.

    The reviews and ratings of the inflatable waterslide, which should reflect the feedback and experience of previous or current users and customers.


    Best Brands of Inflatable Waterslides for Sale from MHC

    At MHC you will find reputable brands of inflatable waterslides and similar products, including Bestway, with prices starting from only R399.00.


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