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    TCL 2.1ch Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer S522W

    R 1,699.00

    Samsung Soundbar 2.1ch 410W HW-B550

    R 5,999.00 R 2,999.00


    R 8,999.00 R 7,999.00

    Jbl 2.1CH Deep Bass Soundbar MK2 OH4139

    R 6,999.00 R 6,299.00

    Samsung 2.1 Black Soundbar HW-B650

    R 5,199.00

    Hisense 3.1ch Soundbar AX3100G

    R 3,299.00

    Samsung Wireless Soundbar HWN300

    R 1,999.00 R 1,499.00

    JBL 5.1-Channel Soundbar With Multibeam & Dolby Atmos BAR 500

    R 10,999.00 R 10,499.00

    Skyworth 2.1ch Soundbar SS737

    R 2,999.00 R 2,599.00

    Hisense Soundbar HS312

    R 5,999.00 R 5,499.00

    JBL 5.1.2 Channel Soundbar With Detachable Surround Speakers BAR 800

    R 17,999.00

    JBL Sound Soundbar With Detachable Speakers BAR 1000 7.1.4

    R 23,999.00 R 16,499.00

    Samsung 2.1 Channel Soundbar HW-B450

    R 3,999.00 R 3,499.00

    Samsung 3.1.2 Channel Soundbar HW-Q600B

    R 6,999.00 R 5,499.00

    Samsung 5.1.2 Channel Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q800B

    R 13,999.00 R 8,499.00

    Astrum 6W 2.0CH Multimedia USB Soundbar Speaker - SM120

    R 399.00 R 249.00

    Samsung 2.1CH Wireless Surround Soundbar HW-T450/BF

    R 3,999.00 R 3,599.00

    Samsung 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer HW-J550

    R 5,999.00 R 4,999.00

    Samsung Soundbar 2.1 Channel HW-M360

    R 4,299.00 R 3,499.00

    Samsung Soundbar 2.0 Channel Wireless Compact HWR550

    R 4,999.00 R 4,499.00

    Best Soundbar Systems for Sale In South Africa

     We offer a range of top-quality soundbars for sale at competitive prices online.

    What Is a Soundbar

    Soundbars were made to replace the popular sound systems that are used all over the world.

    Our collection of soundbars systems are easy to set up and are usually put right under a TV. They work by changing the TV's built-in speakers with a better set of speakers that are outside of the TV.

    In the last few years, soundbars have become more and more common because sound systems have gotten better. Once upon a time, a sound system was a big, bulky thing that needed a lot of room, a lot of wires, and someone who really knew what they were doing to set it up. Since then, we have come a long way.

    A soundbar is a great way to improve your home theatre without putting in a lot of work, but there is a lot to learn about soundbars and how to decide if you need one.

    It is hard to think how seven or more small internal speakers could make a sound as good as a surround system does. This has changed over the years, and now many people use soundbars as part of their home theatre systems.

    The small audio parts make it easy to connect to other devices and give users a "surround sound" experience.

    Complete surround sound systems are expensive, and soundbars are a good choice if you do not want to buy a pricey sound system or a bunch of small speakers.

    Many people are changing their surround sound systems with these audio components, and they are often the first thing people think of when they want to improve the sound quality of their homes.

    Since more and more people are buying soundbars, the technology behind them has gotten better…

    You might like our home theatre systems and televisions for sale.


    How Does a Soundbar Work

    A soundbar is a long, thin device with several speakers and a lot of technology wizardry inside. It is the technology that lets a small soundbar replace the big speakers that are usually part of a surround system. In a surround system, the speakers are put around the room in a way that makes the most sense. It makes sure that all the sound waves reach every corner, so you feel like you are surrounded by sound.

    The speakers on a soundbar are all in one row, and where they face depends on where you put or fix the bar. With its built-in technology, a soundbar can replace your surround speakers.

    It tricks the senses into thinking that the sound is coming from everywhere, even behind. It is not really surround sound, but your ears, especially, tend to think it is.

    Soundbars have a lot of tech that does more than just power the speakers inside. The part works by putting out different waves or beams of sound that bounce off of walls. This is also called "virtual sound."

    Some soundbars are made with technology that assumes the room is a standard size and shape, so the waves of sound bounce in the right places. If the room is set up in an odd way, there may be dead spots where the sound waves cannot bounce off anything.

    Some soundbars let you set the calibrations to fit the size of the room. This way, you can avoid dead zones and still get great sound. EQ options can also be used to do the same thing.


    Benefits of Soundbar Systems

    Soundbars are usually cheaper than other split sound systems and are small enough to fit easily under a TV. They are also easy to set up. But soundbars do not fill a room with sound as well as separate-speaker radio systems do because they are smaller and cannot be placed in different ways.

    Your priorities should play a significant role in determining whether you should invest in a soundbar or a pair of speakers. If you are trying to save money, a soundbar is the better option. In addition to this, setting it up is much simpler, and you will not need to scatter speakers over the area.

    In general, soundbars are the superior option for rooms that are smaller and have less space available.


    Different Types of Soundbars for Sale from MHC World

    Technically, there are two types of soundbars: soundbars and sound bases. Both have built-in speakers and do the same thing, which is to make the sound on your TV much better. This means louder speech (especially if your TV has a Voice Enhancement feature), richer sound, crisper details, and a more realistic, cinematic experience.


    How to Choose Which Soundbar to Buy

    Before you buy a soundbar, here are the most important things you should know or do:

    Choose a soundbar that has at least three speakers. There are still 2-channel soundbars out there, which are basically just mini-stereos with more features. If you have 3 or more channels, you can fake surround music to make the experience more real.

    Choose a soundbar that is active.  Passive soundbars do not have speakers built in, but active soundbars do. It is worth it, especially if you want to save room or get two things for the price of one.

    Think about where you want to use your soundbar. Do you plan to hang it up or put it on a table? Your new soundbar should not be bigger than your TV if you want it to look good. And in a perfect world, whether it is on a shelf or hung on the wall, the best place for your soundbar is right in the middle of where your TV is. Just be sure there is enough room.

    Pay attention to how the components must be connected. Most soundbars have Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth, so you can easily play music from any computer, phone, or tablet. This makes your soundbar a speaker as well. And look for HDMI flipping, which makes it easy to switch audio sources without having to reroute HDMI cords.

    Buy your new soundbar from a dealer who is authorised to sell it. If you do this, you will get the guarantee, service, and aftercare from the manufacturer.

    Apart from our range of soundbar systems for sale, we also offer a variety of other products which may interest you.


    Best Brands of Soundbars

    MHC World stock the most popular brands of soundbars, like Samsung, JVC, Hisense, Mecer, and others. 

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