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    Bosch Contact Grill 2000 Watt TCG4215

    R 2,199.00 R 1,899.00

    Sunbeam - Electric Multi-Grill - Black SEMG-680

    R 949.00

    Sunbeam Digital Beef Griller+ Pizza Shovel SEBG-218D

    R 3,999.00

    Pineware BBQ Health Grill PHG40

    R 499.00

    Cadac Double Burner Gas Cooker 195-02-04-ZA

    R 1,999.00

    Cadac Single Burner Gas Cooker 195-01-04-ZA

    R 1,599.00

    Cadac 30cm Rotating Gas Pizza Oven 410-P200-01-04

    R 5,999.00

    Cadac 35cm Rotating Gas Pizza Oven 410-P140-01-05

    R 4,999.00

    Cadac 3B Plancha Grill 197-03-04-ZA

    R 2,399.00

    Alva Presto Gas Pizza Oven Black GPO102

    R 4,999.00

    Alva Mojave 4-Burner Glass Hood Drop-in Gas BBQ GSS4BTT

    R 8,999.00 R 5,499.00

    Kenwood Panini Grill Double Face HGM50.000SI

    R 1,249.00

    Sunbeam Health Grill SHG-300A

    R 429.00

    Taurus 1200w Crepe Maker Variable Temperature Control Non-stick Black 30cm

    R 959.00

    Sunbeam 30cm Deluxe Electric Pizza Pan SPM-2830

    R 499.00

    Sunbeam Electric Skillet SPES-3038A

    R 819.00

    Sunbeam 30 cm Electric Frying Pan SEFP-750

    R 499.00

    Jenna Clifford Embossed Lines Dinner Plate 27cm Cream White

    R 469.00

    Sunbeam Sandwich Press and Grill SSPG-400

    R 849.00

    Sunbeam Electric Grill SEG-7000C

    R 369.00

    Quality Electric Grillers for Sale Online

    Shop our range of electric grillers for sale at MHC World. Buy online and receive free delivery over R3500 & within a 30km radius from our store.

    Apart from our electric grillers for sale, we also offer electric irons, food processors and kettles.

    What Is an Electric Griller

    An electric griller is a device that is used to grill food using electricity as the heat source.

    Electric grillers have heating elements that are either embedded in the grilling surface or located below it. An electric griller can be indoor or outdoor, depending on its design and features.

    An indoor griller is usually smaller and more portable, while an outdoor electric griller is usually larger and more durable.


    How Does Electric Grillers Work

    An electric griller works by converting electrical energy into heat energy that is transferred to the food through the grilling surface. The heat energy causes the food to cook and brown, creating grill marks and flavours.

    When the food is placed on the grilling surface, it triggers a thermostat that regulates the temperature of the heating element. The thermostat can be adjusted manually or automatically, depending on the type and model of the electric griller.

    Some electric grillers have timers, indicators, or sensors that can help control the cooking time and doneness of the food.


    Benefits of Electric Grillers

    Electric grillers have many benefits that make them convenient and efficient appliances for grilling food:

    • Electric grillers are easy to use because they do not require any fuel, fire, or ignition to operate. They only need to be plugged into a power outlet and turned on.
    • Electric grillers are safe to use because they do not produce any smoke, flame, or ash that can cause fire hazards or health risks. They also have cool-touch handles and surfaces that can prevent burns or injuries.
    • They are versatile to use because they can grill different types of food, such as meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, or bread. They can also grill food in different ways, such as searing, roasting, baking, or steaming.
    • Electric grillers are fast to use because they can heat up quickly and evenly, reducing the preheating and cooking time. They can also cook food from both sides at once, saving time and energy.
    • They are easy to clean because they have non-stick or non-grease surfaces that can prevent food from sticking or dripping. Some electric grillers have self-cleaning or grease-draining features that can reduce the cleaning effort and mess.


    Disadvantages of Electric Grillers

    Electric grillers also have some disadvantages that may limit their usefulness or appeal:

    • They are dependent on electricity which can make them unusable in places where there is no electricity or where there is a power outage.
    • They are less authentic than charcoal or gas grillers because they do not produce the same smoke or flavour that comes from burning wood or gas. This can make the food taste bland or artificial, especially for those who prefer the traditional or natural taste of grilled food.
    • Electric grillers are less durable than charcoal or gas grillers because they have more parts or components that can wear out or break down over time.


    Who Would find an Electric Griller an Essential Part of Life

    Despite their disadvantages, electric grillers are popular with many people and can improve the quality and convenience of life:

    ·        Electric grillers can help people stay healthy and fit by providing grilled food that is low in fat, oil, or calories. Grilled food can also retain more nutrients, vitamins, or minerals than fried or boiled food.

    ·        They enrich culture and tradition by helping people celebrate and preserve their culture and tradition by providing grilled food that is typical or special in their region or country.

    ·        They foster social and emotional connections as they help people connect and communicate with others by providing grilled food that is shared or enjoyed together.

    Anyone who enjoys grilled food or wants to experience the benefits of electric grillers should consider buying an electric griller, as it can make grilling food easier and faster than other methods.

    People who live in apartments or condos should buy an electric griller that can suit their limited space and regulations. For example, people who have small kitchens or balconies should buy an indoor electric griller that is compact and portable. People who have strict rules or restrictions on using fire or smoke should buy an electric griller that is smokeless or odourless.

    People who have busy or hectic lifestyles will enjoy an electric griller that can save them time and effort in grilling food. For example, people who are always in a hurry or have tight schedules should buy an electric griller that has a fast heat-up and cook time. People who are always tired or lazy should buy an electric griller that has easy controls and features.

    Anyone who has health or dietary concerns can benefit from buying an electric griller that can cater to their needs and preferences. For example, people who have high cholesterol or blood pressure should buy an electric griller that has a non-stick or non-grease surface that can reduce the fat or oil content of the food. People who have allergies or intolerances should buy an electric griller that has a removable or interchangeable plate


    Different Types and Styles of Electric Grillers

    Electric grills come in all shapes and sizes, from hooded to convertible to those with removable lids. They can be indoor, outdoor, or combo models.


    How to clean and care for your Electric Griller

    Cleaning an electric grill is an easy task.

    Always unplug your grill after cooking and let it cool down slightly before cleaning it.

    Use a rubber spatula to scrape off leftover food and then wipe the plates down with a damp sponge or rag and dish soap.

    Remove the drip tray and wash it with soap water.

    Finally, thoroughly dry all pieces with a paper towel.

    You may put detachable parts in the dishwasher if possible.


    How to Choose an Electric Griller

    When choosing an electric grill, consider the following:

    ·        Before you buy, decide on the type of grill according to your preference,

    ·        Compare the price of different types and models to determine which is most affordable and appropriate for you

    ·        How much power and heating temperature you need,

    ·        Extra features for hassle-free cooking,

    ·        And the size of your grill according to the type of food you cook.


    Best Brands of Electric Griller available on MHC

    MHC stock most reputable brands of electric grillers for sale, including Bosch, Sunbeam, Pineware, Kenwood, Bennet Read, and more.

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