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    Jacquard Fabrics Dotted

    R 320.00 R 220.00

    Jacquard Fabrics Curtains Herringbone Dot

    R 320.00 R 300.00

    Uber Jacquard Curtain Material Beige/Bronze 280cm

    R 229.95

    Uber Jacquard Curtain Material Col.7 Red/Grey 280cm

    R 229.95

    Uber Jacquard Curtain Col.5 Duckegg 280cm

    R 229.95

    Jacquard Curtaining SF600 COL.3 Cream/Silver 280cm

    R 170.00

    Jacquard Curtain EL801 COL.2

    R 129.95

    Jacquard Curtain EL801 COL.1 280cm

    R 129.95

    Jacquard Curtain Material JY01/5 280cm

    R 139.95

    Jacquard Curtain Material JY13/2 280cm

    R 150.00 R 99.00

    Jacquard Curtain Material JU14/1 280cm

    R 139.95

    Jacquard Curtaining material

    R 129.95 R 99.00

    Jacquard Curtain Maseille Brown SX-LIN1510-G - 280cm

    R 220.00

    Khalara Jacquard Material

    R 120.00

    Jacquard Curtain Material EF662-3B

    R 169.00

    Mona Lisa Jacquard OX - 280cm

    R 200.00

    Silk Jacquard H290 Duck Egg 2

    R 199.95

    Silk Jacquard H290 Dk Brown 4

    R 199.95

    Silk Jacquard H290 Maroon 5

    R 199.95

    Silk Jacquard H290 Cream 1

    R 199.95

    Silk Jacquard H290 Beige 3

    R 199.95

    Silk Jacquard H290grey/ Beige7

    R 199.95

    Woven Jacquard GPDK0141PG

    R 99.00

    Uber Jacquard Cream/Gold Curtain Fabric

    R 229.95

    Jacquard Curtaining Blockout 2393 Fabric

    R 199.95

    Jacquard Fabrics for Sale

    Style your home with beautiful and affordable living room curtains and curtains for sale. At MHC World we have a range of readymade living room curtains for sale. Our range of curtains available come in standard sizes that fit most standard windows. So if you are looking to decorate your home with beautiful curtains then you’ve come to the right place. Our range includes voile curtains, lined curtains, woven block out lining and an assortment of fabrics. The fabric styles that are available come in patterns, plain and various colours. The types of fabrics available are also numerous from lace and velvet to upholstery fabric. So whatever the design of your home, there is a curtain that will complement the style of it.

    We also stock a range of curtain accessories such as curtain rods and ball finials in different colours as well as elegant tiebacks. The way a curtain flows when it is open and closed can enhance the look of your home. Therefore an elegant tieback and sophisticated curtain rods can create an artistic window drapery that will look stylish and beautiful.  

    You will also be inspired by our range of patterned fabrics. For an eclectic room you can pick the newspaper print fabric, for a modern room you can opt for the voile fabric or for a kids bedroom you can go for the Disney print, Paw Patrol designs or other animated print fabrics. Your kids will want to stay in their bedroom because of the cool style you’ve created. Whether you want fabric or curtains for your room, living room curtains or curtains for your child’s bedroom, there is something for everyone when you come to MHC World.

    Feel free to browse our website for a range of curtains for sale as well as a variety of fabrics.

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