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    Russell Hobbs Full Fitted Electric Blanket With Coral Fleece

    R 899.00 R 699.00

    Pure Pleasure Sherpa Extra Length Fully Fitted Electric Blanket

    R 1,299.00 R 1,049.00

    Salton Full Fitted Electric Blanket

    R 649.00

    Pure Pleasure Tie-Down Electric Blanket

    R 399.00 R 329.00

    Goldair - Full Fitted Electric Blanket

    R 639.00

    Pure Pleasure Cotton Quilt Fully Fitted Electric Blanket

    R 1,699.00 R 1,299.00

    Elektra Classic Electric Blanket Tie Down

    R 449.95

    Elektra Electric Blanket Fur Fitted Acrylic

    R 849.95

    Elektra Fitted Electric Blanket Std

    R 649.95

    Elektra Hot Water Bottle Blue Raccoon SEL-2506

    R 199.95

    Elektra Red Hot Water Bottle SEL-2501

    R 169.95

    Pure Pleasure Electric Over Blanket 160x120cm PHP003

    R 1,349.00

    Pure Pleasure Electric Heating Pad Neck & Back PHP002

    R 629.00

    Pure Pleasure Electric Heating Pad 30x40cm PHP001

    R 549.00

    Pure Pleasure Sherpa Full Fitted Electric Blanket With Elastic

    R 999.00 R 799.00

    Pure Pleasure Full Fitted Coral Fleece Electric Blanket

    R 1,199.00 R 999.00

    A Selection of The Best Electric Blankets for Sale

    We offer a wide range of electric blankets for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.

    What Is an Electric Blanket

    Welcome to MHC World, your go-to source for high-quality electric blankets! If you're looking for a cosy, energy-efficient, and convenient way to stay warm this winter, you've come to the right place. Our collection includes a variety of electric blankets, from under blankets to throws, that can suit any style and budget. We also offer microfibre winter duvet covers for sale in our bedroom linen collection.

    An electric blanket or bed warmer is a blanket that has an electric heater on the inside. An electric blanket offers many benefits, such as improving sleep quality and reducing heating costs.

    An electric blanket is capable of producing heat, which is then dispersed uniformly throughout its whole surface area.

    An electric blanket or bed warmer is a blanket that has an electric heater on the inside, capable of producing heat that is dispersed uniformly throughout its surface area. Electric blankets are a helpful ally when it comes to reducing the cost of heating a home because they heat up rapidly, aid in relaxation, and it is simple to alter the level of warmth they provide. They can also relieve pain, lower tightness in muscles, reduce cramps, and provide better sleep since they keep the temperature consistent.

    It is vital to know which kind you have and to read the directions for usage since blankets that were designed to be placed on top of the sheets should not be stretched out under the bottom sheet. Knowing which type you have and reading the instructions for use will help prevent accidents.

    The primary purpose of an electric blanket is to heat the surface of the blanket itself. This can be done to preheat a bed before getting into it, heating it while you are in it, or providing heat to a particular area of the body of a person.

    An electric blanket is a helpful ally when it comes to reducing the cost of heating a home because they heat up rapidly, aid in relaxation, and is simple to alter the level of warmth they provide. You might also be interested in our range of heaters for sale.


    How Does an Electric Blanket Work

    An electric blanket is fitted with a plug, and this plug has to be connected to the power network.

    By use of wires that are dispersed uniformly throughout the surface of the blanket, they convert the incoming electrical current into heat. The blanket has a thermostat that controls the temperature.

    These cables are composed of fibreglass in more recent models; as a result, they are both more flexible and thinner than older versions. Infrared heat is produced by fibreglass, which is a significantly more advantageous and secure form of heat.

    The power output of electric blankets ranges anywhere from 100 to 150 watts, on average. If you make fair use of an electric blanket, it does not consume too much.


    Different Types of Electric Blankets

    There are many different types of electric blankets, such as underblankets, overblankets, throws, and duvets.

    Underblankets are put between the mattress and the fitted sheet to keep you warm from the bottom up.

    Electric throw blankets and overblankets are used on top of your top sheet, the same as with electric duvets in place of a quilt, comforter, or traditional duvet.


    Pros and Cons of an Electric Blanket

    The main con of an electric blanket is that it may pose a fire risk. Heed the following for your safety:

    • Before you buy an electric blanket, make sure it has a recognized approvals mark;
    • Never by a used electric blanket. You won't know anything about its past and probably won't be able to tell if it's safe;
    • Before you use your electric blanket, make sure you have read the instructions, kept them somewhere safe, and know how to use the blanket properly;
    • Before you use it, make sure that it is neither burnt nor dirty or wet;
    • Electric under blankets cannot go on top of the bed covers



    Saves energy because it provides warmth without having to use room heaters.

    Fire risk when overheating


    They are fast to heat up and can stay warm long after being turned off.

    Not washable because the wiring may cause an issue if submerged.

    An auto-off feature ensures that you don’t have to worry about the blanket overheating when you fall asleep.

    Not pet-friendly since they may claw, scratch, or chew on the blanket while it’s on.


    It can relieve pain and help lower tightness in muscles and reduce cramps.


    Provides better sleep since a heated blanket keeps the temperature consistent, so your sleep cycle will not be disrupted.


    Some electric blankets are machine-washable


    Electric blankets are safe for pets


    Electric blankets are fast to heat up


    Electric blankets can stay warm long after being turned off.


    They can save energy


    Electric blankets provide comfortable and consistent warmth.



    How to Choose an Electric Blanket

    When choosing an electric blanket, it's important to prioritize safety, comfort, and style. Look for blankets with timed controls, pliable materials, and appropriate sizes. Consider the design and size of the blanket, as well as the environmental responsibility of the manufacturer. Choose a reputable brand with good customer reviews and warranties to ensure quality and satisfaction.

    When you want to buy an electric blanket, you should consider the following:

    • The uninteresting electric blanket that one only needed to plug into the power to keep warm is a thing of the past. You can now get heated blankets that can communicate with your Apple or Google mobile device. If you sync the app that comes with the heated blanket to your phone, you will be able to manage it no matter where you are in the house;
    • Even if they cost a little bit extra money, WiFi-enabled blankets are an investment that is well worth making. You don't need to get up to adjust the temperature settings or remove the blanket;
    • Controls for the temperature and the length of time the blanket stays warm are standard on all heated blankets; however, some models also include a timer. It is not advised by medical professionals that you leave your blanket on for an infinite period because doing so can lead to overheating and also poses a possible threat to one's safety;
    • The solution to this issue is to equip your heated blanket with a timed control. It gives you the ability to control how long your session will last. You will be able to snooze undisturbed knowing that your blanket will switch off on its own after a certain amount of time. If you don't have these timed controls, you'll need to find another way to remember yourself to switch off the blanket, like setting an alarm;
    • When shopping for home products, comfort should always come first, and purchasing a heated blanket shouldn't be any different. To get the most out of your time spent relaxing, ensure that the blanket you choose is made of pliable materials and is the appropriate size for you. Your heated blanket should be a dependable, long-lasting, and comfortable friend regardless of whether you're taking a nap or just seeking to take a break;
    • The majority of types of heated blankets work by generating heat through the use of heating coils. However, not all coils are created equal. Some heating coils are cumbersome and too thick, which can be an annoyance and reduce the level of comfort you experience. This issue is particularly noticeable in heated blankets that are thinner, and it can lead to an unpleasant experience for the user;
    • A heated blanket should reflect your sense of design. Not only should your blanket serve its purpose, but it should also look nice;
    • You can cut down on your carbon footprint by lowering the temperature on your thermostat and putting up the heat on your heated blanket. But you want to be sure that the manufacturer you're supporting is equally dedicated to environmental responsibility;
    • Check for safety features, such as automatic shut-off, overheating protection, and waterproof wiring;
    • Choose a product from a reputable manufacturer with good customer reviews and warranties;

    We invite you to browse our collection of electric blankets and find the perfect match for your needs and preferences. We offer competitive prices, special deals, and fast shipping, so you can enjoy the warmth and comfort of an electric blanket without breaking the bank. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Stay warm and cosy with MHC World!


    Best Brands of Electric Blankets for Sale at MHC World

    Blankets that are crafted from high-quality fabrics, are built to last and provide you with all of the functions you require to make the most of your relaxing time. Most of the following brands, which are available from  MHC World, will be a good buy:

    Goldair, Jost, Salton, Pure Pleasure and Russell Hobbs full-fitted electric blankets.

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