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    Jockey 2 Pack Y-Front Eyelet Briefs

    R 179.95

    Caterpillar Intruder Oxford Black

    R 2,199.00 R 2,079.20

    Cutty Zaid Wax Coated Skinny Jean Black

    R 799.00

    Froggie Ruched Flat Mid- Calf Boot In Black-10970

    R 1,899.00

    Polo Stretch Golfer Dark Blue

    R 899.00

    Gant Original Pique Golfer Grey

    R 1,299.00

    Caterpillar Convert Coffee Bean

    R 2,099.00 R 2,079.20

    SissyBoy Ladies Sock Stilletto Boot Black

    R 1,599.00

    SissyBoy Spill The Tea Ladies Wedge Sandals Gold

    R 1,099.00

    Skechers Uno Stand On Air Ladies Sneakers Yellow

    R 1,699.00

    Skechers Ladies Tekkies Uno Black

    R 1,899.00

    Jonathan d Winston Pu Loafer Black

    R 1,399.00

    Skechers Uno Stand On Air Dark Red

    R 1,599.00

    Sissy Boy Ladies Denim Sneaker Blue

    R 1,199.00

    Bugatti Jean Olive

    R 2,899.00

    Sissyboy Ladies Quilted Espadrille Gold Shoes

    R 1,099.00

    Sissyboy Ladies Bling Court Black

    R 1,099.00

    Froggie Spaghetti Strap Sandal Red

    R 899.00

    Polo Ladies Circle Polo Trim Pump Cream

    R 1,299.00

    Skechers Max Protect-Warden Black/Charcoal (237302)

    R 1,499.00

    Skechers Monster Marathon Running Shoes/Sneakers 51944 Black

    R 1,199.00

    Caterpillar Giles Worn Brown

    R 2,299.00 R 1,839.20

    Jonathan D 2 Pack Trunks with elasticated waistband - Grey &Navy

    R 199.95

    Skechers Max Protect Black/Grey

    R 1,499.00

    Skechers Monster- Kyreko Navy

    R 1,349.00

    Polo Mens Oliver Sneaker White

    R 1,499.00

    SissyBoy Ladies Bling Belt Black

    R 299.00

    Pringle Classic Fit Check Shirt MSLS0178

    R 1,299.00

    Sissyboy Ladies Quilted Black Shoes

    R 1,099.00

    Gant Pique golfer Khaki

    R 1,399.00 R 1,049.25

    Sissyboy Ladies Joey Axel 4Way PU Jegging Black

    R 1,399.00

    Sissyboy Ladies Regular Fit Top Pink

    R 399.00

    Viscose Lycra Fabric 140cm

    R 80.00 R 55.00

    Timbego Ladies Val Boot Black

    R 899.00 R 649.00

    The North Face Base Camp Slide Sandals Black

    R 799.00

    Jonathan D Scout Tassel Shoe Camel

    R 1,499.00

    Skechers Bountiful-Purist Rose 149220

    R 949.00

    Sissyboy Bold Type Platform Loafer Cream

    R 999.00

    Guess Ladies Eco Power Skinny Jean Light Wash

    R 1,099.00

    Pringle Mens Long Sleeve Classic Fit Shirt Grey Check

    R 1,299.00

    Sissy Boy Ladies Ankle Boot

    R 999.00

    Froggie Pointed Block Heel Slingback Sandal In Black -12613

    R 1,199.00

    Polo Ladies Debossed Pony Sneaker

    R 899.00

    Polo Ladies Addison Long Sleeve Sweater Dress

    R 1,299.00

    Men & Women Fashion Clothing for Sale

    MHC World continues to top lists as one of the best online clothing stores for both men & women. Shop the latest women & men clothing trends here!


    What Is Fashion Clothing

    Fashion is best thought of as the style or styles of clothes and accessories that groups of people wear at any given time. The fashion industry “prescribes” the design, production, distribution, marketing, retailing, advertising, and promotion of all kinds of clothing for men, women, and children, from the most exclusive and expensive haute couture and designer fashions to everyday clothing. You might also be interested in our range of bridal lace and basic fabrics for sale


    Fashion Clothing Through the Ages

    The fashion industry is a by-product of the modern age.

    Before the middle of the 19th century, most people made their own clothes, either at home or with the help of dressmakers and tailors. By the turn of the 20th century, new technologies like the sewing machine, the rise of global capitalism and the development of the factory system of production, and the rise of stores like department stores had made it more common for clothing to be mass-produced in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices.

    Even though the fashion industry began in Europe and the United States, it is now an international and very globalised business. Clothing is often designed in one country, made in another, and sold in a third.

    There is no doubt that this industry makes up a big part of the world economy.

    The fashion industry has four levels: the production of raw materials, mostly fibres and textiles but also leather and fur; the production of fashion goods by designers, manufacturers, contractors, and others; retail sales; and various forms of advertising and promotion.


    Why Fashion Is an Essential Part of Life

    People have to have clothes. Each item of clothing has a job to do. Let’s find out why fashion is so important to society, history, and growth.

    It breaks norms.

    As a society grows and moves forward, attitudes change, and some of these can undo years of strictness. For example, fashion changes reflect how gender roles are shifting.

    Clothing is a way for people to be themselves and show who they really are. From custom-made clothes to plain T-shirts, there are many ways to show who you are. Every day, new fabrics and uses come out, which leads to new and better ideas.

    Fashion not only meets a need, but by looking at how it has changed over time, we can see how society has changed in small but important ways. Every era has a look that defines the most important details and sets the stage for improvement and change.

    The right piece of clothing at the right time can change a person's mood and make them feel better. People will respect your individuality if you wear clothes that make you feel good.


    Different Styles of Fashion Clothing

    Fashion is always moving and changing, either progressive or regressive. Progressive means that designers keep making new and unique designs, while regressive means that fashion designers sometimes bring back old styles or fashions, with or without changes.

    Let’s look at different styles:

    Classic Style is formal and old-fashioned. It's a style that doesn't change as much.

    Formal Style is an official dress code. The difference between classic and formal style is that classic style is usually one type and doesn't have an official code. Formal dress, on the other hand, is a dress code, and different schools and offices have different dress codes.

    Vintage fashion means clothes that are at least 50 years old.

    An ethnic style is a unique way to design a dress because it comes from a certain place or culture. Every country or area has its own culture and traditions.

    Casual style is when you wear something that doesn't have a specific design but is comfortable to wear even for long hours. Dresses like jeans, t-shirts, lowers, tracksuits, joggers, and so on are often worn in this style.

    Sporty style – worn by people who do casual activities or other workouts, like cycling, playing outdoor games, running, etc.

    The Bohemian style is very different from other styles because it breaks the rules not only in how the dresses are made but also in how they are designed. In this style, people also wear a mix of fabrics, seashells, threads, feathers, and other things.

    Street Style is a popular style that started on the streets of Paris, France, New York City, USA, Tokyo, Japan, and Mumbai, India. The kids turned street clothes into trendy, fashionable clothes that don't have to follow any rules.

    As with street style, there are no rules for Grunge style, which includes messy hair, black boots, tight or torn trousers, etc.

    Punk Style is the typical rock band player style, like leather jackets, coloured hair, body piercings, etc. and represents multi-cultural styles.

    The Gothic style is usually dark, mysterious, and smoky while the Artsy style is unique because it is usually made by hand.


    How to Choose Fashion Clothing

    Find a Good Fit

    When choosing a clothing brand, the first thing to think about is how the clothes fit. The best clothing fit brings out certain good features of your body. It's important to know what kind of clothes the brand you're thinking about makes.

    Find your own style.

    A brand stands for a certain style, and it's important to know what style you like in clothes because your style of clothes says a lot about who you are.

    Think about how well the brand is manufactured.

    When buying clothes, it's important to think about the quality of the item and how the fabric is made.

    In turn, when checking the quality of the fabric, think about the following:

    • The best way to stitch a shirt is with a single stitch that has 30 to 35 stitches per centimetre.
    • Good fabric is soft and comfortable.
    • Topstitching must be done evenly
    • Buttons: the kind of buttons, how they are sewn, and how close the buttons are on the jacket sleeves.
    • Think about how smooth and flat the seams are, how well they match the pattern, and if the item has more than one seam.


    Benefits of Wearing Branded Clothing

    Brand-name clothes are made of high-quality fabric that will last for a long time. Even though these clothes cost more than regular clothes, they will last longer and save you money in the long run.

    Not only are brand-name clothes durable, but they are also very comfortable to wear. Unlike what most clothes can offer, the high-quality material promises ease and comfort.

    Branded clothes are sure to make you look more stylish and make a bigger impression. There is a much wider range of styles here than anywhere else, and if you add the right accessories, you'll look stunning.

    Choosing where to buy your clothes can be hard, and you should do it wisely. You can make a good choice after doing a thorough search and taking the above things into account.


    In conclusion, fashion clothing is an essential part of our daily lives, reflecting our attitudes and beliefs, and the evolution of society. From classic to street style, fashion constantly evolves, and MHC World is a store that embraces change and offers a diverse range of fashion clothing options for all styles and preferences. At MHC World, customers can find unique and trendy clothes at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality or comfort. So, if you're looking to keep up with the latest fashion trends or want to create a new look for yourself, visit MHC World's online store at and find your perfect outfit today.

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