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    LG 42L NeoChef Black Microwave With Smart Inverter MS4235GIS

    R 3,999.00 R 2,599.00

    Russell Hobbs 20L Mirror Finish Microwave Oven RHMA20L

    R 1,499.00

    Samsung 40L Mirror Microwave MS405MADXBB

    R 3,499.00 R 2,499.00

    LG 42L Black Microwave with Smart Inverter NeoChef MH8265DIS

    R 3,999.00

    LG 56L Neo Chef Microwave MS5696HIT

    R 4,499.00 R 3,499.99

    Samsung 55L Stainless Steel Microwave ME6194ST

    R 3,699.00 R 2,999.00

    Russell Hobbs 20L Mirror Finish Microwave RHEM21L

    R 1,699.00

    Samsung 32L Mirror Black Microwave ME0113M1

    R 2,799.00 R 1,999.00

    Samsung 32L White Solo Microwave Smart Sensor ME9114W1

    R 2,499.00

    LG 42LNeoChef Grill Microwave MH8265CIS

    R 4,299.00

    LG MS4295DIS 42L NeoChef™ Microwave with Smart Inverter - Microwave Oven

    R 3,999.00 R 3,799.00

    Samsung 40L Black Mirror Microwave MG402MAD

    R 3,499.00 R 3,299.00

    Defy 34L Grill Microwave DMO392

    R 3,499.00 R 1,999.00

    Samsung 32L Silver Solo Microwave ME9114W-S1

    R 2,599.00

    Samsung 45L Convection Microwave MC456TBRCSR

    R 6,499.00 R 6,199.00

    DEFY - 20L Electronic Microwave Oven - DMO383

    R 1,699.00 R 1,499.00

    Salton 23 Litre Mini Kitchen SFMK-23

    R 1,399.00

    Samsung 40L Grill Microwave GE614ST

    R 3,399.00 R 2,899.00

    Defy 20Lt Silver Microwave DMO20S

    R 1,499.00

    Midea 45L Silver Microwave EM145A2HG

    R 2,999.00 R 2,399.00

    Toshiba 25L Grey Solo Microwave ML-EM25P(BS)

    R 1,999.00 R 1,599.00

    Hisense H30MOMME 30L Metallic Electronic Microwave

    R 1,999.00 R 1,799.00

    Beko 25L Microwave MCB25433X

    R 8,999.00 R 8,499.00

    Grundig 90cm Black Built-In Oven - GBWMT12300XS

    R 22,499.00

    Whirlpool built- in microwave stainless steel colour W7 MW461

    R 13,999.00

    Samsung 30L Bespoke Microwave Oven MS30T5018AG/FA

    R 2,999.00 R 2,299.00

    Grundig 60cm Black Multifuntion Oven with Microwave GEKW47000B

    R 17,299.00

    Russell Hobbs Electric Silver Mirror Finish Microwave 42l - RHEM42G

    R 5,499.00

    Russell Hobbs RHEM36G Grill Mircowave 36L Black

    R 2,899.00

    Univa 20L Electronic Microwave Metallic U20EM

    R 1,399.00

    Bennett Read 30L Compact Oven KEC402

    R 1,599.00

    LG 42L NeoChef Microwave with smart inverter MS4295CIS

    R 3,999.00

    Whirlpool 40L built- in microwave W9IMW261

    R 16,999.00

    Whirlpool 60cm built-in microwave stainless steel W7 MW541SAF

    R 11,499.00

    Whirlpool 60cm built-in electric oven inox colour self cleaning W7OM54H

    R 7,499.00

    Smeg 45cm Microwave with grill Oven Compact Classica Aesthetic SF4301MX

    R 26,999.00 R 25,999.00

    Toshiba 42L Black Stainless Steel Microwave 42L EM42P(BS)

    R 2,999.00 R 2,599.00

    Salton 42L Mini Kitchen SFMK42

    R 2,199.00

    Defy 43L Solo Microwave DMO401

    R 3,999.00 R 2,699.00

    Bennett Read 23L Compact Oven KEC401

    R 1,299.95 R 1,199.00

    LG 39L NeoChef Convection Microwave MJ3965ACS

    R 8,999.00

    Toshiba 42L Stainless Steel Convection Microwave Black EC42S(BS)

    R 5,999.00 R 4,999.00

    Toshiba 34L Black Microwave ML-EG34P

    R 2,599.00 R 2,299.00

    Sunbeam 2 Plate Oven SCO-25OB

    R 1,299.00 R 999.00

    Do you want a good deal at a microwave sale? Of course, you do. Who wouldn’t want to save on a new microwave if they could? That’s probably why you’re on our website – searching for a good deal at a microwave sale. Well, this is the place to be if you want to get that microwave at a bargain price.

    A Selection of The Best Microwaves for Sale

    We offer a wide range of microwave ovens for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.

    We have microwave sales all year round and the only thing that changes is what is on sale and when it is on sale. And when it’s sold out, it’s gone. So take a look at our range of microwaves and look for that little red tag that shows you the percentage discount. That little red tag on the microwave picture will show you by how much a microwave is discounted for.

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    So what are you waiting for, go ahead… search through our website and look out for those little red discount tags to find the deal you want. We also offer a range of other kitchen appliances, including air fryers and ice cream machines.


    What Is a Microwave Oven

    A microwave oven is a device that warms or cooks meals by the use of microwave radiation while a traditional oven features a heating element that first warms the air within the appliance, which in turn warms the food.

    Microwaves are a type of electromagnetic radiation. The ability of microwaves to reflect off of metal, travel through glass, paper, plastic, and other similar materials, and be absorbed by food are the three features that make them suitable for use in cooking.

    There are several benefits to using a microwave oven over traditional cooking methods. The most common reason for consumers to buy microwaves is because of how convenient they are. What other kitchen device except a microwave allows you to heat or cook food at the touch of a button, and in a matter of minutes?

    Conventional ovens take longer to cook food than microwaves, but also generate a bigger mess throughout the cooking process.

    Who doesn't get a kick out of gorging themselves on leftovers in a flash? And for those who are concerned about their health, microwaves make it possible to enjoy cuisine that is better for your health. You may avoid destroying all of the nutrients in your vegetables by steaming them instead of boiling them.

    In addition to this benefit, using a microwave guarantee that your food will never again be overcooked. Because you can set the time and temperature, there is no need for you to keep checking on it to ensure that it is neither overcooked nor undercooked. Instead, you can just let it do what it needs to do on its own.

    An additional benefit for those who are concerned about their ecological footprint is that microwaves are not only incredibly cost-effective but also use a far lower amount of energy than gas burners and traditional ovens.


    How Does a Microwave Oven Work

    The process of heating and cooking in microwave ovens is accomplished by the use of electromagnetic radiation.

    An electron tube known as a magnetron is responsible for the production of microwaves within the oven. The microwaves are reflected within the metal interior of the oven, and when they reach the food, the food can absorb them.

    Even while the food cooked in microwave ovens is exposed to microwave radiation during the heating process, this does not entail that the food becomes radioactive. Food gets heated when it is exposed to microwaves because this causes the water molecules in the meal to vibrate, which in turn warms the food. This is distinct from the traditional cooking method of relying on the food to take up heat energy and become cooked as a result.


    Different Types of Microwave Ovens

    There are four types of microwave ovens.

    The layout of your kitchen will determine the kind of microwave that you should get for your home. You have a few options to choose from if you want a microwave that will look great in your new house, and that has a size and design that is most compatible with the space that you have available.


    1. Countertop Microwaves

    Countertop microwaves are by far the most common type. They are easy to buy, replace, and set up. All you have to do is plug it in and start cooking. The only real thing you need to think about is how big your oven is and how much space you have on your kitchen counters. Most inexpensive microwaves are likely to be countertop models.

    Features and benefits of countertop microwave ovens:

    Countertop microwaves are, as their name suggests, microwave ovens that are designed to be placed on a regular kitchen countertop. These microwave ovens can have a single functionality, known as a microwave-only model, or they can have multiple functions, known as a combination microwave model.

    There is a diverse selection of countertop microwaves available on the market today, each of which comes with its own feature set, as well as benefits and even drawbacks. For instance, more sophisticated models can interfere with Wi-Fi signals; hence, it might be helpful to discover how to prevent a microwave from disrupting a Wi-Fi connection.

    Conventional microwaves are well-known for the following features:

    • Their high levels of efficiency;
    • Their relatively low levels of energy consumption;
    • Short cooking times, and;
    • Many power settings;
    • A plethora of attachments and accessories can be purchased separately for current microwave ovens.


    2. Over-the-Range Microwaves

    This is a microwave that goes over your stove or cooking range. Most of the time, these microwaves are put flush with your kitchen cabinets, so they look like they belong there.

    Most people think that an over-the-range microwave is classy and expensive, and it does have a few extra features that other microwaves don't have. The most obvious benefit is that you can save space on your countertops. Most of these microwaves also have a ventilation system built in, like a range hood or exhaust fan, that can get rid of smells, fumes, and too much heat.

    If your kitchen is small and you don't have much counter space, an over-the-range microwave may be your best option.

    Features and benefits of Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens:

    Space - Over-the-range microwaves have a capacity that ranges from 1.5 to 1.7 cubic feet, which provides a sufficient amount of space for most households when it comes to cooking. The smallest models have a storage capacity of 1.1 cubic feet, while the largest ones may hold up to 2.2 cubic feet.

    Wattage - Between 900 and 1,000 watts is the ideal range for the power output of a microwave that is built into an over-the-range cabinet. Over-the-range microwaves with more power, often between 1,100 and 1,200 watts, will heat food more quickly and uniformly than less powerful models, but they will typically cost more money.

    Settings - The majority of modern microwave ovens come equipped with shortcuts for commonly microwaved items. These shortcuts take the guesswork out of manually setting the power level and the amount of time needed for cooking. Microwaves with higher levels of sophistication give a greater variety of pre-set cooking options.

    Auto Defrost - A setting for auto defrost optimises both the heating temperature and the amount of time needed to thaw food. Some of the more expensive models include sensors that keep an eye on the food as it cooks and automatically alter the amount of time and power used to achieve the best possible results.

    Control Panel - The control panel of an Over-the-Range microwave is often located to the right of the door; however, some models put the controls in a different location as an integral element of the microwave's design or operation. Some feature control panels that run along the bottom of the door, which makes them easier for members of the family who are shorter to use.

    Smart technology - Smart microwaves connect to the WiFi networks used in homes, allowing users to command their microwaves from other connected smart devices or by speaking to a smart home assistant. Some smart microwaves have a database of foods, enabling users to estimate the ideal cooking time by scanning the barcode on the box with a smartphone. This feature is available on some of the more expensive models.

    Functioning of the Exhaust System - Microwaves that are mounted above the range often double as an exhaust hood. Every over-the-range microwave has a hood with a fan that may exhaust the stale air to either the interior or exterior of the house, depending on your preference. Before the air is recirculated back into the room or released through an exterior vent, the charcoal filters that are included in these hoods remove smoke and grease from the air.

    Several other specialized features, which either improve safety or maximize convenience, are typically included in Over-the-Range microwaves, like delay-start time choices, which enable customers to pre-programme the microwave to begin cooking even while they are not present to monitor it.


    3. Built-in Microwaves

    A built-in microwave can be built into your kitchen in almost any space that has the right size and power for it.

    These are often used when remodelling a kitchen, getting custom cabinets made, or getting a microwave that slides out of a drawer. They look elegant and go with other appliances.

    Features and Benefits of Built-In Microwave Ovens:

    Many benefits come along with having a microwave that is installed in your kitchen:

    Even if your kitchen is on the smaller side, installing a microwave that is built into a cabinet is an excellent way to save room. Having a microwave that is incorporated into your cabinetry rather than one that is placed above the stove or that is freestanding frees up valuable counter space.

    It offers a larger capacity along with an increased number of functions. When compared to freestanding microwaves, the cavity capacity of a built-in microwave is significantly larger.

    A built-in microwave usually has a grill function and different auto-cook menus, which can prepare dishes such as pizza, meat, vegetables, pasta, potatoes, fish, beverages, and popcorn.

    Attractive appearance - If you have a microwave that is built into your cabinetry, you won't have to worry about messy cords, unattractive plugs, or anything else that might get in the way of keeping your kitchen tidy.

    Enhanced safety - A built-in microwave provides an additional layer of safety, as it eliminates the need for you to worry about the well-being of your children.


    4. Convection Microwaves

    The way food is cooked in a convection microwave is different and a convection microwave combines the two methods. This is the most useful type of microwave because it can be used to cook in many different ways. With a convection unit, you can do things like bake cookies or make casseroles that you could never do with a regular microwave. They do cost more, but the fact that you can use them for a lot of different things makes the extra money well worth it.

    Features and benefits of Convection Microwaves:

    • A convection microwave allows for more versatile cooking options than a standard microwave;
    • It can grill, bake, and work like a regular microwave;
    • It is easy to use.


    Pros and Cons of Microwave Ovens



    No installation is required, just plug in and use.


    Microwaves may not be effective at killing bacteria and other pathogens that may lead to food poisoning because the cooking time is much shorter.

    Microwave ovens are portable and easy to move around

    Sometimes, food heats unevenly.

    Very convenient and versatile.


    Microwaved food may not have the same taste or texture as conventionally cooked food


    How to Choose a Microwave Oven

    When you choose a new microwave oven, consider these factors:

    • Your microwave needs to fit in with the rest of your kitchen. If you care about how it looks, you should think about how it will look with everything else;
    • You'll need to find something that fits in the space. You should think about how you use your kitchen every day and where the microwave would be most convenient or inconvenient;
    • Size is, without a doubt, one of the most important things to think about when you're buying a microwave. If you choose a countertop model, you have a little more room to choose the size, but you should still think about how much counter space you have and how much you are willing to give up;
    • One thing is to make sure it will fit, but you also need to think about what you can put in it. Think about what you usually cook in the microwave. Will your most-used plates fit in the microwave you want to buy?
    • It is just as important to know what wattage your microwave has. The more, the faster it will cook and the more evenly it will heat the food inside. If a microwave has at least 1,000 watts, it should cook your food well most of the time;
    • If you want a microwave that will last as long as possible, spend some time reading reviews of the model you're thinking about buying;
    • No matter how big or small an appliance is, price is always an important thing to think about when buying it. You'll find all of the most affordable options in the countertops section. But if your kitchen is set up in a way that makes a built-in or over-the-range microwave more useful, the extra money will be well spent;
    • How useful you find settings that have already been set up depends on your preferences. Even when they're there, some people never think to use them, while others find it annoying to have to type in the time by hand.


    Best Brands of Microwave Ovens for Sale at MHC World

    There are many available brands of microwave ovens, of which most are available from MHC World:

    • Defy Convection Mirror Glass Microwave;
    • LG Neo Chef Microwave;
    • Midea Mirror door Microwave;
    • Samsung Grill Microwave;
    • Hisense Mirror Silver Microwave Oven;
    • Russell Hobbs Mirror Finish Microwave;
    • Grundig Multifunction Oven with Microwave;
    • Whirlpool 25L White Microwave.


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