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    Glass Ceiling Light Fitting 0030-R

    R 339.95

    Bright Star Flower Ceiling Fan with Light FCF090

    R 599.00 R 499.95

    Ceiling Light MO-2028-R320

    R 219.95

    Panel Light 600 X 600 Flicker Free

    R 699.95

    bright Star Ceiling socket E27

    R 39.95 R 34.95

    Bright Star Lighting Ceiling Fitting CF056 LED

    R 6,999.95 R 5,999.00

    Panel Light 76W 1200X600Mm Cool White Backlit Panel Light

    R 1,299.95 R 1,099.95

    Ceiling Light 40W 600MM X 600MM Backlight Panel EBL

    R 599.95 R 499.95

    Hello Today LED Ceiling Light 36W Double Aluminium

    R 499.95 R 399.95

    Hello Today Ceiling Light CE011

    R 999.95 R 849.00

    Hello Today Ceiling Light CE205

    R 149.00 R 99.95

    Hello Today Ceiling Light CE203

    R 99.95

    Brightstar Pendant Gold PEN792/10

    R 2,699.95

    Starlit Cheese Fitting 250mm Round C435/2

    R 199.95

    Eurolux Ceiling Fitting C57 Rust

    R 549.95

    Ceiling Light Wood 60w ELR3051WW

    R 3,199.95

    Brightstar Led Ceiling Fitting CF570/6

    R 2,137.95

    Radiant Panel LED 60w 6500K Backlit 1200x600mm HM0714 RPR359

    R 1,199.95

    Radiant Panel LED 60w 4000K Backlit 1200x600mm RPR358 HM0714

    R 1,179.95

    Radiant Panel LED 6500K 40w 6500K Backlit 600x600mm HM0714 RPR356

    R 549.95

    Radiant Panel LED 40w HM0714 3000K Backlit 600x600mm RPR354

    R 509.95

    Superlume Ceiling Light Led 18w ELR003

    R 1,099.95

    Superlume Ceiling Light Chrome ELR0003

    R 2,249.95

    Smart Wifi And Smoke Detector SWWFS

    R 799.95

    ASA Ceiling Light F2139

    R 3,999.95 R 2,999.95

    Brightstar Ceiling Light CF344

    R 299.95

    Brightstar Ceiling Light CF345

    R 299.95

    Brightstar Pendant Black PEN795/12 Aluminium and Opal Glass Pendant

    R 5,199.00 R 4,799.95

    Ceiling Light ELR-3021-SB 75W LED Double Ring Matt Black

    R 4,499.95

    Ceiling Light F2219

    R 3,999.95 R 2,999.95

    Saco Ceiling Fitting CF817/4 Rust SX

    R 999.00 R 799.00

    Ceiling Light 18W Motion Wave Sensor

    R 499.95 R 329.95


    R 199.95

    Ceiling Fitting CF 164RGB

    R 1,499.95

    Wall Light A-KLW-9225/1 Round Bubble BL/SM

    R 1,199.95

    Mesh Ceiling Fitting Black G-KLC-86/BL

    R 2,199.00 R 1,599.95

    Hello Today Ceiling Light MO-6068-R400

    R 399.00 R 319.95

    LED Ceiling Fitting 12W

    R 99.95

    Ceiling Fitting Pebble 40cm Crystal 24w Led H-KLC-LED-40/BL

    R 929.95

    Ceiling Light 18W CE109

    R 299.95 R 199.95

    Ceiling Light MO-K1055-R

    R 99.95

    Opal Sphere Clear With Base 300 mm

    R 499.95

    Ceiling Light 240V 400mm JJ159

    R 429.95

    Ceiling Light CF165RGB

    R 1,999.95

    Ceiling Fittings for Sale

    At MHC World, we offer ceiling fittings for lights,  including for panels, crystal ceiling light & many more. Visit our online shop today for more info!

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