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    DSB Thermal Binding Machine TB-200e

    R 1,499.00 R 1,099.00

    Flip File A4 Display File

    R 15.99

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Blue

    R 59.95

    Shatterproof Rulers 30cm 843965

    R 2.99

    Butterfly A4 Pocket File Display Book 10-Pocket

    R 14.95

    BIC Clic Medium Ballpoint Pens Black Box Of 60

    R 399.00 R 349.95

    Staedtler Colour Pencils 24-Pack Assorted

    R 69.95

    Bic Turn & Colour Wax Crayons 12 Pack

    R 49.95

    PSD Ruler Clear 30cm

    R 4.00

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Neon Green

    R 59.95

    PSD Eraser 30s CLP-2222

    R 2.50

    Butterfly A4 Pocket File Display Book 20-Pocket

    R 22.95

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Red

    R 59.95

    Staedtler Double-Hole Tub Sharpener

    R 29.95

    Staedtler Glue 40g 92040

    R 19.95

    Oxford Primary Atlas for South Africa

    R 329.95

    Staedtler Neon PVC Eraser Pack of 3 + 12 Free Eraser Caps

    R 21.95

    Bostik Prestik 100 g

    R 17.95

    Sivo Flippo Sharpener 1 Hole & Erase Canister Wave

    R 9.95

    Duster Chalk Whiteboard 50mm

    R 10.95

    Pritt 100ml Ponal Wood Glue

    R 44.95

    Meeco A4 Book Bag Clear Pvc With Zip White

    R 39.95

    Meeco A4 Book Bag Clear Pvc With Zip Violet

    R 39.95

    Dictionary Oxford Tweetalige Skoolwoordeboek

    R 259.95

    Pritt Glue Stick 43G

    R 49.95

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Yellow

    R 59.95

    Staedtler 17cm Noris Scissor

    R 29.95

    Pilot Gel Ink Fine Pen 0.7mm Green BL-G2-7

    R 24.99

    Bostik Clear Glue 25ml

    R 24.95

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Black

    R 59.95

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Pink

    R 59.95

    PSD 100 Page A4 Exam Pad

    R 18.95

    Croxley Excellence HB Pencils (12 Pack)

    R 29.95

    Butterfly A4 Pocket File Display Book 50-Pocket

    R 64.95

    Butterfly A4 Pocket File Display Book 30-Pocket

    R 34.95

    BIC Ecolutions Evolution 655 HB Pencils (Box of 12)

    R 39.95

    Carrol Boyes Paper Tray Set - Man PTS-MN

    R 7,599.00

    BIC Evolution Stripes - 24 Coloring Pencils for Kids, Students & Teachers

    R 54.95

    PSD 96 Pages A4 1 Quire Counter Book

    R 14.95

    Meeco Library Book Carry Bag 380mm X 290mm Violet

    R 59.95

    PSD Coloured Pencils 12's

    R 19.95

    Treeline 1 Hole Metal Sharpener 

    R 3.95

    BIC Prismo Clear Medium Ball Point Pen Black Box Of 50

    R 69.95

    TBC The Best Craft Glitter Washable sidewalk chalk 6PK

    R 39.95

    Stationery for Sale

    Are you searching for high-quality stationery for sale without breaking the bank? Look no further!

    MHC is renowned for providing the best budget-friendly writing instruments, office supplies, and creative tools perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to put pen to paper.

    Whether you need affordable pens for everyday writing, vibrant markers for unleashing your artistic side, or organisational essentials for keeping your life on track, we've got you covered. We'll explore a wide range of products, from classic brands to hidden gems, ensuring you find the best fit for your needs and budget.


    What Can Be Classified as Stationery

    Stationery can be classified into two main categories: writing and drawing materials, and office and school supplies.

    Writing and drawing materials are the items that are used to create or record information, such as paper, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paints, brushes, and ink.

    Office and school supplies are the items that are used to organise, store, or present information, such as folders, binders, notebooks, envelopes, labels, stickers, clips, pins, tape, glue, scissors, and staplers. Some items can belong to both categories, depending on how they are used.


    Stationery Through the Years

    Stationery has a long and rich history that dates back to ancient times.

    The earliest forms of stationery were made from natural materials, such as clay, stone, wood, papyrus, bamboo, silk, and animal skins. These materials were used to write or draw on, using tools such as styluses, brushes, quills, or charcoal. Some of the oldest examples of stationery are the clay tablets from Mesopotamia, the papyrus scrolls from Egypt, and the bamboo slips from China.

    As technology and civilisation progressed, stationery became more diverse and sophisticated. Paper was invented in China around the 2nd century BCE and spread to other parts of the world through trade and cultural exchange.

    Paper was cheaper, lighter, and easier to produce than the previous materials, and allowed for more efficient and widespread communication and documentation. Paper was also used for artistic purposes, such as painting, calligraphy, and printing.

    In the modern era, stationery has evolved to meet the needs and preferences of different users and purposes and is now made from various synthetic materials, such as plastic, metal, rubber, and nylon.

    Stationery is also designed to be more durable, functional, and attractive, with features such as erasable ink, refillable cartridges, retractable tips, and ergonomic grips.


    Why Stationery Is an Essential Part of Life

    We buy stationery as it helps us to:

    • Communicate with others, either verbally or non-verbally. We can use stationery to write letters, notes, messages, cards, invitations, or emails. We can also use stationery to make signs, posters, flyers, banners, or charts.
    • Learn new things, either formally or informally. We can use stationery to take notes, make summaries, write essays, do homework, or take tests. We can also use stationery to draw diagrams, maps, graphs, or illustrations.
    • Work efficiently and effectively, either individually or collaboratively. We can use stationery to plan, organise, manage, or execute our tasks, projects, or goals. We can also use stationery to record, analyse, or present our data, results, or findings.
    • Create original and unique works, either for personal or professional purposes. We can use stationery to draw, paint, sketch, or design as well as write, compose, or invent.


    Different Types of Stationery for Sale

    Stationery can be classified into different types, depending on their functions, features, or qualities:

    • Paper is the most basic and versatile type of stationery. It can be used for writing, drawing, printing, or crafting and vary in size, weight, thickness, texture, colour, or pattern.
    • Pens are the most common and convenient type of writing or drawing tool. It can be used to write or draw on paper or other surfaces and vary in tip, ink, colour, or style.
    • Pencils are another popular and practical type of writing or drawing tool that can be used to write or draw on paper or other surfaces. Pencils can vary in lead, hardness, colour, or shape.
    • Erasers are essential correction tools. They can be used to erase or remove marks or mistakes made by pens or pencils and can vary in material, size, shape, or colour.
    • Rulers are useful measurement or alignment tools used to measure or draw straight lines or angles.
    • Scissors are the handy cutting or trimming tools used to cut or trim paper or other materials. Scissors can vary in size, blade, handle, or design.
    • Glue is used to stick or join paper or other materials and can vary in form, strength, or application.
    • Staplers are the fast and easy type of fastening or securing tool, used to fasten or secure paper or other materials.


    How to Care for Your Stationery

    Stationery can last longer and perform better if we take good care of them. Here are some tips on how to care for your stationery:

    • Keep your stationery in a dry, cool, and clean place. Avoid exposing your stationery to direct sunlight, heat, moisture, or dust. Use containers, boxes, bags, or cases to store your stationery.
    • Label your stationery clearly and organise them neatly.
    • Use your stationery for their intended purposes. Do not use your stationery for other things, such as opening cans, scratching surfaces, or poking holes.
    • Clean your stationery with a soft cloth, tissue, or cotton swab. Remove any dirt, dust, or stains from it.
    • Do not use harsh chemicals, solvents, or abrasives to clean your stationery, do not soak or submerge it in water or other liquids.
    • Do not use your stationery when they are broken, cracked, or leaking.


    How to Choose Stationery

    When you need to purchase stationery, choose based on various factors:

    • Choose stationery that suits your purpose or goal. First think about what you want to do with your stationery, such as writing, drawing, printing, or crafting.
    • Choose stationery that has good quality or performance. Think about how well your stationery can function, such as writing smoothly, drawing clearly, printing sharply, or sticking firmly.
    • Choose stationery that fits your budget or price range. Think about how much you can afford or willing to spend on your stationery. Choose stationery that can offer you the best value or deal.
    • Choose stationery that matches your preference or taste.


    Best Stationery Brands available on MHC

    At MHC you will find all reputable brands of stationery for sale, including Bic, Staedtler, Croxley and more.


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