6 ways to make your dining room more interesting

Dining rooms in many cases are just functional or practical and nothing much to look at but they need not be.  Dining rooms can easily sit and grow dust between dinner parties and the odd family gathering and become dull, lifeless features in the home.

This need not be so,  your dining room can become a central feature of your home or at least be a little more interesting. Here are 6 tips on how to make your dining room more interesting


Many dining rooms have standard or boring lighting. In too many cases, the lighting is much too harsh with LEDs or fluorescent tubes creating ugly glare. Lampshades and the types of lights used are often far from interesting and therefore the dining room becomes equally so.

Getting creative with your lighting, using chandeliers or table lamps, serves two purposes, is a great way to spruce up your dining room.  Firstly, they provide a better and softer light without making the room too dark.  Secondly, they create a talking point, a simple basic glass light cover raises no conversation but an unusual or elegant lamp or chandelier turns eyes and raises subjects.

Basic and rough

Taking the shine away, and replacing modern polished, easy to clean tables for example with something a little rougher creates and atmosphere. Solid bare wood and trestles left exposed might seem a little awkward but when used deliberately they create a more than interesting dining room. Using modern seating alongside the less modern table uses the contrasting styles to look very trendy.

Mix and Match

The days where tables and chairs had to match are gone. The same is true with cutlery. Mixing finishes and styles creates a strangely friendly and very welcoming look. The stuffiness of a dining room once removed makes is a room you want to be in not just for dining but for socialising. Therefore, get creative change the chairs to something that seems a little out of place and see how brilliant it actually is.

In with benches

Benches at dining tables are often only seen in pubs and some less fancy restaurants but in actual fact benches at the dining table are coming back in vogue.  Replacing a number of chairs with two benches on each side of the table with a chair at each end looks very stylish. Comfort and convenience are not compromised and in a way, dining becomes that bit more social.

Go Glam

Mirrors and mirrored furniture or items add some magic to a dining room table. Mirrors are not just for walls and when placed in dining rooms either on the table or on wall cabinets they lift the room through their inevitable charm and grace.

Supersize the accessories

Larger than life décor around the dining room with plenty of colour turns a dining room into a playful room. The loud statement oversized bright décor makes brings life into the dining room that guests and even just the family will learn to absolutely love.

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