Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday 2017

It is official, Black Friday is the most manic of shopping days across the world. We at MHC decided to change things up a bit with our Black Friday sales. This year we have had different special deals all through the month of November. The month-long Black Friday special deals and the main event on the Black Friday day have shown that MHC is dedicated to giving you the best for less. However, the perfect opportunity to grab bargains on just about anything has been extended for your pleasure. The Black Friday extended weekend sales would cumulate with the Cyber Monday sales.

Cyber Monday used to be a separate event in its own right until last year when it became an extension of the Black Friday weekend. Cyber Monday this year is on November 27, 2017, and it is a fact that Cyber Monday is growing in popularity.

The month-long sales and the off-shoot are becoming a bigger holiday shopping event and look to be better than ever for our customers.

Cyber Monday is usually more about electronics and tech, televisions and such but MHC will be all that and more. You can expect deals on several big-budget electrical items, kitchen electronic appliances which can pass as Christmas gifts.

Cyber Monday is gaining traction in terms of its online sales. You will be able to pick up a host of gadgets from many top brands. You think; huge discounts on console bundles, accessories and the latest games, televisions, tablets and even laptops. The best part is it is more of online sales so you don’t need to worry about the crowd in store. So sit back, relax and give yourself a gift online this holiday season, one that will give you way better memories than standing in line at the store. So if you already have an item in mind that you want to buy, you will simply have to log into our website on the day. While there you can check out our Cash on Delivery option, another of our packages to help your shopping experience.

Take time now to do some research, check our website, Facebook and Twitter for the deals that will go live on Monday. Try to plan what you want beforehand so you focus and you don’t lose out by being distracted. You may have found a few discounts on the Black Friday “Friday” sales as well as the month-long special deals. You can simply cap things up with the deals on Monday.


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