Making valentines’ special this year

It is February and we all know what that means. The trees in parks and every available surface is getting covered in red and decorated with cupid and his arrows. Before the mayhem descends fully, would it not be nice to go get your gifts for your loved ones early? In order for this to happen, you must have a clear picture or idea of what you want to buy for your loved ones. To earn the title of the best gift-giver this valentines’, you might need some help. That is where we come in.

The go-to gifts for her are chocolates and flowers while for him are socks, briefs and handkerchiefs. There is nothing wrong with gifting these go-to items but sometimes there is the need to “wow” your loved ones. You might want to go outside the norm this valentines' season and stand out while doing this. In a bid to initiate the wow factor, we are putting together a list of items to assist in whatever way possible.

 This Valentines’ season at MHC

We have several items on sale in preparation for the official day of love. We are giving up to 50% off of some items that could be gifted this season. Our variety of ladies handbags have been discounted by 20%. All shoes needed to make your day special are going for 50% less. And there are beautiful mirrored 5-tiered shoe cabinets in-store that would be perfect to store all those shoes.

For your special valentines dinners, we have beautiful cocktail glass sets going for R149 and special red dinner sets for R299. If you are looking to spruce up the home, there are quite a number of special pieces that might catch your fancy. The most beautiful part of this story is that these pieces are also discounted. We have beautiful, unique ready to hang line curtains for sale, dining room suites that would make your jaw drop.

Now, the bedroom is not left out, with different deals going on with bedroom suites and duvet sets. You can decorate up to 3 bedrooms with pillows and duvet sets all going for under R1000. Special deals on hand towels, buy one get one free. There are stylish welcome doormats for your front and back doors and absorbent microfiber bath mats to sink your feet into. All of these are going at very affordable prices.

We have all these special deals and a lot more waiting for you in-store and online on our website, at the click of the mouse.

Remember, we beat any price here at MHC, a world in one store.




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