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A home theatre system will forever change your Netflix binges. Although a smart TV alone can improve your viewing enjoyment, a home theatre system takes things to a whole other level. This type of system typically includes the components needed to maximise sound for your television, DVD player and even gaming equipment. It is a huge investment if you’re looking to create a cinema experience at home. Keep reading to find out how to get your home theatre set up.

Getting Your Home Theatre System Set Up

Here are some of the most important things your home theatre system will need.


Of course, it all starts with a television. Since you’re basically converting your living room into a mini-cinema, you don’t want to ruin things with a poor quality television. If you can invest in a large screen, go for it. Smart TVs are very useful to stream your favourite movies and series easily.


Speakers are equally important. You want a full system that is designed to improve the overall sound. Surround sound systems do just what they say on the box… they produce sound that travels away from the TV. This means that you won’t be dealing with tinny sound quality while you’re watching movies. 

Sound bar

A sound bar can also be a great addition to your theatre system. These compact devices sit below your television. They come with a subwoofer, which creates more bass - the vibrations that you feel at the cinema. This can greatly enhance your viewing experience. 


What good is a home entertainment system without proper seating? You will want to be as comfortable as possible. That means choosing super comfortable couches or chairs. Recliners are especially great. They allow you to put your feet up as you switch on and tune out after a long day at work. 

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