Top home security tips

Your home is your world, which is why it is important to protect everything in it as best as you can. This write-up offers security sound advice to ensure a secure home.

The problem is that most homes have weak points, and seasoned thieves are pretty good at finding them. The majority of burglars gain entry to the home via the front door, back door, and first-floor windows. Most burglaries actually take place between 10 am and 3 pm when the majority of homeowners are at work. Favourite items to steal because they are easy to sell: cash, jewellery, electronic equipment, silver, guns and other items.

Tips to secure the home

Homes without security systems are about three times more likely to be broken into than homes with security systems. Alarms are most effective when they are most obvious, the effectiveness is tied to when criminals know you have a system installed. That means displaying the notice with the alarm company's name on it. And you must display it prominently and visibly, outside the house.

We like to share. Constant updates of thoughts and deeds on social media. Since we can’t be totally sure with whom we are sharing these details, it is advised not to over-share. Don’t announce your vacation plans on social media. Keep your whereabouts off the social networks and rather on your neighbours’ radar.

Be original when hiding spare keys. Under the doormat doesn’t count. It is best not to have an extra key anywhere on your property. The safest place for a spare key is with a trustworthy neighbour or two. Another foolproof idea is to invest in a keypad or fingerprint door lock.

Whether you are home or away, it is best to make it look as though someone is home. Even though lots of burglaries take place during the day, darkness is still a great cover. One of the best fixes to make your house look less of a target is lighting, both outdoor and indoor. Set your lights on timers so thieves can’t tell if you are home or not. Ensure that the lights to go on at a certain time in the morning and off at a certain time at night. Most of these lights can be hooked up to motion detectors so they only go on when they're needed.




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