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Fresh, quick pasta the way you like

Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker is a fully automatic solution that enable you to prepare fresh pasta and noodle from scratch without spending a lot time and skills. With compact size, it can be easily fit into your kitchen and storage.

Fresh, quick pasta the way you like

Add ingredients and it automatically does the rest

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Automatically kneads dough and extrudes a variety of pastas

The Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker not only enables fast and automatic mixing, kneading and extruding; it also guarantees good texture and taste of the pasta and noodles.

Detachable parts for easy assembly and cleaning The detachable components of the Philips Viva Pasta & Noodle Maker can be easily installed, dismantled and cleaned.

4 classic pasta types including spaghetti, penne, fettuccine To create your favorite pasta shapes, simply attach one of the pasta shaping discs to the pasta maker. With the machine there are 4 default classic shaping discs for Spaghetti, Penne, Fettuccini and Lasagna. The specialist shaping discs enable double extrusion process to assure smooth pasta and noodles consistently.

Free recipe book full of inspiring ideas Accompanying the machine is a recipe book created by culinary experts, providing you with inspiration for fresh homemade and delicious pasta and noodles.

Compact size to fit perfectly into your kitchen It has seamless and compact design. You can always keep it on the coutertop or store in the cabinet without occupying a lot space.

Integrated storage drawer for shaping discs and power cord The smart built-in storage for shaping discs and power cord allows you to keep your kitchen tidy and neat at all times.

A uniquely designed stirring bar to mix the dough The uniquely designed kneading tube is featured with angled multi-pins, the stirring bar ensures the flour and liquid are mixed evenly and thoroughly from every corner in the mixing chamber.

The long kneading tube makes smooth, bouncy dough The long kneading tube guarantees an optimal kneading process, resulting in perfect and bouncy dough.

Make 450 gram of fresh pasta and noodles in just 18 minutes Homemade pasta made easier. Now, with the fully automatic Philips Pasta & Noodle Maker, you can make fresh pasta and noodles much more often. Your new pasta maker does all the hard work for you.

Add your favorite ingredients for your own flavors By using different types of flour - e.g. whole wheat, durum, spelt - you can make your favorite pasta healthier. You can also add extra flavor by using various vegetable juices such as carrot, beet or spinach.

Technical Specifications

  • Accessories
  • Included
  • Cleaning tool
  • Measuring cup
  • Recipe booklet


Color Black

Color of control panel Black


Material accessories Plastic

Material of main body Plastic

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