Moving with the trends; Wall decals and decoration

Until recently, people didn’t really care about their walls and not much was to be exposed on the walls. Nothing hung on the walls except some decoration like a mirror or some art paintings. Today, the wall is one of the main targets for decoration. This is the time to think beyond the typical home wall decor. One person’s idea of the perfect wall decor will be totally different from the next. Framed photos, wall paintings, and pretty pictures are nice, but they are not your only option when it comes to decorating bare walls. Whatever decoration style you choose, just make sure it represents your tastes, interests or history.

Not only can the carefully selected artwork add personality to your decor, it can enhance your home’s interior design by adding layers and visual interest. Common locations for artwork include placing above a seating area or, better yet, facing your seating arrangement. Wall paintings and/or portraits are not only meant for lounges and sitting rooms. A well-placed wall painting in a bathroom will surely add some more character to your bathroom and help you achieve that modern fresh look.

Most of the people are still using paint on their walls but some others are using wallpaper. If you don’t want to poke holes through your drywall, try putting up some wallpaper or wall decals. If you want to spruce up your space but you have to stick to a shade of white paint, wallpapers are one of the ways to go with your interior decor.

Wallpaper can add dimension and personality to your space. Wallpapers have become trendy in recent years. After wallpaper, today we also have wall stickers or wall decals. It is almost the same like wallpaper and it has the same function as well. However, unlike wallpapers, it is made by pearl film or PVC and is very thin.

Decals are incredibly easy to use and instantly transform your wall. They are of various types: including decorative signs, stencils, etc. Decorating your home with wall decals of any shape, size, and/or colour adds personality to your home. They are ideal for renters or those who frequently change their mind.

There are wall decors for all ages; they are mostly reusable, movable, and fun! A wall decal adds colour and visual interest without the hassle or commitment of paint or wallpaper. The 3D version of wall decor will amaze you.

Shopping for wall decor is one of the most exciting parts of decorating a home. Come and browse through our wallpaper, homeware, and wall decor departments to find products you will love. You are advised to focus on what you are most drawn to. However, please keep an open mind — you may be surprised by what will eventually catch your eye.


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