The art of colour coordination

Popular spaces like your living room are a big deal in a household that you share with others especially if you have family living with you. With the current display of spring colours in nature, you can take inspirations and customise to suit your taste and style. adidas sale Colour coordination is one of the most important things when it comes to style. air jordan 11 soldes If you know how to mix colours well, you will be one step ahead of the game. Colours affect us in countless ways—mentally and physically, consciously and subconsciously. Understanding how colours interact is crucial when you set out to decorate your home. How colours interact, or colour harmony, makes any room look like it is posing for a magazine photo shoot.

For a better understanding of colours, use the colour wheel. All the colour wheel does is to tell you how best to combine colours. air jordan 1 The colour wheel is used in any creative field to mix and match colours. It represents a balanced roundup of colours, divided into cold and warm. new balance black If you want your room to reflect passion, happiness, enthusiasm and energy, use warm colours. However, cool colours are often used to evoke a sense of professionalism or calmness. new balance 577 Different combinations from the colour wheel can be used to create an aesthetically pleasing colour scheme in your home. nike internationalist Coordinating colours allow you to change the mood and feel but still achieve a unified look. A great design reflects your personality and taste. But sometimes you want a sense of tranquillity and other times, more drama. One thing you should do is to replicate the theme of your living room in other rooms in your house. It is important to consider flow when choosing colours for rooms which open into one another. To create proper flow between adjacent spaces, stick with different shades and tints of a common colour or use complementary hues. There are some definite rules that govern which colours look best with one another but the most important guideline should be your personal taste. Don’t go for certain colours just because they look good together. Nike Cortez Browse the web for ready-made colour palettes and recreate one you truly love in your room. Better still; consult with our colour experts in MHC. nike air max classic bw The wall coating, wall covering as well as homeware and decor departments in MHC are well equipped to satisfy all your needs.


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