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    Cadac 2 Cook 2 Deluxe Stove 202P1-20-ZA

    R 2,299.00

    Totai Hot Plate 2 Burner Polished Stainless Steel Gas Stove 26/011A

    R 599.00

    Cadac 4 Burner Gas Hob AA-N11S 99600-42-01-ZA

    R 2,499.00

    Totai Hot Plate 2 Burner Cartridge Stove 26/007X2B

    R 849.00

    Totai 60cm 4 Burners Electric Oven Stainless Steel 03/T700E

    R 6,999.00

    Samsung 5-Burner Stainless Steel Gas Stove NY90T5010SS

    R 16,999.00 R 12,999.00

    Elba 90cm Fusion Black Gas Stove Electric Oven 01/9FX827B

    R 22,999.00 R 19,999.00

    Cadac 2 Plate Stainless Steel Stove 193E

    R 699.00

    Alva 2-Burner Gas Stove GCS04

    R 599.00 R 499.00

    Smeg 90cm 5 Burner Gass Electric Stove SSA91MAX9

    R 23,999.00 R 23,299.00

    Ferre 60cm Black Gas Stove F5S40G2.FDI.B

    R 3,999.00

    Ferre 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Stove F9S60E7.PI

    R 12,999.00

    Ferre 90cm Red Gas Stove F9S60E7.PRI

    R 12,999.00

    Ferre 60cm Silver Gas Stove F5S40G2.FDI.S

    R 4,199.00

    Obac 76cm Black 6 Burner Gas Stove OB760G/S

    R 7,299.00

    Elba 90cm Black 5 Burner Gas Hob 02/EN95-545

    R 6,999.00

    TOTAI TS 90CM Stainless Steel 4 Burner 03/T900GE

    R 11,999.00

    Totai Premium 60cm Cooker Gas/electric 03/T700EB

    R 6,999.00

    Born Free Single Burner Portable Stove 1160 Get 1 Cadac 220G Nozzle Cartridge For Free

    R 439.00 R 249.00

    Elba Essential Burner Gas Stove Electric Oven 60cm Silver 04/66CL442- 4

    R 9,499.00

    Elba Essential 90CM Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooker With Electric Oven

    R 16,499.00

    Grundig 6 Burner Gas Stove Inox- GFLM14020XC

    R 24,999.00 R 23,999.00

    Born Free Single Burner Portable Stove 1160

    R 439.00 R 399.00

    Goldair 2 Burner Portable Camping Gas Stove GGCH-200

    R 719.00

    Goldair Portable Camping Stove GGCH-100

    R 299.00

    Grundig 600mm Gas On Glass Hob Gigl6234250

    R 7,099.00

    Smeg 90cm Red Gas Electric Cooker C9MARSSA9

    R 32,999.00 R 29,999.00

    Smeg 90cm White Gas Electric Stove - C9MABSSA9

    R 34,999.00

    La Germania Rustica 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Stove 5 Gas Burners 9MF Electric Oven RUS95C61LDX

    R 15,499.00

    La Germania 90cm 5 Gas Hobs Elec Oven Rus95c61ldcr

    R 15,999.00

    Elba 90cm Black Gas Stove 04/96CL727B

    R 16,999.00 R 14,599.00

    Alva Double Burner Butane Canister Stove CCR102

    R 999.00 R 899.00

    Smeg 90Cm Blue Gas Electric Symphony Cooker - C9MAAZSSA9

    R 34,999.00

    Defy 90cm 5 Burners Stainless Steel Gas Stove DGS900

    R 17,499.00 R 15,999.00

    Cadac Power Cooker 5431

    R 179.95

    Alva 4-Burner Gas Stove GCS10

    R 1,599.00

    Elba 90cm Black Ceran Smart Gas Hob Elio 95G-Matic

    R 14,999.00 R 13,999.00

    Totai Portable Cartridge Gas Stove 26/007T

    R 399.00

    Totai Portable Cartridge Gas Stove 26/007R

    R 399.00

    Totai Portable Cartridge Gas Stove 26/007CR

    R 399.00

    Defy 5 Burners 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Stove DGS904

    R 16,999.00 R 13,499.00

    Cadac King Gas Stove 194

    R 2,499.00

    Alva Single Burner Butane Canister Stove + Carry Case CCR101

    R 499.00 R 419.95

    ELBA Fusion Stainless Steel Gas Stove / Self Cleaning Electric Oven 01/9FX827N

    R 19,999.00

    It is no secret that the days of load shedding will be back with a bang. And if your stove makes that bang sound when the power is shut down, then you might not have a meal for the night. A power outage might create a surge that affects the stove thus needing repairs that might cost a fortune. But you can save yourself all these worries and the need to purchase take-aways every time the power is off. With the help of MHC World, you can find great deals on gas stoves for sale that will not only ensure that you still have a home cooked meal but that you do not spend any more money than you should. So not only will you save by avoiding unnecessary take-away meals but you will also be saving on your electricity bill

    A Selection of The Best Gas Stoves for Sale

    We offer a wide range of gas stoves for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.

    The benefits of a gas stove not only lies in its price but it is easy to maintain, meaning that it’s no problem to clean and keep it in good condition. It is easy to control the temperature with a twist of the knob on either side and it takes effect immediately. Because the heat is instant, cooking a meal will go that much faster and you will get done with the cooking much sooner. At MHC World, we have a variety of gas stove brands available from Totai, Defy and La Germania to Bosch, Elba and Sunbeam, just to name a few. You will not be left disappointed, so visit our store or continue to shop online at your pleasure. We also stock a variety of other appliances, including air fryers and microwaves.


    What Is a Gas Stove

    Are you looking for a reliable and efficient way to cook your meals? Look no further than gas stoves.

    A stove that is fuelled by combustible gas such as syngas, natural gas, propane, butane, liquefied petroleum gas, or another flammable gas is referred to as a gas stove.

    Other types of flammable gases may also be used. Cooking stoves required solid fuels like coal or wood to function before the invention of gas as a fuel source.

    The first gas stoves were invented in 1820, and in 1836 the first gas stove factory opened in England. Only since the 1880s, the gas stove became a commercial success and during the 20th century quickly gained popularity.

    Gas stoves are preferred by chefs because they provide a greater degree of temperature control than their electric counterparts. The vast majority of chefs believe that utilising a gas cooktop, as opposed to an electric cooktop, allows them to more accurately control the temperature of the food they are preparing.

    The design and organisation of gas stoves have been the subject of forward-thinking innovation from the perspective of appliance makers in the recent past. The majority of contemporary cooktops have been designed with a lattice structure that typically extends across the entire surface of the top.

    This design makes it possible to move cookware from one burner to another on the cooktop without having to lift containers over the spaces between the burners. Some of today's gas ranges are equipped with a fifth centre burner or an integrated griddle in the space between the two rows of burners.


    How Does a Gas Stove Work

    The gas supply is activated when you turn the knob on the gas cooktop, which results in the combustion of gas to provide heat. Every burner on the stove has a rotating knob that you can use to regulate the supply of gas to the gas burner. This way you determine the amount of heat that will be made available to cook your food.

    When you cook with gas, you can see exactly what you are doing at all times; for example, if you reduce the amount of gas, the flame will quickly get smaller.

    When using gas to cook, you do not need any specialised pots or pans. In general, any of these pans may be used for cooking on a stovetop that uses gas. Cast iron cookware is highly recommended for use in the kitchen since it evenly distributes heat and can maintain a consistent temperature for an extended period.


    Different Types of Gas Stoves

    Traditional gas stoves stand on their own, but modern hobs are built into the wall. Traditional gas stoves only have simple controls like "on" and "off." Modern hobs, on the other hand, have a lot of features that make cooking easy.

    Gas stoves come in many different styles and designs, but most of them fall into one of three main groups: Sealed Burner, Standing Pilot, and Electric Ignition. All of these stoves have pros and cons, but they all do the same job of cooking food.

    Sealed burner

    These sealed gas burners are used a lot in homes because they are easy to clean and maintain. These stoves don't let any flame out into the air. Instead, there is a seal between the frame and the burner that holds the pots and pans in place.

    Standing Pilot

    This kind of gas stove has a system that is mostly made up of a thermocouple, a burner, and a gas valve that sends gas to the burner. This gas stove uses a thermopile to make a flame. It only needs a small amount of fuel.

    Electric Ignition

    Compared to the other stoves, the electric ignition stove is the most efficient because it doesn't need any maintenance and saves the most energy.

    Automatic Gas Stove

    Like a manual gas stove, an automatic gas stove doesn't need a match or a lighter to get the flame going. This kind of stove can be powered by electricity or batteries and is pretty safe to use.

    The auto-ignition feature gets the flame going quickly, saving you time. These stoves have toughened glass that keeps the device from getting hot.


    Pros and Cons of Gas Stoves



    Cooking on gas is cheaper than electric cooking.


    You cook with an open flame and therefore cooking with gas is not the safest way.

    Quickly heat your pans with a large fire.


    Cleaning is difficult due to pan supports and burners.

    With a wok burner, you can very well work at high temperatures.

    Much loss of heat: no efficient energy consumption.

    You can adjust the heat supply very precisely yourself.


    You do not have to purchase any new pans.




    How to Choose a Gas Stove

    The following checklist will help you to choose the right gas stove for your needs:

    • Determine and choose the best size of gas stove for your needs. There are models with 2, 3, and even 4 burners. So, first, you need to measure the kitchen slab where the gas stove will go. Then, based on how much space you have, choose the size of the gas stove;
    • Next, choose the preferred material, such as all stainless steel, stainless steel frame with toughened glass on top, or black frame with glass on top;
    • Look at the kind of burners: As technology has improved, gas stove burners have also begun to come in different styles. Pressure Die-cast Alloy Burners, Brass Burners, and Forged Brass Burners;
    • Auto-ignition cooktops can save you the trouble of having to use a lighter or matchsticks. Multi-spark battery-powered Auto Ignition or Single-spark mechanical piezo-ignited Auto Ignition are the two options;
    • Knobs: Different gas stoves have knobs made of different materials that make them easy to use. Make sure they are made of good materials so they can be used well and last a long time;
    • Look for gas stoves where the burners are surrounded by drip trays. These make it easy to clean up any food that gets spilt. Also, the cooktop must have strong pan supports that can hold heavy pots and pans.


    Best Brands of Gas Stoves for Sale at MHC World

    Some of the best brands of gas stoves are also available at MHC World:

    • Totai 4 Burner Full Gas Stoves
    • Cadac King Gas Stoves
    • Snappy Chef Double Burner Gas Stoves
    • Ferre 90cm Silver Gas Stoves
    • Smeg Gas Stoves
    • Elba 90cm Full Gas Stoves
    • Whirlpool 5 Burners Glass Gas Hobs
    • Defy Full Gas Stoves
    • La Germania 5 Burners



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