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    Defy 90cm Black 5 Burner Gas Hob DHG905

    R 6,999.00 R 6,799.00

    Defy 60cm Black Gas Hob DHG132

    R 3,999.00 R 3,499.00

    Bosch 60 cm 4-Burner Black Glass Gas Hob PPP6A6B20

    R 6,499.00 R 4,999.00

    Cadac 4 Burner Gas Hob AA-N11S 99600-42-01-ZA

    R 2,499.00

    Whirlpool 86cm 5Burners Glass Gas Hob Stove GOA9523/NB

    R 6,999.00

    Beko 65 cm Black Gas on Glass Hob MACM11B

    R 5,599.00 R 4,699.00

    Zero 60CM 4 Burner Black Glass Gas Hob 4BURNHOB

    R 3,999.00 R 2,999.00

    Univa Black 5 Burner Gas on Glass Hob UGH750G

    R 3,599.00

    Smeg 60cm Stainless Steel Classic 4 Burner Gas Hob PS60GHC

    R 5,999.00 R 5,199.00

    Whirlpool 90Cm 5 Burner Black Glass Hob GOA9523NB1

    R 7,499.00

    Zero 2 Burner Gas Hob Glass Black

    R 2,499.00

    Bosch 60 cm Gas Hob Stainless steel PGP6B5B62Z

    R 3,999.00 R 3,699.00

    Elba 90cm Gas Hob Stainless Steel 02/ELIO 95-565

    R 8,499.00 R 7,999.00

    Falco 90cm Hob Black Glass Gas FAL-BGH-90

    R 5,499.00

    Totai 30cm 2 Burner Gas Hob- Stainless Steel 26/TOTG2305CB

    R 1,999.00

    Elba 60cm Black Glass 4 Burner Gas Hob 04/T65-450G 4

    R 3,899.00

    Elba 90cm Black Glass 5 burner Gas Hob 04/T90-565G 5

    R 6,699.00

    Totai 60cm Stainless Steel 4 Burner Gas Hob 03/TS4BNR-SS

    R 2,299.00

    Totai 90cm Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Hob 03/TS5BNR-SS

    R 2,999.00

    Totai 90CM Black 5 Burner Gas Hob 03/TS5BNR

    R 3,399.00

    Totai 30Cm Black on Glass 2 Burner Gas Hob 03/TS2BNR-GG

    R 1,599.00

    Totai 30CM 2 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Hob 03/TS2BNR

    R 1,399.00

    Whirlpool 5 gas burners gas hob - GOA 7523/NB1

    R 6,999.00

    Totai 71cm Black 2 Burner Gas-on-Glass 26/GOG2BNR

    R 999.99 R 999.00

    Univa 2 Burner Gas Hob UGH02S

    R 1,699.00

    Univa 500mm 2 Black Burner Gas Stove Ugh02b

    R 1,499.00

    Grundig 60CM Gas Hob Black OCDK752DWKS

    R 9,099.00 R 7,999.00

    Grundig 600mm Gas On Glass Hob Gigl6234250

    R 7,099.00 R 5,999.00

    Aeg 74 cm Black Glass Hob 79902GM

    R 4,999.00

    Elba 90cm Black 5 Burner Gas Hob 02/EN95-545

    R 6,999.00

    Elba 90cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob 02/EN95-425 XD

    R 12,499.00

    Elba 90cm Stainless Steel Gas and Electric Hob 02/EE95-420XD

    R 7,999.00 R 7,699.00

    Falco 90CM Stainless Steel Gas Hob FAL-SSGH-90

    R 4,899.00

    Falco 60CM Stainless Steel Gas Hob - FAL-SSGH-60

    R 3,659.00

    Falco 60cm 4 Burner Black Gas On Glass Hob - FAL-BGH-60

    R 4,199.00

    Univa 60cm 4 Burner Gas Hob Stainless Steel UGH04SS

    R 3,199.00

    Defy 90cm Gas Hob Black Dhg931

    R 9,999.00 R 8,499.00

    ELBA 90cm Gas Hob 02/ELIO95-545

    R 8,299.00 R 7,999.00

    Elba 5 burner 90cm Gas Hob 02/EEBW95

    R 6,999.00 R 6,699.00

    Totai 60cm 4 Burner Gas Hob- Stainless Steel 26/TOTG4502CB

    R 3,499.00 R 3,199.00

    Smeg 30cm Black Gas Hob PV332CNSA

    R 11,999.00

    Grundig 90cm Gas Glass Hob GIGG9235150X

    R 8,499.00 R 7,999.00

    Bosch 60 cm Stainless Steel Gas Hob PCP6A5B90Z

    R 5,999.00 R 5,199.00

    Bosch 90 cm Gas hob Stainless steel PCR9A5B90Z

    R 9,999.00

    Best-Priced Gas Hobs for Sale Online

    We have a wide range of stylish gas hobs for sale from a wide variety of well-known brands.


    What Is a Gas Hob and How Does It Work

    A gas hob can be the heart of your kitchen, so it has to be the right one for you. There are so many different kinds of cooking hobs on the market that it is easy to feel swamped by all of them.

    Even though technology has given us sleek induction hobs that are said to be more heat efficient and easier to clean, gas hobs are still a very common choice. They remain a very popular way to cook today.

    Gas stoves are easy to use. Through the supply line, the gas runs to the hob, where a spark lights it. The light then heats the pan and the air around it, making it easy to cook the food.

    When you turn the valve on your gas cooker to 'on', gas runs through the supply pipe to the jet.

    The slots around the edge of the hob spread the gas out in a circle.

    The stove cap keeps food from getting on the burner and can be taken off for easy cleaning.

    When the ignition switch is hit, or in some types, when any knob is turned, a spark jumps from the ignitor to the burner, and the gas starts to burn as it comes out of the burner slots.

    During cooking, rigid metal pan stands will keep the pan level and away from the heat.


    Benefits of Gas Hobs

    Gas hobs have long been the standard in professional kitchens for various reasons:

    Instant control of the flame - When you turn the knob on a gas hob to ignite the flame, you get instant heat with optimum temperature control. With that, you can control the flame with a turn of the knob. If you need your food to simmer, you can use a smaller-sized burner on the gas hob to reduce the usage of gas.

    Easy to use and affordable - To ignite the gas on your gas hob, you can either rely on the built-in ignition by turning the knob or use a kitchen lighter. With a gas hob, you won’t have to worry about a power outage because the ignition is battery-powered. Also, cooking on your gas hob is much cheaper than electricity-powered hobs.

    Suitable for any type of cookware - Unlike induction hobs that require specific types of cookware, gas hobs are suitable for any type of cookware, including glass and steel cookware. In addition, some built-in gas hobs come with a wok/pan support, allowing you to add that “wok hei” to some of your cooking.

    You can cook over the fire without pots or pans - The fact that you can use a gas cooker without getting a pan dirty is possible. Cooking right over the heat is a great way to give your favourite dishes a smoky taste. You can heat flour tortillas directly over the open flame or put a few peppers on the grates to make baked peppers with less work than turning on the oven.

    To use this feature, get a metal mesh rack and a pair of cooking tools. The rack should be made to be used over a fire. Small vegetables, like asparagus, green beans, or cherry tomatoes, cook in less than a minute. Larger vegetables, like onions or bell peppers, take up to five minutes of constant moving to cook. Corn or aubergine, which are both very big veggies, can be charred on all sides and then finished in the oven.

    Before cooking over an open flame, make sure to turn on the air fan or open a window. You should also have a fire extinguisher handy, just in case!

    Even if the power goes out, it still works. The gas cooker still works if the power goes out. Keep in mind though that convection fans that are powered by electricity will not work.

    There are a few disadvantages related to gas hobs too.  

    Firstly, you need to prepare an extra gas cylinder. Gas hobs rely on a gas supply to produce your cooking flame. As such, you will need to prepare an extra gas cylinder or place an order for one when you run out of gas. It could happen while you’re halfway cooking. Consequently, this can be a hassle for heavy cooking as you always need to check on the gas balance level.

     Hassle to clean - While built-in gas hobs may be easy to use, they can be a hassle to clean, especially the gas burners and wok/pan supports. You will need to take them apart and try to clean every nook and cranny of your gas hob.

     Unsafe compared to electric hobs - Gas hobs are a bit more unsafe to use when compared to electric hobs as the latter can be switched off immediately. Hence, you will need better control of the gas hob while your food is cooking. More so if you’re cooking liquids as they can boil over and spill out on high heat. Thus, you will have to pay extra attention if you have children at home.


    Different Styles of Gas Hobs for Sale

    You get three different styles of gas hobs for sale in our website:

    Built-in stoves are great for entertaining outside. But since it is permanently set up, it cannot move at all.

    A standalone gas hob, on the other hand, does not have to be put in one place. Some of these gas stoves have wheels that make them easy to move. Still, they are heavy, so at least two people are needed to move an upright cooker.

    Portable gas hobs - A small cooker is good for outdoor activities like camping and beach trips that do not require a lot of space.


    How to Choose Which Gas Hob to Buy

    When searching for a gas hob for sale that can be installed permanently in your kitchen, the following are some factors that you should take into consideration:

    If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you should select a gas range with either two or three burners.

    Toughened glass or a stainless steel gas stove — These surfaces are sturdier and more lasting than a conventional glass top, and they provide a more contemporary aesthetic look.

    Safety features - Burners that are outfitted with safety features, such as a flame failure safety mechanism and a heat deflector, can assist in the prevention of unintended incidents.

    Hob replacement - It is preferable for the new hob to have flexible cut-out sizes, which indicates that it can simply be inserted into the holes that are already there.


    Best Brands of Gas Hobs for Sale from MHC World

    MHC World stocks the most popular gas hob brands, including Defy, Cadac, Bosch, Smeg, Grundig, Falco, and Totai.

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