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Cellphone and Laptop Return Policy

Cellphone and Laptop Return Policy

Handsets (excluding iPhone) / data cards/modems

The warranty from the date of purchase lies with the relevant handset manufacturers for the duration of the implied warranty period, between 12 and 24 months, dependent on the manufacturer.

An “Out-of-Box Failure” (OBF) is defined as a new handset/data card/modem that is found to be technically faulty within 7 (seven) days of purchase.

The OBF requirements are defined by the applicable manufacturers. Vodacom will operate in accordance with such requirements and specifications for devices originally purchased through the Vodacom Service Provider warehouse.

Kindly refer to your Manufacturer User Guide for additional information. It is advisable to keep this guide in a safe place.

Please Note: Terminology used to refer to OBFs may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer (e.g. DAP – Defective After Purchase).

Should a device not meet the OBF criteria and is in the range of devices that Vodacom Repairs are authorised to repair, the standard repair process will apply in terms of resolving the reported fault.

OBF terms and conditions:

Items must be returned within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of purchase on the official invoice (proof of purchase).

Original invoice (proof of purchase) as received at the point of sale must be supplied.

All handsets must be assessed by a Vodacom Repairs Technician for any faults reported by the client before being exchanged. This assessment may take up to 7 (seven) calendar days. (Timeframe may be influenced by location, courier delays and/or public holidays).

Devices that meet the OBF criteria but are faulty due to software issues (incorrect version of the software) and that can be resolved by way of a software upgrade are not considered OBF at this stage in the OBF resolution process.

A software upgrade will be performed free of charge in an attempt to resolve the fault.

Should this software upgrade fail to resolve the fault, and the device renders faulty within 7(seven) days of the software upgrade and/or still within a 14(fourteen) calendar day period from the date of purchase/delivery; the device will be approved as an OBF. The consumer should retain their proof of receipt of the device when the device is issued back to them after the software upgrade as this is the date that will be applied in terms of the additional 7(seven) day window.

The maximum of 14(fourteen) calendar days OBF rejection with a software version update is therefore calculated according to the time the device is in the consumer’s possession. Thus providing a reasonable window to determine fault.

All data cards must be assessed by a Vodacom Data Specialist / Vodacom Repair Technician to confirm fault/s (report may be requested) before an exchange can be made.

Items that qualify as OBF will only be swapped for the same make and model.

The original contents of the “box”, (handset, original battery, original charger, original antenna, manual and any other accessories) must be complete and packaging intact / in good condition.

The IMEI number on the box must match the IMEI number on the device.


The physical condition of the device applies – as outlined below:


iPhone devices

Should your iPhone device become faulty within 1 (one) year from purchase (effective from the purchase date on official invoice), it will be replaced with a unit in non-commercial packaging by a Vodacom Repairs outlet, free of charge, within 7 calendar days of receipt of the handset by the outlet. (Timeframe may be influenced by location, courier delays and/or public holidays).

Replacement units will carry a 3 (three) month warranty if replaced in months 10, 11 or 12 of year 1 (one) from the original purchase date.

Please note that should you need to exchange your faulty iPhone device you must retain the original box and accessories as ONLY the unit will be replaced.

Please refer to the information leaflet contained in the iPhone device box for additional important information regarding your iPhone unit. Kindly access for comprehensive information regarding the features and specifications of your iPhone device.

 Laptops & desktops

The Computer (Laptop or Desktop) is supplied with a pre-loaded Windows Operating System but without any additional software.

Please be advised that the computer is not pre-loaded with anti-virus software and that it is your responsibility to ensure your computer is protected at all times.

The Computer (Laptop or Desktop) is not covered by the Vodacom Device Warranty Agreement. The warranty is provided by the manufacturer thereof. Kindly refer to Manufacturer Information Booklets that accompany the product.

There must be no physical damage on the product or its accessories, or any signs of neglect due to; physical abuse, liquid damage, screen scratches, dents or marks. Please Note: Physical damage (including seemingly trivial surface scratches, marks etc) could result in an OBF claim being rejected. If you experience a problem with your new device, you are encouraged to return it to the outlet as soon as possible to reduce the risk of an OBF rejection due to physical damage.

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