Aranda Seana Marena Blanket 155X165


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Basotho Heritage Blankets

Assorted Colours And Design

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Made in South Africa from virgin wool.

The Seana marena brand is today considered the Royal Crown Jewel of all the Basotho blankets. This brand dates back to the 1930s when it was created by the late Mr. Charles Hendry Robertson who owned a trading store in Leribe called Seanamarena. The word ‘Seanamarena’ means ‘to swear by the Chiefs’.

The Collection features the famous Phone design with its corncob motif. In Basotho culture, the corncob is a symbol of fertility and wealth. The Chromatic design derives its name from its creator’s initials C.H.R. FAMILY: SEANAMARENA.

  • Aranda Seana Marena blanket.
  • Size is 155cm x 165cm.
  • Design: Chromatic 
  • Colourway: Brown/ Pink / Peacock 50% Wool/ 50%
  • Dralon Acrylic 

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