Cristal Darques Madassar Stemmed Glass Set Of 6

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Cristal D'arques - Macassar Stem glass - 350ml - Set of 6 

Cristal D'arques Paris first graced the world stage in 1968, and for almost fifty years now has given an exquisite sense of French elegance and ‘le chic’ to the everyday. Each of their diverse collections perfectly balances subtlety and sophistication with the strength and performance of high-quality Cristal D'arques crystalline. Deceivingly durable and innovative, each piece brings classic design and the luxury of another era into the modern home. 
What's in the box: 

x 6 Stem glasses 


  • Our crystal glass is as brilliant and pure after 300 dishwasher cycles as the day it was made 
  • Ultra-innovative, our crystal glass is up to 50 percent more resistant than market standards 
  • The composition of our crystal glass gives it a clear, pure sound, every bit as satisfying as that of crystal 
  • An outstanding sensory experience 


  • Weight: 0.27kg 
  • Dimensions: 30 x 20 x 23.9cm 
  • Warranty: Based on manufacturers default 
  • Colour: Transparent 
  • Material: Glass