Defy 210L White Solar Off-Grid Chest Freezer DMF476S2

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Defy Solar Off-Grid Chest Freezer - White DMF476S2 Features and Specifications: ·      A-Energy Rated ·      Net Volume: 254 Lt ·      Chill-in Technology ·      Multimode control ·      Locking mechanism ·      Aluminium Interior ·      Roller Wheels ·      1 x Plastic...
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Defy Solar Off-Grid Chest Freezer - White


Features and Specifications:

·      A-Energy Rated

·      Net Volume: 254 Lt

·      Chill-in Technology

·      Multimode control

·      Locking mechanism

·      Aluminium Interior

·      Roller Wheels

·      1 x Plastic Baskets


Introducing Defy's game-changing Solar Off Grid Chest Freezer - designed with South African consumers in mind, where load shedding threatens food preservation. This pioneering technology, which is the first of its kind in the market, has been tailor-made for South African households facing the challenges of loadshedding and frequent power outages. This innovative chest freezer not only keeps your food frozen but operates entirely off-grid, ensuring uninterrupted cooling even during power outages.

With an impressive A-Energy Rating, this chest freezer isn't just eco-friendly; it's also energy-efficient, helping you save on electricity bills while combating load shedding woes.

Defy Solar Off-Grid Fridges can function completely off-grid with a battery and solar panel integration. The units come standard with a Smart Control Box, which features a smart interface to show the active power source, as well as built in fuse which ensures safe operation. In addition to this, the smart control box has 2 x USB outputs which can power USB devices like a smartphone, tablet, a rechargeable light or router.

During the day, the solar panel harnesses the suns energy to run the fridge and charges the battery through the Smart Control Box. At night, the battery runs the fridge through the Smart Control Box. Even when the sun and electricity take a break, the Solar Off-grid Fridge and Freezer ensures Always On Freshness!

With a Net Volume of 254 liters, it provides ample room for all your groceries and beverages, ensuring they stay organized and accessible, even during power cuts. And thanks to its advanced Chill-in Technology, rapid cooling maintains food freshness for extended periods, safeguarding against spoilage during load shedding.

Take control of your cooling preferences with Multimode Control which allows you to adjust the temperature settings to suit your specific needs. Whether you're chilling beverages or storing fresh produce, this fridge has you covered.

Rest easy knowing your food is secure with the locking mechanism, keeping curious hands and wandering pets at bay. Inside, you'll find a durable Aluminium Interior, designed to withstand daily wear and tear while providing optimal insulation to keep your food at the perfect temperature.

Plus, with 1 Plastic Basket included, organizing your groceries has never been easier. Keep your freezer tidy and your favorite items within reach at all times. Plus, its convenient Roller Wheels enable effortless relocation, ensuring versatility in any South African home.

Solar Off-Grid Panel and Battery Not Included

Important to note, Defy recommends the following Panel and Battery Requirements:

·      550W Solar Panel for inland areas of South Africa

·      700W Solar Panel for Coastal & neighboring region areas

·      200a.h 12V Lithium Ion Battery

·      The Solar Panel and Lithium Ion Battery is not sold together with this unit and will need to be bought separately.

Solar Hybrid Functionality:

In the case where you would like the product to function in a hybrid setting (using both Solar and AC Grid Connection), this is possible through the grid connection cable which is provided. In this case, the need for a Lithium Ion Battery is not necessary and only a Solar Panel is required.


Defy recommends that to honour the warranty, a Certified Installer would be required to install the entire Solar Off-grid system with Solar Panel and Battery. To get a recommended installer in your area, please call Defy Customer Service Line on 086 100 3339 or email

Upgrade your kitchen with Defy's Solar Off-Grid Freezer - the ultimate solution for South African households grappling with load shedding challenges. It's time to say goodbye to food spoilage and hello to uninterrupted freshness!

** Please note above specifications to be considered by customer when purchasing suitable Panel and Battery**

** To be installed by a certified electrician for the warranty to be valid**

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