DSTV Explora 24 User Band Switch (24-1Z)

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The DStv Switch is a 24-User Band switch that can be used to connect the DStv Explora to existing installations in complexes or flats where customers do not make use of their own satellite dishes. Multiple Unit Dwellings (MUDs).
It also allows customers with XtraView to easily connect multiple decoders to the satellite signal.

This switch has been specially designed and manufactured for DStv to meet the growing needs of our non-commercial installations.
It is recommended for use in MUDs and is compatible with most DStv digital decoders.

It has 24 user bands, four UniCable outputs and four Universal outputs, and comes with a 12-month warranty.

The DStv Switch is not available via retailers and is supplied directly by our accredited installers and agencies when installing DStv in MUDs.

Which decoders are compatible with the DStv Switch (24-1Z)

- The following decoders are compatible with the DStv Switch (24-1Z):
- DStv Explora

- DStv HD Decoder



- HD PVR 4 tuners (both Pace and UEC)

- 1110, 1131, 1132 single view decoders