Resto Aries Non-Stick Deep Frying Pan

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Resto Aries Non-Stick Deep Frying Pan  20cm  0R5250 93010 24cm  0R5252 93012 26cm  0R5254 93013 28cm  0R5256 93014 Interior marble non-stick coating PFLUON External heat-resistant coating - BLACK color Ergonomic...
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Resto Aries Non-Stick Deep Frying Pan 

  • 20cm  0R5250 93010
  • 24cm  0R5252 93012
  • 26cm  0R5254 93013
  • 28cm  0R5256 93014
  • Interior marble non-stick coating PFLUON
  • External heat-resistant coating - BLACK color
  • Ergonomic removable handle
  • Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction
  • Can be placed in an oven at temperatures up to 200 ° C
  • Material: Forged aluminium
  • Handle material: Plastic
  • Interior coating: PFLUON 4 layers
  • Outer surface material: Heat resistant 4 layers
  • Inside coating colour: Marble with white dots
  • Outside coating colour: Black
  • Flameguard colour: Black
  • Packaging: Paper color sleeve
  • Certificate: LFGB (Tuv lab) Deatachable handle
  • Induction
  • Gas Electric
  • Vitroceramic
  • Halogen
  • 100% Pfoa Free
  • Flame Proof
  • Dishwasher

Deep frying pan

We know that when cooking you want options. You don't want to be stuck making the same thing day in day out. Variety is absolutely key to our health and happiness. That is why with this Aries pan we have made sure that you can use it to cook all your family's favorite dishes from bolognese, casseroles and pasta to stir-frys and risottos. So no matter what the occasion is, be it a first or second date, an all-important dinner party, or even just a dinner in for two with you and your partner, know that this Aries pan is your trusty companion.

Modern design

As you can see then, we at Resto are highly attuned to innovation in cookware. We recognize that people want highly functional, highly adaptable items, that can perform complex tasks and can look good when they're doing it. These days we recognize that people's eating habits are changing. Gone are the days when all most people would cook are the regional dishes of the locality they live in. Nowadays exotic ingredients from all over the globe are available and people want to try and replicate the dishes that they order in restaurants and see chefs cooking on television. With this Aries range, we have created something with a modern design that reflects that changing attitude and which respects the move toward a more gastronomically ambitious future.

4-layers non-stick marble coating

These pans not only come with a beautifully speckled and dappled finish but also a specially designed 4-layer Pfluon non-stick coating. This includes a base for ultra-high resistance and durability, a layer that is anti-abrasive, a second layer that leads to non-sticking and further added non-stick surface. Non-stick interior coating is more than just a trend. It is an essential 4-layer non-stick material that leads to far more heightened performance. It means you can cook with a minimum amount of oil due to a four-layer durable and highly abrasion-resistant non-stick surface. And, as an added bonus, the water-based non-stick interior coating doesn’t contain Cadmium, Lead, and Perftroctanoic Acid (PFOA).

Comfortable ergonomic detachable handle

We at Resto have taken care of saving space in your kitchen. The Aries series frying pans are equipped with a removable handle, which makes it much easier to store the frying pan in the refrigerator or a small drawer. Detachable handles allow you to use the pan not only on the hob but also in the oven. Without a handle, the dimensions of the pan's body are significantly reduced, and it can be placed inside the oven without any problems. Also, without a removable handle, dishes can easily fit into a small dishwasher. And, as if this wasn't enough, a convenient hinge for hanging allows you to organize the workspace in your kitchen in the best way possible.

External heat-resistant coating

We wanted to create a pan that made time at the stove easier and which reduced all the boring tasks afterwards. That is why this Aries pan comes with a specially designed outer coating that protects the surface from carbon deposits, facilitates maintenance and maintains its original appearance for a long time. It differs from press aluminium pans with thicker walls and a multilayer bottom. These aspects of the pan mean that you will spend less time scrubbing away trying to remove marks and will instead, in the blink of an eye, have your pan hanging up drying and out of sight.

Antideformation disk

There are few worse decisions you can make than selecting a pan that is poorly designed and which will eventually let you down. You wouldn't buy a car that breaks down after a short while or which makes the journey a miserable experience so why would you choose to do it with your cookware. You use it to perform one of the most fundamentally important tasks every single day and so you need something you can depend on. That is why unlike standard pans, the bottom of all Resto frypans is reinforced with an anti-deformation disk which makes their lifetime longer and guarantees resistance to deformation under heating, meaning you can rely on your Aries pan long into the future.

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